Mmmm…berry good :) I taste mostly raspberries, but there are strong hints of cocoa as well. It has a great smell. I sweetened it with some of Teavana’s rock sugar, which is good, but I’ll be looking for a cheaper source in the future. When hot, this tea had a stronger cocoa flavor. As it cools, I’m tasting more berry notes. I’m starting to taste the hibiscus, which for me is not unpleasant. But, on a day when I really want a cocoa flavor, I would need to drink this hot. Overall, I’ll be rebuying this when it is on sale. I’m haven’t resteeped it yet, I’m excited to try that and I will post again once I’ve done it.
Steep #2: I left the tea bag in my 20 oz cup all morning, and refreshed it probably too soon. I still had quite a bit of cold tea in my cup, so the 2nd cup was pretty dismal. I will retry this in a tea pot where I don’t let the leaves stew. I think then I might get two decent steepings out of it. But, there is not enough actual tea in this blend to get more than that. It is sort of like drinking chocolate potpourri with a splash of oolong. I am struggling to taste the oolong at all. I’d rather buy this as an herbal mix and pay less for it.

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