2229 Tasting Notes

I was pretty excited to see a new jasmine in the Teavivre lineup because they do jasmine so very well. Bi Luo Chun is one of my husband’s favorite teas to drink with Chinese takeout so I am eager for him to try it, too.

This is a free sample they sent to me for review, and many thanks to Teavivre!

Since my daughter made the tea for our tea time yesterday I didn’t get to smell the dry leaves yet, but when I gave the pot a sniff I knew it was Teavivre’s classic jasmine. Just smelling it made me relax and sigh.

Since Bi Luo Chun is an oat-y tasting tea I wondered how it would blend with jasmine. No worries. It is beautiful. With our food, I did not pick up on the briskness, but when I had some later I did. Not sour, not mouth-puckeringly astringent, just brisk. And really, really nice.

Hubby hasn’t tried it yet as he came home from work exhausted and literally went to bed as soon as he had supper! Maybe tonight he can try it and I can give him a sample. My youngest, who doesn’t really drink greens, tried it and said it was very good.


This tea is produced by adding jasmine flower petals to the Bo Luo Chun Green Tea during processing, so infusing this tea with a subtle fragrance and taste of jasmine. After scented with jasmine flower for 8 to 10 hours, the flower petals are removed, leaving the tea with its unique taste and fragrance.


Thanks for sharing how it’s processed! That’s neat!

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This is the first tea I am trying out of the new batch of samples from the ever generous Teavivre. Thank you, thank you!

The leaves are thin, medium size, a little twisty, with lots of golden ones. The aroma dry is sweet potato, so much so that I immediately put one in to cook while making the tea.

The first steep has a medium orange color and the scent of sweet potato and citrus, maybe oranges, is still present. The taste reminds me of my beloved Golden Monkey, but is perhaps a little lighter and cleaner, while GM is heartier with more malty flavor. This tastes like gold and honey on the tongue.

I had youngest try it even though she had her own pot of Assam and she liked it. She said in particular that it completely lacked astringency, and she liked that very much.

This is what I would consider a possible conversion tea, one to give people who think they don’t like black tea. Even though I haven’t tried the other samples yet, I think this tea will probably be on my next order. It is a gentle civilized afternoon tea that still has all the characteristics I love about tea.

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Backlogging from Thursday night: One of the men who attends our writers’ group came in with a gift bag. He said it was something from his wife to me. His wife is Japanese and knows how much I love tea even though we have only met once, and briefly then.

The bag contained a rainbow wood scoop (so cute!) and this tea. Naturally I steeped up some of it for the group to try. :) I ended up making four pots because everyone loved it.

The ginger isn’t too biting in this one as ginger can sometimes be, at least to me. The peach is very nice but sniffing the dry leaves AND the tea we really picked up lots of citrus, and I realized it was a very strong lime aroma. The lime as there in the taste also, and I think it was really the green base that was carrying it. Perhaps the sourgrass nature of the base (did everyone else grow up chewing on sourgrass in the summertime?) mixed with the peach flavoring combined to make lime.

It was very favorably received by all the green tea drinkers in the room, and at the rate they were drinking it, I have a feeling this pouch won’t last long. It was a lovely surprise!


Your writers sound like an appealing and gracious bunch of people! Fiction? Non-fiction? Would you adopt a freelance curriculum writer who’s perpetually behind deadline if she could manage the 13-hour commute on Thursday nights? ;)


We would love to have you! We actually have one young writer in college who Skypes in when he can’t make it in person. He writes devotional poetry, essays, and sci-fi. My girls write sci-fi/fantasy. The older man writes autobiography and fiction based on his life. He was a wartime soldier who married a Japanese woman and he has based a novel on their life, on her family disowning her, and his conversion. We also have a playwright and fiction writer, another poet, and one who writes articles for emagazines! We drink a lot of tea. A lot. Of tea. LOL!

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We are having a very full weekend. My son is here to celebrate his birthday and he is a very active young man who eats clean and is training for Spartan races this year, having just completed his first Spartan sprint. I have to buy mega-fruits and veggies when he visits.

Today, he and his dad and sister played catch and Frisbee on a beautiful, eighty-something degree spring day, and I prepared a snack/light lunch. We had strawberries, cantaloupe, and kiwi, and an iced pitcher of this tea.

I put five teaspoons of the leaf in my Stump teapot which is about eighteen ounces. This was steeped at 194F for two minutes, then poured over ice in a Bodum Biasca pitcher which is forty ounces. I did not add any sweetener.

Only three of us drank this tea as my daughter had already made a pot of black tea for herself. The three of us finished all forty ounces in short order and it was so refreshing and good! And the tea is sunshine yellow, perfect!

This is hands down my favorite Moroccan Mint of the many I have tried. There is something about their spearmint and Egyptian mint that makes this so sweet and smooth. I foresee a lot of this tea over the next few months, especially served with fruit as we did today.


sounds like a lovely day

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drank Jasmin by Nina's Paris
2229 tasting notes

The first jasmine tea I ever had was a total bust, almost a disaster. It made me feel sick, as if I had been drinking perfume. I thought I was destined to hate jasmine teas but then I tried some really good….no…..really great ones.

This is a free sample provided by Nina’s and I saved it for a game night tonight because one of my guests has spent a bit of time in China and really loves jasmine tea. I promised to save the sample until we could drink it together.

The leaves are so dark that I wasn’t sure at first if this was green or black, but definitely it is green. The scent is heavenly. I steeped one tablespoon in 22 ounces of 174F water for three minutes. We tasted the first steep and added the second steep to it.

The verdict – this is a really good jasmine green. The jasmine is rich and natural, not fake or “perfume-y”. The liquor was a deep yellow color and the resteep maintained much of the strength of the first steep. The green tea base had a lot of presence but was smooth, much better to me than the Grace Rare Tea version, which I can drink with a meal but is a bit sour for me by itself. This one is a delight on its own and is also good with food,

After tasting the tea twice – first steep by itself, then first and second mixed – we passed around a box of truffles and I must say it was a fantastic pairing.

Thank you, Nina’s!

3 tsp 22 OZ / 650 ML

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drank Earl Grey by Nina's Paris
2229 tasting notes

A friend saw my post on Facebook that I had new samples and she was so excited. She wanted to come try them as soon as possible, so we got together yesterday and she tried Mon Secret. She loved it, and said she will probably order it with her next batch of teas from Nina’s.

She wanted to provide some tea as well so she brought her tin of Earl Grey. It has been about a year since I have had it, but my opinion is unchanged. This is one of the best, if not THE best, Earl Grey I have had. I love Keemun tea and it makes a wonderful base for this amazing bergamot. Some teas with bergamot just taste like bathroom cleaner to me. This tastes like elegance.

Did anyone see the recent medical study completed in Britain that confirms that bergamot is good for raising good cholesterol and lowering bad? Sounds like a good excuse to drink more tea to me!

Tea was served with whole wheat toast slathered in honey mixed with coconut oil and sprinkled with Penzey’s Vietnamese cinnamon, goat cheese and crackers, and chocolates!

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drank Earl Grey by Nina's Paris
2229 tasting notes

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drank Da Hong Pao by Harney & Sons
2229 tasting notes

Oh my gosh, I forget how much I love this one between cuppings, and then I ask myself why I don’t drink it all the time. Youngest made it for me to drink after my pre-op appointment and we had more goat cheese, crackers, and grapes.

Roasted, dark, sweet fruit seduces and the smoke grabs hold of you in a very sexy embrace. Yes. This tea.

On that note, I am slightly horrified wondering about what happened after my surgery today. (It seems to have gone swimmingly and I have only had two acetaminophen for a hungover feeling headache and neck ache.) I know as I was coming out from under, I heard a nurse say something about not feeling well. I think so. Anyway, before my brain could catch up with my mouth, I was telling them about puerh tea before temporarily falling back into unconsciousness. Oy. When I woke up for good, it was a different batch of people…at least I think it was, so I didn’t get to invite them to try “the good stuff.”

My friend Sandy said she thinks it is really funny that I try to convert people to tea even in my sleep…


Wishing you speedy recovery


lol that is pretty funny…
seconding boychik’s hoping for a speedy recovery for you!


Me three!


So glad it went swimmingly! Been thinking about you. Prayers!

Terri HarpLady

Cute story!
I’ve only been put under twice, but both times was told I tell hilarious jokes, & I had them all laughing both times.


Haha! Glad everything went well.


Thank you, everyone! No pain, and have only had two Tylenol that were really for the headache caused I am sure by using my iPad at an awkward angle in bed. LOL!


That is a cute tea story! And best wishes for a speedy recovery as well!


Be well! Prayers.

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drank Mon Secret by Nina's Paris
2229 tasting notes

Backlogging three of the free tea samples from Nina’s that were tasted Wednesday.

I know I said that every tea I tried I was sure would be my favorite of the batch, but I think I can pin it down. This is it. The third tea I tried was my favorite because I really love the Keemun base that Nina’s uses. I had it in their Earl Grey, and the friend I shared it with went wild for it and ordered a tin.

Here I find that same, more-unsweetened-cocoa than-smoke, Keemun that I loved in the Earl. And paired with these lovely, exotic fruit flavors? Yes, please!

My secret is out. This is my favorite from the newest tasting batch….so far. I am saving the jasmine to taste with a friend. I try to share my free samples with other people because I feel it helps give the generous companies who send it more exposure, it gives me the opportunity to see the honest reactions of other people, and it hopefully makes other people happy to get to try them! Besides, tea is a really great accessory in my friendship, as well as being a great companion in solitutde.


That last sentence is downright profound.


I will take that as a “Amen!” :)

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drank The des Muses by Nina's Paris
2229 tasting notes

This is a free sample from “Nina’s”. Thank you!

When we had this one on Wednesday, my youngest came in apologetically and said she was distracted when she made the three teas and poured boiling water over these leaves. I told her to pull the leaves early, but she said it had been a minute or so already before she realized it. She pulled the leaves and when we served it, I poured only a little into our cups in case it had become bitter.

Wow! It was not only fine, it was delicious. The green tea base was buttery and mildly grassy, the citrus flavor was the top note for me, and there was a fruity undertone.

I tried this cold (unsweetened) after tea time and find it very refreshing. This will be a great summertime tea!

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I am a music teacher, tutor, and former homeschool mom (25 years!) who started drinking loose leaf tea about seven years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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