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I’m continuing to work my way through my Tea Chai Te samples…

Of the teas I’ve encountered that combine strawberry and lemon, I’d say about 95% of them are fruit infusions. I was very pleasantly surprised to see a black tea that featured the pairing. I had this blend (over ice) this afternoon, and I was really quite pleased with the flavor payoff. The flavors of the strawberry and lemon were both present, and they complemented each other very nicely. What’s more, the black tea base was smooth and mellow which really allowed the juicy, fruity notes to shine.

If you’re looking for a tasty iced tea blend that adds a bit of oomph to your standard citrus black tea, I’d recommend.

Flavors: Lemon, Strawberry

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This tea combines my love of so many things – smooth black teas, vanilla, and stone fruits. Iced, this blend is so refreshing and juicy, and the vanilla just adds a bit of interest at the tail end of each sip. Hot, the vanilla is more amplified and the blend is giving me homemade peach jam/butter or peach cobbler vibes. The black tea base reminds me of those in so many of the blends I love from 52Teas – smooth, silky, strong but not astringent, complements the other flavors in the blend (as opposed to competing with them). It’s a delicious blend, and I’m so pleased that it tastes as good as it sounded when I bit the bullet and placed my order of samples. I received a very generous 1-ounce sample, but I’m burning through it quite quickly. I will be reordering it to add to my collection once I finish trying all my (11!) samples.

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This is a delicious blend. I’ve iced it a few times. Each time it reminds me of freshly picked strawberries. The flavor is very jam-like to my taste buds. Truthfully, it makes me feel quite nostalgic. My grandparents used to grow strawberries in the backyard, and, as a child, I’d help my grandmother make homemade strawberry jam every summer. The hibiscus adds lovely color and a bit of tartness that complements the strawberry flavor. The orange and tangerine aren’t overpowering. They add just a kiss of citrus flavor that, again, recalls memories of jam making with grams and the addition of fresh lemon juice to complement the sweetness of the strawberries. Strawberry teas don’t rank very highly on the list of teas I have to have in my cupboard. However, this is a lovely blend with true strawberry flavor that would be an excellent addition to a summer iced tea rotation. It’d make awesome Arnold Palmers too.

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I’ve been craving tropical teas for the past month or so. For the past few summers, DT’s tropical summertime blends have been very heavy on the coconut and they love their pina colada variations. While I love coconut, I can’t get down with pina colada teas. The only one I’ve enjoyed in (relatively) recent memory is Strawberry Colada, and that was largely because it was hibiscus-forward with excellent strawberry flavor. But, I digress. My point is, I’ve been hankering for some good tropical blends without having to drink the entirety of my Beach Bellini and Mandarin Mimosa stash. Enter Papaya and Pineapple. Even in the absence of added sweeteners or flavorings, the papaya note is so fresh and flavorful. I’m glad the pineapple just plays a supporting role in this blend.

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Another simple tea – strong, rich vanilla flavor in a delicious black tea base. Although strong, the vanilla isn’t overpowering or sweet. Although Amethyst’s Gold (52Teas) is still occupying the top spot in my list of favorite vanilla black teas, this is a worthy substitute. It’s certainly easier to get my hands on, so I’ll be adding this to my list of teas to repurchase.

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This was a disappointment. I’ve only tried it once, so I won’t completely write it off just yet. The flavor was so muted and weak. I was expecting a tea that was a bit more tart, especially with rhubarb AND hibiscus. However, the ratio of ingredients in the blend is heavily skewed toward pineapple and mango. That wouldn’t be so bad if it was a more mango-forward tea, but it isn’t. This reads very much like a pineapple-flavored cream soda on my taste buds, and that just doesn’t jive for me. I purchased a lot of this because it sounded like something I’d really enjoy, but I daren’t open a second bag. I’ll give it another go this weekend before deciding what to do with the rest of it.

Evol Ving Ness

Hmm, maybe it needs to be steeped with far more leaf?


I did add more than I normally would, but it still seemed quite bland. I’ll play around with what’s left in my opened bag.

Evol Ving Ness

Hope you find the magic solution.

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I bought a box on a whim because I love blondies. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much, but I’ve completely fallen in love with this blend. It’s such a simple tea, but they’ve managed to create a tea that not only smells but tastes like baked goods. The aroma reminds me of the smell that fills your kitchen when you’re baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies…only there’s no chocolate chips. The cuppa is all brown sugar, butter, and vanilla with the slightest hint of spice. The black tea flavor is very light, and I don’t mind it for this sort of dessert tea; if I’m drinking a dessert tea it’s because I want the flavor of the dessert more than the flavor of the tea base.

It’s one of the best dessert teas I’ve had in a while. I might have to track down the other blends in the Dessert Delights collection, and I’ll definitely keep a box or two stashed in my pantry.

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The decaffeinated version of Vanilla Black. Decent flavor but nothing to write home about.

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drank Sweet Tart by DAVIDsTEA
308 tasting notes

The dry leaf smelled like cheap cherry lollipops – the kind that are usually packaged with boxed Valentine’s Day cards for kids.

The flavor reminded me of something I can’t quite place…Strawberry Colada, Hard Candy, Marshmallow Macaroon, Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait…? I can’t wrap my head around it, and I don’t intend to have another cup to analyze it further.

It’s certainly fruity, but I don’t get distinct cherry flavor…which is odd given the smell. The floral note seems really out of place, but it is quite light despite the abundance of rose buds. It’s tart and sour, and I’d expect that because of the sour cherries and hibiscus. Unfortunately, the raisins, beetroot and carrots (LOL, sounds like a salad!) aren’t enough to counter, or even compliment, the tart sourness.

Now, I’m a proud member of #TeamHibiscus, but this is a hard pass for me, with or without the blasted carrot.

Flavors: Fruity, Sour, Tart

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I’m a 30-something Texan and wannabe globetrotter. I like my tea sweet and over ice.

I prefer: tisanes/fruit infusions, breakfast teas, (flavored) black teas, maté blends, dessert teas

Yes: hibiscus, goji berries, sea buckthorn, cantaloupe/rock melon, honeydew melon, berries (particularly cranberry, blackberry, and raspberry), mango, coconut, peach, plum, apricot, citrus, vanilla

No: cherry (on its own), carrot, (overwhelming) warming spices, mint (peppermint, spearmint, etc.), most florals, eucalyptus, sunflower seeds, lapsang


Houston, TX



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