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Many thanks on this Thanksgiving Day to Quiltguppy! Now that my oldest daughter has started drinking green tea, I have managed to talk her into trying oolong and white as well. After our lunch, we began with this lovely green that is so very oolong in many ways. Sweet, buttery vegetable taste! She is enjoying it, oh joy, joy! One more tea drinker in the family!

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drank Cranberry Autumn by Harney & Sons
2272 tasting notes

One of our tea party teas today, this was served with pound cake made from freshly ground soft white wheat and frosted with homemade caramel frosting. We also had a cookie I just made up, mashing together the ingredients for oatmeal cookies sans cinnamon with the addition of M&M’s, holiday ones, of course! They were made with freshly ground hard red wheat. Hubby Iked them, and that was the goal! :)

This is a delicious tea that just screams HOLIDAYS! to me even though it technically isn’t a Christmas tea. Good without additions, or a pinch of sugar if that is your bent!

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I wanted to make Thanksgiving tea party extra special! I knew our guest had never heard of flowering tea. I have never made it for tea party before because I had never tried one that was worth serving to guests. This one is so good, though, that I wanted to give it a test run at tea party, though I have already had it once.

My guest….LOVED it! We went five steeps. The final one was weak but the back end of the swallow still had the essence of the first steep.

The first impression was buttery buttery vegetables…squash, perhaps. Mild, smooth, and creamy. The second steep sat for a while as we drank our first teas, but when we got to it, it was still wonderful; no bitterness crept out at all no matter how long we left it. The second steep was a little more flavorful than the first, perhaps because the leaves were now well hydrated and opening up more fully.

The leaves and blossoms stayed beautiful to look at as well. The one I had purchased years ago turned ugly quite quickly! It looked like a glass pitcher of ditch water! Not this one! Even now, hours later, it looks pretty in the pot.

My guest enjoyed it so much that I told her we will begin having oolongs, greens, and white teas in future! And I have promised True Love Flowering tea will be on the menu at tea party next week. Beautiful and delicious!


I think this is on my sample too. At least I hope it is!

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drank Vanilla Black by Rishi Tea
2272 tasting notes

I am trying this one again. I used one tablespoon per eight ounces as they recommend and this is just too bitter for me. I want to drink my vanilla tea plain but this would only be palatable with milk and perhaps sugar, too. There is definitely some Indian tea in this. I think if I reduced the amount of leaf to what i would usually use and reduce the steep time, I would enjoy this more. I really think this will be going to a new home…


Second cup -just added milk and a wee bit of sugar. I can drink this instead of pouring it out now.


I can never believe directions that call for one tbsp per eight ounces for a black tea… there is no way that isn’t going to be way too strong for me.


Perhaps I should try it by the usual standards. It does resteep well with their recommended amount, but no wonder!


I think Rishi has a habit of calling for too much leaf. I have their Chai and if you follow the tin directions, they have you using 2 TB chai plus 2 TB black tea for 2 cups of tea. That is way too much for me – especially if you stovetop it.

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I have been looking forward to trying this one! I steeped this in a gaiwan, keeping a tetsubin of hot water over a warmer nearby so I could resteep easily.

This is only my second jasmine dragon pearl green tea. The first was not a hit. I gave it away.

If you try to take this one away from me, you may draw back a nub. Just kidding! But it is very good. The first thing that impressed me when I opened the inner pouch was that the aroma was equally jasmine and buttery vegetable green tea. (My other one and the jasmine black from SS that I have are just knock-you-down, artificial jasmine.)

The steeped tea is much lighter in aroma, the jasmine subtle and the tea standing forward equally with it on the first steep. (I am sharing with youngest so I decanted into some smaller cups and started resteepng right away.). This is mild and smooth on the sip, with a nice little green bite at the end. The jasmine doesn’t overpower and doesn’t fill my nose and sinuses like someone who wears a gallon of cologne and makes it hard to breathe. It is a ight and lovely addition.

The pearls are ADORABLE at the end of the first steep, having unrolled about halfway. They unfurled fully by the third steep. I agree with the other post that this would be so pretty in a tiny glass pot. I have a glass pot but the infuser broke. I think I will buy a borosilicate glass one.

On subsequent steeps the jasmine is a little more subtle and the green tea is a bit more prominent.

I took this to four steeps without a significant reduction in flavor. Delicious! Thank you for another wonderful tea experience, Teavivre!


I can’t wait for my package from Teavivre to come… I’m really looking forward to trying this one.

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Since I managed to get my oldest daughter to try flavored green tea today, I decided to go for broke and see if she would drink an unflavored tea. Since she is doing this just for health reasons (and Dr. Sandy says it is quite possible that my tea consumption is part of why my breast cancer had a nearly non-existent growth rate…it had been mellowed out by the tea!) I recommended that we try this tea next. I warned her that it would be subtle, and she would need to look for the flavors, but her taste buds are a little more sensitive than some since she banned sodas from her diet after her trip to Venezuela.

Oh joy! She liked it! She said it was so much more pleasant than the bitter green teabags she has been using the past few weeks.

When you open the outer pouch, there is a strong, buttery sweet aroma. The steeped tea is smooth with a bare hint of astringency only when the tea gets near room temperature. There is no bitterness, and there is a sweet grassy or hay note as well.

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drank Tropical Green by Harney & Sons
2272 tasting notes

A day has come that I didn’t imagine would ever get here. My two oldest children do not drink tea, do not like ANY kind of tea. A couple of weeks ago, my oldest daughter told me that she was going to start drinking green tea for the health benefits. I tried to advise her on some I thought she would like, but she said she would just use the bags provided at work.

Last week, I asked her how she was enjoying the tea. She said she wasn’t enjoying it, it was just for health reasons, and it tasted like hot leaf pee. I am quoting.

Today, she came over and drank tea with me, and SHE LIKED IT!!! Sans additions! We started with this one because it is mild and she likes pineapple. She showed me one of the bags from work, a paper folded around some dust. We had a nice tea talk and I will be ordering some whole leaf tea for her. Hooray! Now to work on my son, who has been very good about tasting them when I ask and picks up on nuances right away that took me a long time to learn to distinguish, yet he hasn’t come to the tea side yet. He mainly drinks water, fruit juice, and sports drinks. But now I have hope…

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drank Florence by Harney & Sons
2272 tasting notes

It is definitely a two pot morning, and I think it may turn out to be a four pot day! Second pot for me is Florence, a decadent chocolate-y treat. With milk and sugar, this is a lot like having a cup of hot chocolate, but with fewer calories. Yummy!

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drank Queen Catherine by Harney & Sons
2272 tasting notes

It is a hard day, fellow steepsterites. Sandy and her two doggies that we have been keeping for her since June of 2010 are now officially moved out, gone, and headed for their next big adventure. The “clubhouse” is on the market. Sandy is the one who first introduced us to loose leaf tea, and who first drove me to Southern Season to discover the many kinds.

This is a day for Catherine’s embrace! Youngest has been pretty weepy since our early morning good-byes. I thought a nice cuppa would help cheer us all up.

Queen Catherine is such a versatile tea. The kids drink it with milk and sugar, but it is every bit as delicious plain, and as wonderful paired with afternoon tea snacks as it is for breakfast.

I had a refill from Harney and Sons but it is almost gone already. If you are ordering online you can just put in the notes that you already have a tin and they will send it vacuum sealed in a bag. They even sent me an extra ounce of the most expensive tea I ordered, and I am assuming that was a sort of gift for not using up a tin, like getting a bag discount at Whole Foods and SS when you bring your own. This tea is a cabinet staple for me.


Hugs…..You are such a sweet friend.
Also, thanks for the info on ordering in bags!


Goodbyes are tough. What a week you’ve had! No wonder you’ve been steeping up the strong stuff!

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Sandy and I are making our way through some more delightful teas today.

This is the first high quality flowering tea I have had. I bought some at Southern Season and some at a tea room over a year ago and it was faded both in taste and color. I threw the reminding ones away. They were that bad. I had hoped to serve them at special events, but the tea was so flavorless and the show so lackluster that I discarded the idea.

This is another story! I love the color and shape! The two white dragons holding up the marigold unfolded sweetly and continued to expand and bloom. As delighted as I was with the show, the taste of the tea is equally delightful. It is sweet, not bitter at all, and there is a warm, nuttiness to the base that i have found in some oolongs. I am very pleased with this and would definitely be inclined to serve it at special occasions.

Thank you, Angel and Teavivire!

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I am a music teacher, tutor, and former homeschool mom (25 years!) who started drinking loose leaf tea about eight years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

I am also reviewing for Sororitea Sisters now!

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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