2271 Tasting Notes

Just before Christmas, I received a wonderful surprise in the mail…goodies from K S! In all the hubbub and getting decorations up and then down and then having the wedding, I didn’t get started on them. But hubby suggested we do yoga together tonight and I thought this one looked like a prime candidate to sip between sets and after cool down.

The first pot was a combination of four steeps made by youngest. I had given her a short steeping time because I thought it smelled like it could get strong, but instead this was cool, clean, clear snow melt,with a hint of baby sugar snap peas. We drank all of that and wanted more, so I took the remainder of the sample and made four more steeps. I gave it a little more time and now it is a little more assertive, more like green bean hulls. I wouldn’t have noticed the light smoke if I hadn’t read about it, but as I swirl air around in my mouth I pick up on it.

Thank you, K S! This was a perfect tea for relaxing tonight. Lovely!


Glad you enjoyed it.


I love this tea. I ordered together with other spring greens and found that life in teacup has some really good greens.

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My favorite of the five Moroccan Mint teas I have tried. Miserable scratchy chest today and trying hard not to cough. Sound like Barry White got turned into a frog. Drinking this with lots of raw organic honey. Soldier on!


Feel better, BarryFrog.

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A miserable cough and cold has struck the females in the house. I have been drinking lots of this hoping to strengthen my immune system, and I am the least miserable of the lot of us so I guess it is working. This and the Taiwan Ginseng Oolong from Teavivre seem to help me beat colds, so I will keep drinking them! The ginseng of the oolong and the cinnamon of this one gets past the stuffiness and you can taste it!


Hope you gals all feel better soon :-)


I hope you feel better!


Feel better soon! Drink lots of tea.


Feel better vibes going your way!! :)


Thank you! I don’t feel too bad, but the cough is wicked and now I have pretty much dropped three octaves voice wise, which is not great when you are a voice and piano teacher…


Hope you all feel better soon!


Seems like there is a lot of that going around right now. Hoping for a speedy recovery! :)

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Hubby and I drank a whole lot of steeps of this tonight. A single teaspoon in my little glass pot and over a liter of water, and it just kept giving with each resteep. We are drinking this because we love it and also because middle daughter has caught a nasty cough and cold and this tea seems to help me stay well when I feel something coming on.

On a side note, my eldest daughter married her Irish fiancé Friday. We had the wedding dinner at the Pit in Raleigh, NC. I didn’t realize it had been featured on a television show as one of the best restaurants, and it was amazingly reasonably priced. But best of all, the food was unbelievably good. If you ever have a chance, go! My son’s girlfriend is vegetarian and had the barbecued tofu and loved it so much she wants to go back with her mom.

Superanna, my daughter, congrats to you! You have chosen a fine young man who is a great addition to the family.


Congrats to your daughter!


Yay! Congratulations to your daughter. That sounds lovely.


Congratulations to your daughter!




So happy for your family, congratulations!


That’s wonderful! Congratulations!


Congratulations ! Lots of luck and happiness !


Congratulations to your daughter!

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This is a sample sent with my Christmas order to Mandala Tea. It is soooooo good I think another order is warranted. I shared this with my best friend this evening and we were resteeping a single teaspoon of leaf in a tiny 8 ounce pot. We had gingerbread almond biscotti with it. Delicious!

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Backlog: we drank this ALL DAY yesterday, one pot after another, each one a resteep. It stayed nice and strong. I was going to drink the lincang at first, which is really luscious, but I wanted to use the beautiful puerh knife mrmopar gave me and the breaking tray my daughter gave me for Christmas. Hubby hung the tray on the tea wall for me so it is in easy reach and yet out of the way when not in use. I will post a pic if I can get it to work!

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drank Fete de Versailles by Nina's Paris
2271 tasting notes

Today was tea party day, and as promised, I served this as one of our teas. It was the second tea I served and we were having White Stilton cheese with cranberries in it, served on crackers.

My guest lifted her cup, sipped, set it down, did a double take, sipped again, and said, “What IS this?” I told her Laurent sent it and gave her the name of the tea. She sniffed it again and said, “Some tea is good. All of your tea is good. Some of it is A Plus. This is A Plus.” She remarked that it was especially nice with the cheese, and I agree. The orange of the tea didn’t fight with the stripe of cranberry running through the cheese, but instead enhanced the fruitiness. This was a great combination that I don’t want to forget.

I had also mentioned that I wanted to try it iced, and I did. I added a little of my homemade simple syrup, which is just sugar and water and no additional flavors, and it tastes just like orange blossom honey to me!

A real winner, and it is sooooo nice to have a Christmas (New Year’s, etc.) tea that doesn’t contain cinnamon and clove. I like both of those, but this is a refreshing change!

Thank you, Nina’s and Laurent!


Sounds lovely!

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drank Fete de Versailles by Nina's Paris
2271 tasting notes

I just received a marvelous surprise in the mail! I will try to add a link so you can see the adorable “I am keeping this forever” miniature Marie Antoinette box and the beautiful white tin of this tea.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/11652962885/

I saw this advertised but did not order because I knew the girls had purchased lots of tea in London and Dublin for me for Christmas and hubby was getting me some puerh teas. Then I got a message from Laurent to look to my mailbox and today this arrived!

The smell when I opened the tin was incredible – I couldn’t stop smelling it. It was so intensely sweet and pure pure orange! Mandarins, I think. It is very like the fresh spray that hits your face when you are pulling back the peel of the juicy fruit.

The base tea is strong enough to taste through the orange, and the orange is the dominant flavor of them blend. I take my tea plain but I imagine this would be incredibly sweet with a bit of sugar added for those who are so inclined. This is such a lovely change from the all of the Christmas teas that are just a change of proportions of orange, clove, and cinnamon.

I am just so touched by the generosity of Nina’s and the Caravels. Thank you so much! I will be serving this at tea time on Wednesday!


That is awesome!

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I got this for Christmas from my youngest daughter and used it for the first time last night. Appropriately, I used it on my Mandala Tea Phatty Cake, which has some spots that are rather easy to break but some really difficult, hard spots around the edge.

This is a huge improvement over my previous dangerous cake breaking experiences. A slippery plate with no rim and a serrated tomato knife result in the occasional spilling of blood for tea. (Totally worth it, though)

I still don’t have a knife and pick but will get those soon. Even using my old knife, this was so much easier and safer. All the leaf was well contained by the rim, and the corner opening made it perfectly easy to just sweep the loose bits into the pot.

Hubby wants to devise a means of keeping it on display on the wall when not in use, and he prefers for it to be tilted in a diamond shape, which will tilt the Chinese character that is in the middle of the tray, so not sure if that is how we will do it. I wonder what the character is, anyway? I KNOW someone is going to ask!

Bottom line – I love it, and highly recommend buying one if you like any compressed cake teas.

Terri HarpLady

I probably need one of these. I finally got the pick, & am so grateful I did, as it works way better than the small screw driver I was using.
(heading over to the Mandala website cuz I still have some playpal money, & I have no self-control)


I think you will really enjoy it using, THL!

Oolong Owl

awesome, thank you for the review! I’ve seen the tray on the mandala site, but was questioning it. But from your review, I’m thinking I need one as something to keep the cake in place and catch loose bits would be very helpful.


This is a must have staple for Pu Er cakes and bricks. This thing gets used about every day and is well worth the money. Ashmanara if you need a pick I will be glad to send you one. I have several. Just message me with your address.


Wow, thank you for the amazing offer, mrmopar! I will send the address right now!


Awkward Soul: I expect I will be using this A LOT! It isn’t terribly big so it isn’t going to take up too much space, but it is plenty big enough for even the largest puerh cakes I have seen, like Moonlight White.

THL: let us know what you think if you end up ordering one!

Terri HarpLady

out of stock :\

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This was sent a s a free sample with my Christmas order from Mandala Tea. Thank you, Garret, because this is a real treasure.

I made this last night while we were playing Ticket to Ride, European version. My son wanted some, too, and when hubby saw our cups he asked for some as well. What a joy it is to have everyone in the family requesting tea now!

This puerh was clean and fresh, with lots of mineral flavor, no astringency, no fishiness, and not really horsey. Pure, fresh nature is what came to mind. There is an oily/creamy mouthfeel that I love, similar to what I find in Mengku Palace Ripened Golden Buds. This is excellent, and I will probably be ordering some more as soon as I can justify spending more money on tea.


I love that game, but I don’t have the European version. The American one is fun, though.


We love the pace, you don’t have to sit and wait a long time so you don’t get bored.


my favorite pu erh so far, precisely for those “pure fresh nature” aspects. mm.


Love the alliterative name…loose and luscious!

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I am a music teacher, tutor, and former homeschool mom (25 years!) who started drinking loose leaf tea about eight years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

I am also reviewing for Sororitea Sisters now!

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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