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So, I have actually had this before, but that was a week ago. Mainly because the taste was overwhelmed by the raspberry. So, three bags in a three cup pot (reduce the raspberry taste maybe), and the water wasn’t quite boiling (just beginning to bubble with that low roaring sound). If someone would like to comment on the water temperature and how to tell when the water is appropriate for green tea without actually using a thermometer, I would be appreciative.

So, first cup: lovely reddish brown and smells of raspberries. However, I wouldn’t really know what green tea smells like, so maybe that other smell that is kind of hiding behind it is the green tea. The taste is a little on the tart side of raspberry. BTW, I can not express how much I needed this cup of tea. Not really caring about the taste at this point. It is warm and wet and the ritual of making it comforts me.

Second cup: with the sinus dragon now defeated by Knight Tea, the taste is more tart (tarter?) than the last. But I can also taste something under the tartness that just might be green tea.

Third cup: slightly more astringent. Definitely more of a green tea taste. I really need to try this stuff without anything mixed in. Since I’m not sure exactly who bought or gave me this tea (I didn’t buy it), I’m been trying to get used to the idea of actually trying green tea, which I’ve only had iced and did not like.

Will look into acquiring actual green tea. As for this, I like it but I think next time I’ll go back to four tea bags to a pot. The tart is nice, but I prefer the sweet too, and that I got with the four bags I used previously.

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Re: water temperature. According to http://samovarlife.com/how-to-brew-tea, “Boil water and let stand for 2 minutes, cooling to 180-190 degrees. Pour 16 ounces of water over 1 tablespoon of tealeaves and steep for 2-4 minutes.”


Thanks, I appreciate it.

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drank Orange by Lipton
104 tasting notes

I just had one tea bag left, so I nuked this in the microwave. I very rarely do this except for single bags. That, and I didn’t have anything that I wanted to brew it with, which is usually the fate of such sad, lonely tea bags.

Only cup: Gorgeous smell. Taste is almost too astringent. This tea bag might have been a little on the old side, because I keep imagining I taste the paper bag on the back end. Half way through the cup, the taste of the peel shows up. I know it’s weird, but I like that kind of bitter citrus taste. Unless I find something better, this is going on my shopping list.

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This is the first time drinking this tea. I haven’t tried a decaf before. I’m using four tea bags for this tea pot. The tea pot usually give me three cups plus one bag for the pot. I might reuse those teabags later, but I doubt it.

First cup: interesting. I’m not getting a lot of sweetness (just finished a slice of coconut pie) or flavor. Kind of like drinking warm scented water. The tea smells of chamomile.

Second cup: Tea still smells of chamomile. At first taste, it’s a very weak herbal tone, then the finish is a more stringent “tea” taste that was missing from the first cup.

Third cup: Not sure if the lack of taste is because of the decaffeination or if it’s a tea bag. Will definitely save the bags for another brew. Surely, green tea is supposed to have more taste than this.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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The first cup smells light and delicate, while the first taste is really bland. I’m going to leave the tea flower in for just awhile longer. By the way, the flower is very pretty.

The second cup is much darker and the smell is less floral and more tea like. The taste is more vibrant. Having never had earl grey before, I can only say the taste is not like any of the tea I currently own.

The third cup is darker, I can see now that some tea got left behind in the teapot. The color is darker, and the tase richer. Definitely liking this now. I’ll have to try some real earl grey tea.

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I’m not a fan of Earl Grey. I think it’s the bergamot flavor — I just don’t like it. When I was in college, I kept trying it every time I went to the dining hall for a while there. I was determined to like it, because that was what Captain Picard drank! Being older and hopefully more sensible now, I no longer make my gustatory choices based on the palates of fictional characters.


Maybe it is just this flowering tea, but the taste was woody, slightly astringent, but also light. I think I could get behind earl grey if most of it tastes that way.

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