1263 Tasting Notes

drank Glitter & Gold by DAVIDsTEA
1263 tasting notes

Sparkley tea? Hell yeah!

Smell of dry leaves is a strong hit of vanilla. I bought this tea before work and my coworkers smelled it and loved it for the vanilla. Also a subtle spice smell. Looks very fun with gold balls and sugar crystals.

Steeped… I tried 3 times to get it to sparkle! First time was at work, in my travel tea glass. No sparkle. I even screwed on the cap and shook it (a little dangerous) and I didn’t see anything on the glass walls of the tea glass. Boooo!
Next attempt I used my DAVIDsTea steeper. I didn’t see any sparkle while in the steeper and none when I poured it into my cup.
Third time, I saw a link off DAVIDsTea’s twitter showing video of their tea sparkling and I was like “WTH” – the sparkle is at the top of the cup, not the sides. So I tried again today – steeping just with a tea cup and a metal tea strainer. I cheated a bit, bobbling the strainer around a few times – but as the steep went on, the more sparkle happened, stopping a few minutes after the 5 minute steeped finish and I was drinking it.

It’s a fine glitter sparkle in dark amber tea, it’s like flying in an amber star field.

Taste, warm cinnamon mixed with a bit of sweetness. I’d say a perfect level of sweetness to notice and find it pleasant, but not freaking out on the calories of this tea sweet. Hit of vanilla taste and of course, balanced with black tea. I think I can taste the cloves, but it’s very muted. I don’t detect the orange peel, but I find since I like to cook, orange peel doesn’t come off strong compared to lemon. It could also be the luck of the scoop of dried tea not having much orange. This is also me reviewing the taste using a metal tea strainer that doesn’t have as much movement compared to a Steeper device.

So, will I buy this again? Maybe. I’d say if you want a nice black tea on shelf, but not the standard black tea it would be a great addition to have. I’d show this tea to guests, especially the kind who just drink black teas like Earl Greys and Pekoes. Thus, I might buy another 30-50 grams. A staple black tea? Ehhh, my staple is Adagio Tea’s “Black Dragon Pearls”.

I think baking with this tea might be interesting though……. mmmmmmm!

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I shyed away from this tea at first – simple fruit teas with blueberry and pomegrante got RUINED for me after trying the bagged tea of popular tea brands sold in grocery stores which taste horribly tart, mulchy, grassy, and synthetic “red” fruit taste.

I dunno what made me try it – I guess a combination of my love for DAVIDsTea and decent reviews here and I quite like Bai Mu Dan tea.

First off – this tea is light! I got 20 grams and that was 2/3 of the silver bag. I could of gotten away with 10-16grams of tea to have a good sample. The price is a little ouch, but you get quite a bit of tea. Smell is good – that fresh blueberry scent.

Appearance wise, the tea steeps your classic white tea colour, with some blueberries and those pretty clear flowers (cornflowers) dancing around.
Taste wise, I tried this in my tea glass at work, leaving the leaves in without taking them out. Very delicate taste of the white tea (damn I love bai mu dan) with a great fruity natural sweetness from the blueberries. Tasted a little pomegrante at the end. It’s light, it’s simple but deadly. Like a tiger.. mostly the deadly part.
I shared this tea with a coworker (more of a herbal tea drinker) who enjoyed it as it was light.

Will I buy more? I think so – I could see this being a staple for my white tea collection and a great tea to share. I think I’d go with 50 grams at most.
White teas with fruit is popular (in those mulchy nasty tarty tea bags) and this be a great tea to TIGER PUNCH those fans in the face to show them real high quality tea.

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drank Oh Canada! by DAVIDsTEA
1263 tasting notes

I’m one of those proud Canadians – I had to try this tea!

Smelling the leaves – it gives a barky-tree maple scent without the sweet – real maple, not that pancake syrup crap. The 3 colours of maple leaves add a nice cuteness to the tea.

Now, made as a straight tea is nice, a slightly sweet maple tea with woodsyness and rooibos.

BUT.. if you want the ultimate Oh Canada (maple conspiracy) make it a latte (I made with straight soymilk, boiling the tea for about 5 mins) with a bit of brown sugar and holy cow! It’s wonderful! Mapley, smooth, sweet, hint of woodsyness! It’s Canadian comfort tea (maybe add a couple slices of bacon to take it over the edge, OH MAN!)
I totally chugged it down and was sad when I realized I drank it all. Now I want another one, but I’m cut off for the evening.

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drank Dream On (organic) by DAVIDsTEA
1263 tasting notes

I received this tea as a gift from a coworker (as I gave her lots of teas to try). She said this one was close to her most fav tea in the world (Silk Road’s Philosophers Brew) that she could find locally.

The smell is…. Chamomile! Surprise! WOOOOOOO! Steeped, the tea goes pink (if in a bag, the red/pink sits on the bottom of the cup).
I’m always a little worried steeping this as over steeped chamomile tastes like soggy old grassy socks to me. But I get that to get that lemongrass out you need to steep it a bit longer.

Taste… chamomile! With soft hits of citrus… mellow licorice and fennel. A little floral at the end. I find the chamomile comes out very strongly, fennel next with that mellowness with the other flavours on the back-burner.

For chamomile tea lovers, this would be a great tea to mix it up. Run, don’t walk and try this tea.

For me… who doesn’t mind chamomile but picky about it (if it comes in a bag or is over steeped it tastes like mold/soggy/socky/weedy) it’s not a bad tea as it does its job by making one relax and sleepy. I really wish the lemongrass would come out more to add more interest. Compared to “Philosopher’s Brew”, Sweet Dreams is just chamomile. Philosopher’s Brew is an inspiring lemongrassy floral herbal with chamomile as backup – The reverse of Sweet Dreams.

But in the end Sweet Dreams is a relaxing tea without being straight-up chamomile.

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drank The Glow (organic) by DAVIDsTEA
1263 tasting notes

A very pretty tea! I love pretty teas!
The tea on its own smell like cinnamon with a weird mix of other scents I can’t figure out.. and almost like alcoholic drink with a soury scent. Steeped, the smell reminds me of like a spiced cider, without the sweet.

First sip… yep, cinnamon. Not that spicy tingley cinnamon – a warm comforting kind of cinnamon that makes you think you are also drinking apple as well.. but no apple flavour. The rose in the tea adds a touch of floral. The rooibos adds another warm mellow flavour – but not a very strong one as it blends well with the rest of the tea. As it cools, I found it tasty, clean and refreshing.

I tried The Glow mixed with a bit of Mate and it was excellent for a morning wake-up on a cold day – instead of a strong black tea.

I’d say this is a more unique mix for a herbal. It’s not fruity (technically), it’s not tart, it’s not rooibosy, there’s no chamomile, which I think would appeal to many people.
This would be a tea I’d give samples to my coworkers/friends who strictly drink herbal teas – I think it would go over great. I would definitely buy this tea as gifts with a pretty floral tea set. For myself? It’s beautiful, unique, I love it mixed with mate. I think its a keeper, but no wow factor for me.

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drank Splash! by DAVIDsTEA
1263 tasting notes

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drank Love Tea #7 by DAVIDsTEA
1263 tasting notes

I’ve actually had this tea for awhile, drinking away at it and never reviewing it.

Dried, this tea smells like strawberries and chocolate. I couldn’t detect rose, but I can see the petals.

Steeped, the tea gives off that sexy valentines smell of strawberries, chocolate with a hint of floral along with sweetness.

Taste wise, I didn’t get the sweetness. The rose came out on this cup quite a bit (more than the berry), with strong black tea taste, with a slight bit of strawberry. A bit tart at the end of the sip. The rose and berry rounds out this tea making it smooth and sophisticated.

I can recall having a better cup with this tea in the past and also made a decent latte when the chocolate and strawberry comes out more. Maybe since I’m at the dregs of my 30g bag it isn’t doing an optimal flavor spread. But sadly, this tea hasn’t steamrolled-wow’d me since the beginning.
I remember I was first considering buying this tea, but I was stuck between Love Tea #7 vs. Read My Lips. I went with Read My Lips, which I find is a more to my tastes and more chocolately.

With that said, I can see many people liking this tea and should give it a shot if you like flavoured black teas. It’s good, but I doubt I’d buy this again, but would be happy if I had a cup at a friends place or someone (not knowing my tea stash) gifted it.

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drank All The Raj by DAVIDsTEA
1263 tasting notes

(This is my first review of this tea in which I gave a 90. For the second review I gave an 8.. crazy right?)

I saw this tea online and had to have it. It looks so beautiful, like rosy potpourri with the rose buds and chili strings.

Smell of the tea… well isn’t potpourri… i actually can’t figure out what the hell I’m smelling. Rose for sure, by a little…and the rest smells weird and not sure if that’s a good smell. Alas, I don’t care – I figure this tea would look ULTRA FREAKING COOL in my glass Libre tea mug as it shows off all the rosey buds and other pretty redness of the herbal tea. And I love drinking DAVIDstea “Citron Oolong” and “Checkmate” for their pretty factor. Especially when I’m in meetings at work – just so sophisticated.

Okay, back on track – “All The Raj”. Steeped this tea is a clear slightly peachy colour. Damn the flowers look pretty. I made sure to get it a good shake, there was some bits in the potpourii I wanted to get in to have pretty factor = tastey. I could see the large rose buds floating to the top of the dry leaves in the bag.

Tastewise… very rosey. Not tart at first. Not sour at all. I don’t taste coconut, but I found it’s probably what is mellowing out the taste. A little taste of fennel, but again, is evening out the whole experience and adding some freshness? I don’t taste the heat.. moreso just feel the heat of the chilis on the back of my throat. After all that, a tad of tartness aftertaste with more floral (surprise).

Overall, floral. Mellow with the coconut/fennel. A little bit of heat to perk up the experience, as if to bring you back to earth after dreaming in roses (okay, cheesy sounding, whatever :P). I like it – it’s complex, it’s pretty and it’s mellow.
I want to relax, drink this tea slowly in a rose garden while eating little sandwiches. Sandwiches with cream cheese, maybe brie.

I purchased 30grams.. will I buy again? I think so, most likely online to ensure I get a good mix of the tea (I want lots of rosy bits!) as I could see this tea potentially being different if you had too much of say fennel or rosehip bits. Appearance would be a 10/10. Taste 8/10 It’s good and complex, but not addicting and super-wow for me.

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Glad to hear it worked out for your palate! I love how pretty it is too.

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I wasn’t on planning on buying this one – I was focused on getting a few other teas. I smelled this one and was like “WHOA GINGER PUNCH IN THE FACE” all over again (see my DAVIDsTea Pu-reh Ginger review, lol), but decided to try it as the sales gal said this one was her fav out of the new teas.

Annnd… this tea steeped into a murkey yellow green. The ginger punch decreased quite a bit for smell.

For taste, the Stevia is the first hit (and if you’ve never had stevia before, it’s pretty sweet on the tongue, but as it goes down it’s loses its sweetness) with a taste of the green tea.
As the stevia fades, the powerful ginger and light peppercorn heat can be felt heating the throat pleasantly.

After all that, there’s a licorice flavour that lingers in the mouth.

First few sips I thought it was kinda icky but also weird. In the past, I’ve disliked stevia so that’s where that “ick” comes from for me. After half the mug of tea, I was enjoying the changing of flavours of the tea. The ginger and heat is refreshing. The uniqueness keeps making me drink the cup despite my stevia hatred.

With that said – if you dislike stevia with a passion I’d stay away. If you want a very unique tea, love ginger, a little heat, sweet and licorice, give it a try.

Me? I think I like it because Sweet Ginger Heat is different. Not sure if I’ll buy more after my 30g is used up.

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The tea brand that got me started into loose leaf teas was DAVIDsTea. I used to live in Vancouver Canada and had access to their shop, however that is now limited since I moved to southern California.

However, the perks of living in the US is ultra cheap, fast shipping! Since then, my tea stash insanely expanded.

Other stuff I’m into that sneaks into my tea notes: Brazilian jiu-jitsu, metal music, drawing, painting, cooking, photography and nail polish.

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