2219 Tasting Notes

drank Pomme d'Amour by Dammann Freres
2219 tasting notes

My sample sip down continues, and I am starting my day with this sample that came in a tea gift box from my daughter. (Superanna, for those who haven’t figured that out yet! grin )

Not many apple teas have made me roll around in ecstasy. Neither does this one. LOL! It isn’t bad, it is quite good. The base is smooth and warming, there is definitely more than just apple going on in it, and I can see this being incredibly comforting and soothing on a cold winter day. I don’t drink alcohol at all but I can really see this tea becoming awesome with the addition of something stout and dark, like maybe a splash of cognac? Brandy? I don’t know liquors though I have tasted some way way back, but I do think this would be an amazing tea to add some warming spirits to.

And I may be a hypocrite, because I said I wasn’t crazy about apple tea but I polished off a large cup of this in record time. Now I wish I had more.

Edit to add: second steep weaker but still really good. Also, gone.


Welcome, Superanna!! :)

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I was fortunate enough to get in on the tasting when Red Leaf was about to release this product, and then with a later order they sent me a free sample of this. I think the caramel flavored matcha was the very first purchase I made from them, so I thought this was a brilliant flavor to start with for the mixes.

It is super easy to make, has fewer calories than most of the things I reach for when the afternoon hungries hit, and it is good for me. My son’s girlfriend asks for it every time she comes over, and it is my hubby’s favorite latte. (This is tied with almond flavor for me!)


With matchaccino you don’t have to choose a certain flavor level, and I find the amount they are putting just perfect.


nice! glad to hear it. I really need to try this sooner rather than later :)


Sil- I have some. If you want a sample it’s yours!!

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drank English Breakfast by Harney & Sons
2219 tasting notes

As I continue to attempt some sip downs before ordering more tea, I am finishing my two baby tins of this. I do not understand why I thought I still needed milk and sugar in this one after I quit putting it in my other teas. I know my tastes have changed, but this one is plenty smooth for me now. In fact, it is downright fruity at times. I have another Keemun called Winey Keemun and this is reminding me of that vibe a bit. Sure, the toasty cocoa notes are there, but as I become better at tasting tea I am finding hidden treasure. I considered this to be a good every day breakfast tea that needed to be mollified with sugar and milk, but now I Iike it plain!

I got a few more sip downs today! I let a repairman into the neighbor’s house today and waited for him to leave his estimate. He started talking to me and told me that he had ulcerative colitis, and that his doctor had recommended that he started drinking “hot tea like the Asians do, because the doctor had never seen an Asian with these kinds of digestive problems.” So I packed up a little bag of samples from Teavivre, Harney and Sons, and Nature’s Tea Leaf and included instructions for making them all and dropped them off at his office today. My husband laughed. “Another proselyte?”


Can’t say I’m too impressed with the doctor’s scientific method, but if he enjoys the tea then that’s another good thing in his life. :)


Lol! Well, there were a lot of other recommendations he shared! The guy’s mother died of colon cancer and this man has ulcerative colitis that is putting him at risk for it. He takes a medicine that has completely cleared it up for now, but the doctor also said to stay away from really cold drinks and try to drink hot ones, especially tea. I knew an older German lady who said all the Americans were going to die of stomach cancer because we put ice in all our drinks, so there may be something to it! I think the doctor was mainly trying to steer him away from the super sweet iced tea we drink here in the South and get him to drink some nice, antioxidant rich green! When I had cancer, a doctor told me that the tea I drank may have been responsible for the extraordinarily low growth rate of the cancer cells. (4%)


I wonder what could could be so bad about cold drinks. Is ice cream also bad? Cause I’d be doomed if so. I’m glad your cancer is gone and I hope the repairman regains his health. :)


I really like this tea too. And how nice to make up a care package for the repairman!


He was really nice and HONEST which is always refreshing to find. He has become an organic farmer on the side after his ordeal and does not eat any processed food. Without dieting, he has lost 27 pounds over a few years time from the healthy changes he made. He said he eats all he wants, but it has to be fresh and organic. I need the discipline to do lots of what he has done! He said his whole family is healthier since making these changes.

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My best friend came over with cheesecake today! Yay! She is a teacher and we took advantage of her day off to spend some time together even though youngest and I did NOT take the day off. We are doing a few extra days of schoolwork because she is going to Northern Ireland, Ireland, and England next month!

With sweet food, I like a contrasting tea. Nothing astringent, mind you, just something to “cut the sweet” and clear the palate so that dessert is delicious instead of cloying. One of my favorite teas to serve with really sweet food is Teavivre’s Fengqing Black Dragon Pearls. My friend had those recently at my house, so I thought we would drink this so she could try something new.

Oh, what can I say? I really love Da Hong Pao teas. One of the first ones I tried (by a different company) was anemic and uninteresting. This one has the fresh walnut flavor, the woodiness, the hints of unsweetened cocoa, that I love in DHP. The dry leaf in particular smells like a chocolate flavored tea! Steeped, the chocolate becomes a hint of cocoa and the nutty flavor comes to the forefront.

I am on the second steep and will be making at least one more with this even though I am making it western style and by the pot. So good!


Someday, every steepster person is going to show up on your door step at the same time for tea and dessert!


Come on, everybody! I would love it! :)


Spending some time together with best friend can relax our body and mood. Meanwhile , enjoying a cup of tea and dessert can bring a good mood, how pleasant it is.

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drank SBT: Earl Grey by 52teas
2219 tasting notes

I saved my very last Southern Boy Tea especially for this weekend. Today is Librari-Con in our fair city, and my youngest has been excitedly awaiting her first ever cosplay – Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite, the younger one. I will try posting this link and I hope it works but Flickr has changed an awful lot since I last used it.

http:[email protected]/with/9638435277/

It feels wretchedly hot outside today. This tea is one of my favorite flavored iced tea blends. And it is the perfect geeky drink for this weekend! My son was there in his sand trooper armor, my godson changed clothes and appeared as three characters in all: an Imperial Gunner from Star Wars, the Cobra Commander, and the ninth doctor. Hooray for cosplay!


Too bad the link doesn’t work but the costume sound awesome! I always wanted to dress up like a Stormtrooper, so your son picked a good one haha.


I think the link should work now! There are four photos.


I’m not familiar with the character, but that looks to be a well-done cosplay and she is so pretty!


she’s absolutely graceful in her costume !


She looks amazing!

My husband just downloaded this game for the three day weekend now that it’s available for Mac! The graphics ARE something else!


She looks great! :)


Fabulous costume. Elizabeth from Bioshock is a great character. Hope everyone had fun!


Thank you, everyone! She was very happy with it! A former student of mine made the outfit. The skirt is linen and the blouse is Kona Cotton. She even wore the thimble on her pinky the whole time. :)

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drank Imperial Breakfast by Verdant Tea
2219 tasting notes

Sample SIPDOWN! One more down, one hundred and…um…who’s counting?….to go.

This was really nice. It is strong enough to be a morning tea, refined enough for an afternoon tea, cocoa flavored with hints of puerh rather than anything smacking you in the face. This is a great wake up tea to me and would be fantastic with bagels.


Did someone say bagels?

Terri HarpLady

Which reminds me, I found a gluten free almond flour bagel recipe I want to try out. I haven’t had a bagel in years. I miss them.
I love this tea :)


Terri, a friend linked me to this bread post. IDK if you’ve seen it, but I’m trying it today. :)


Terri HarpLady

Let me know how it turns out!


So far, so good. Grease your pans REALLY well. I made mine in baking sheets and sprinkled on spices, salt and olive oil. Major focaccia craving. :)


I love her blog!

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drank Sally's Secret by Harney & Sons
2219 tasting notes

I am trying to accomplish some more sip downs, especially of older teas. I do not list my samples in my cupboard, so what you see does not include the three boxes of samples that are lying about.

This seemed a good one to use today for one last cuppa hot, and then ice the rest.

I maintain my earlier statements about this tea. This is not the same base as Harney’s Rose Scented, which is my favorite rose tea, but rather this is more like Upton’s Rose Congou with a hint of bergamot added. Good stuff, a little more gutsy than Rose Scented, and with a little more morning “Oomph.”


Sounds nice.

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drank Passion Fruit by Harney & Sons
2219 tasting notes

A general note before the review: I usually read every single review posted and I keep scrolling down page after page until I get to one I have already read. Then as I scroll back I click “like” all the way. My likes are disappearing! I really am reading your reviews! Now on to the tea…

A few days ago I put this in the refrigerator to cold steep. After it had a few days in the fridge I added some simple syrup and started drinking it. I find that I like this one either completely unsweetened or sweetened more heavily than I usually do.

This is very good and fruity, and so refreshing after sitting outside in the heat with the mosquitos as hubby cuts and stacks firewood (will it ever be cool again?) and the chickens dust bathe and scratch about.

I am glad to find out how well it cold steeps! The color is nice and clear and the flavor of the tea AND the passion fruit comes through loud and clear.


Yeah, I’ve had issues with likes lately as well. :(


Mine have been gone occasionally, too.


The likes disappearing happens to me too sometimes!


I just liked this note for the second time. Hmmmmm.

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drank Pour Maman by Nina's Paris
2219 tasting notes

We have been back “in school” for a week. I hurt my back AGAIN Saturday, an appraiser was coming to the house at 8:30 and youngest has an orthodontist appointment at 10:30. I really needed something special this morning. I wanted black tea but nothing too bold. I needed a little pampering.

Enter Pour Maman. It really is a great “Mama Soother.” The berry scent is so intoxicating, the black tea is tempered by the green, and it is really lovely. It must be. I just finished the whole pot and we are not yet nearly done with Algebra!

I tried new steeping parameters, mostly because I forgot how I made it before. I used 194F water for three minutes and it was super! I think this is a pretty forgiving tea, and even if you make it like a straight lack tea it just adds astringentency instead of becoming undrinkable. I like it best between 175F and 194F as I look through my notes. BUY SOME FOR YOUR MOTHER!


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In a way, this is the tea that started it all. Years ago I ran into a friend at Barnes and Noble and she was buying Hot Cinnamon Spice tea. She told me it was her guilty pleasure. Months later, I remembered it and bought her some for Christmas, but since I had a “Buy Two Get One Free” coupon I picked up this blend for myself.

My youngest daughter loved it, and we began to explore lots of the Harney and Sons offerings. I think I still have more of their teas than any others on shelf. But I have purchased so many teas and quite a few that just turned out not to “float my boat” that now I am swamped with tea that needs to be drunk before it gets too old. This is not the original tin, but one my daughter cajoled me into buying because she missed it, but then she started drinking their vanilla teas and Lapsang for a while and neglected this one.

I asked her to go ahead and finish it as there are only five sachets left, so she made some today. I really MUST clear away some tins as i have five “tea spots” in the house and there is just too much!

It looks like I will be repurchasing this one, as she just came to my room and told me that she thought it was one of the best teas she has ever tried, and she cant imagine why she hasnt been drinking it all the time, LOL! I shared the cup with her and it really was a nice blend, although she always puts loads of sugar and milk in her tea and that part was a bit much for me!


My “tea that started it all” was Harney’s Tower of London :)


Barnes and Noble doesn’t carry that one, but when I heard about it I wanted to try it so badly! Harney and Sons was sold out! But hubby tracked it down at some little tea shop online and bought it for me as an anniversary surprise. I used to keep both loose and sachets on hand, but I have finished my most recent tin of sachets that my daughter bought at the Tower itself and I am at less than half of my one pound bag. It is great cold steeped.


This sounds delicious, and it’s gone right on my to-try list. I’m going to run myself into the ground with shipping charges from the US to Canada, but when I read reviews like this one, it all feels worth it.


I did a little sleuthing and I am pretty sure this is the very same tea as their Big Red Sun! I am very happy because now I can have it loose leaf! :)


Harney and Sons has a lot of good stuff!


That’s awesome how this is kind of like your gateway tea.


I was wondering which one started it all! :-)
I love the Tower of London blend too! So nice of your husband to surprise you for your anniversary and your daughter to bring a tin from the real Tower.


I love stories like this. Five “tea spots” in the house does sound like a lot! I have about three spots myself and already feel overwhelmed by tea. It’s amazing how quickly it accumulates.

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I am a music teacher, tutor, and former homeschool mom (25 years!) who started drinking loose leaf tea about seven years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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