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I picked this tea up along with a few other greens I hadn’t tried yet in hopes of finding some teas I can drink without sugar. This one smells pretty good, very fruity, I don’t know about kiwi though. But the taste is something quite different. The base seems a little bitter and the flavour is more lemon than anything else, but cheap Lipton lemon, not good fresh or creamy lemon. Threw the rest of my sample away.

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It has been a weekend of old favourites. Sipping on this right now, and I am really enjoying it. I wouldn’t describe the flavour of this one as natural. It is kind of perfumey which I normally don’t enjoy, but I like it in this one. The flavour of this is hard to describe but it’s probably a lot more simple than it tastes, a little bergamot, a little berry, mainly strawberry I’m getting, but it just works so well.

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I had my sample of this from Janelle this morning. I really didn’t get any pumpkin out of this, just a small hint of cinnamon and if I wasn’t expecting cinnamon I don’t know if I would have been able to identify it because it was so subtle. It was a pleasant enough black tea, but nothing special. I drank this right after I had a cup of Butiki’s Pumpkin Crème Brulee, so that might have clouded my judgment a bit. I will stick to Stacy’s pumpin black though.

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drank Paris by Harney & Sons
193 tasting notes

I picked up a single bag of this when I was down in Vancouver last month. I went to a Waves coffee shop for this first time because my parent’s new house is a block away from one and noticed that they carry harney and sons. I’m sure this is not news to anyone else, but it was exciting for me as I’ve been wanting to try some of their teas for a while, especially this one.
This was a pretty basic flavoured black tea, nothing special. I didn’t get any fruitiness or bergamot, only vanilla and caramel notes. I prefer other vanilla caramel teas to this one, but it was the bagged version that was sitting in a paper bag in my cupboard for a month. I have a sample of the loose decaf version of this so we’ll see if it is any different.

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drank Cookie Dough by DAVIDsTEA
193 tasting notes

Decided to take a trip down memory lane yesterday at work and had this and banana dream pie which are both about a year old now. I had the banana dream pie first and found it did not age well, or else my tastes have changed, I found it a little chalky as well. Then I had this little gem. It’s as good as I remember. The dry leaf smelled like alcohol, not a bad smell, kind of like a sweet liquor. This really tastes like cookie dough. I have very little white tea in my collection because it is just not strong enough for me, but in this case it is perfect because it lets the cookie dough shine. YUM!

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I love strawberry so I really wanted to try this. I got a huge bag, because it was that or just a sample size and I was assuming I was going to like this based on the reviews. I find strawberry is a hard flavour to capture, especially if you want it to be natural. Most strawberry teas are a disappointment because either they don’t taste like strawberry or they taste artificial. I just received my order in the mail today and really wanted to try this so I just made a tiny cup. Unfortunately, I forgot about it steeping so it was quite bitter, but I could taste a lovely oolong base with a faint strawberry flavour. Too faint to say if it was natural tasting or not, but I’m hoping the next time I make this it will be easier to detect without the bitterness

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Ughhhh. I was so excited for this tea! Whenever I hear of teas tasting like honey I feel I have to try it, I LOVEEEE honey. When I opened the package, I felt like I was on a farm. All I was getting was hay! No fruit, no honey, just hay. I brewed it up hoping it would come out in the taste, but nope, I got mostly a black tea base with a strong hay flavour. I added some cream and stevia and it improved the taste, but I’m still getting the hay and I don’t know if I like it.

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The more I drink this, the more it tastes like cinnamon toothpaste or gum to me. I can’t even finish my cup. I’ve only been drinking this one way – as an iced latte. Maybe I’ll try it hot. Anyone want to trade?

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The first time I smelled this in store months ago, I was a little put off by it, I’m not a fan of rosehips and I found that was all I smelled.
I am on a diet right now and can’t have sugar and am finding that greens are the easiest to drink without sugar for me. Who knew, usually greens aren’t my favourite and I load them with sweetener. So I went to David’s Tea on a mission to pick up a few new greens I haven’t tried yet, which is most of them because as I said, greens aren’t my favourite. I thought I’d give this another whiff and it smelled completely different to me. Very fruity, with only a hint of rosehip.
This was actually pretty good. It tasted a little like grape to me, which I usually get from jasmine teas, and I’ve noticed other reviews mention jasmine, weird. I don’t really get any pomegranate though, but pomegranate doesn’t really have a distict flavour to me, it just tastes sweet. I didn’t notice until today when I was looking at the ingredients (to see if there was jasmine in it) that this also has black and rooibos in it. I didn’t see much for rooibos in the leaf and didn’t taste it either, so if you don’t like rooibos, don’t let it stop you from trying this.
This actually reminded me a lot of three wishes which is one of my favourites, but there might be room for both in my cupboard.

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I was lucky enough to try some matcha for the first time due to a travelling tea box that made its way to me. I loved it and decided to make an order. I only ordered one flavour just in case I just really liked the flavour of the matcha I had and didn’t like matcha in general. I love all things pumpkin and so naturally, I chose to order the pumpkin pie matcha.
I was so excited to try this. The reviews were all so good! But when this came in the mail and I immediately opened it up to smell it, I was a little disappointed with the strong spicey smell. I couldn’t really detect any pumpkin creaminess. I made an iced latte out of this and was disappointed that the pumpkin didn’t come through in the taste either. It was still a tasty matcha latte, just not pumpkin pie for me. It could just be my batch, or it could be my tastebuds, i’m an fairly extreme non-taster. I would definitely order this again just to find out though, but would probably get distinctive flavour level rather than robust as I found the spices quite strong. I will try it hot to see if that makes a difference and update my review once I do.
I definitely recommend trying this matcha for yourself and you can purchase it here: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/pumpkin-pie-matcha.html

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I didn’t drink a lot of tea growing up, just the red rose my nana would make me with about 3 teaspoons of sugar added to it. I started getting into loose leaf tea about a decade ago when I visited our local tea house and tried Rooibos for the first time, though I only drank it on occasion. I didn’t get serious about it until David’s tea came to town. I was on a diet and wanted something I could drink without sugar that had a lot of flavours to choose from.

I prefer black teas, but oolong and green come in a close second. White and guayusa are in the middle, while mate, rooibos and herbals are at the bottom of my list.

Likes: banana, jasmine, pumpkin, lychee, blueberry, chocolate
Dislikes: orange, ginger, rose, hibiscus, butterscotch, honeybush

My non-tea related interests are music, camping, poker, softball, snowboarding, biology and animals. I have 2 dogs and they are my whole life.


Prince George, BC

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