I tend to forget about this tea in my collection, but as soon as I open up that tin and give it a whiff I remember why I fell in love with it. It tastes creamy, nutty, and oh so scrumptious with a little sugar. However, the price is a wee bit much for something that is well, stretched. But nevertheless, this is a great tea which makes me want to buy it. Warning I’m about to go a little bit on a Teavana rant. I’m not happy with the whole minimum amount to purchase at Teavana, in having to drop 10 bucks just for 1 tea when at other local shops I can let’s say get 25 grams of a tea I know and love, then get maybe 10 of something here 10 there. Especially the whole GET A TIN routine they have why the heck would I get a 7.50 tin when I can get another tea for that price in a bag, especially when their competitors have tins for 2.50 and well let’s be serious I keep most of my tea in dollarama tins which look just as cute and keep my tea fresh perfectly.Don’t even get me started when I asked for 50 grams and I got 78 without even asking if that’s okay, ARE YOU SERIOUS. What keeps me going back, very seldomly I add, is basically this favourite which says something about how great this tea is.

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