1235 Tasting Notes

drank Champagne Rosé by Lupicia
1235 tasting notes

How is this tea so good? This is becoming one of my favorite fruity black teas!

Especially in the morning when I’m really tired and stumbling around the kitchen and knocking stuff over. I’m hoping I can get some more of this soon – I’ll need to convince my husband to take me to the Lupicia store again!

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec

Reminded me that I haven’t had this one in awhile. Just had it for afternoon tea, delish!!

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drank Gyokuro Kin by Den's Tea
1235 tasting notes

My first gyokuro! What an experience! Such a beautiful tea with that lush emerald colour. Isn’t that colour “in” right now in fashion?

I made sure I was very awake for this tea so I didn’t mess up steeping. Overall, very good mix of buttery, sweet and veg – but I didn’t like the astringency, as I’m not a fan of astringency at all.

Cold steep? MAGICAL!

With that said, I really don’t know what to rate this tea as.

Full review on my blog, the oolong owl. I took lots of pics!

160 °F / 71 °C 1 min, 30 sec

Glad you finally tried it! I live this one! I find it to be very delicate. Try cooler water and less leaf. That’s how I like mine. Cold brew is my fave though. :)

Oolong Owl

noo, the den’s instructions! I had another person tell me after to drop the water to 100 or 120. I’ll try again if I can acquire another sample or save up for a purchase.


Haha. Gotta live by your own rules! Be a rebel!

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okay I lied, there’s an oolong sample I’m sipping down as well, not just greens!

I did the western style steeping.

Whoa, this is super buttery! There’s a bit of sweetness and some vegetal too! The spinachy vegetalness is very very yummy! I spent awhile just lightly sipping away, zoning out on youtube videos.

resteep – very good! The butteryness is still there, creamy texture with some floral peeking out. Floral? I love floral! Very addicting flavor that I wanna just keep sipping away at!
This resteep is refreshing too!

I do love my gui fei oolong, but this Sparrow Tongue one is pretty good! shopping liiiiiisst!

I think I’m waking up finally! yay! I might be ready to move onto teas that take more attention!

175 °F / 79 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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Alright! I really need to drink all these green tea samples that are hopefully still good! And if I got time, putting a dent in my other unflavored greens!

Mmm, this one is very juicy, veggie with a hint of dryness at the end.
I also got some other weird flavors, like a fruity – which was probably from contamination NOOOO! Quickly, drink the other samples!

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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This is the best loose leaf Earl Grey I’ve had so far. I love the creamyness and the good level of bergamont flavor!

Full review on my tea blog, The Oolong Owl http://oolongowl.wordpress.com/2013/03/06/earl-grey-heaven-from-the-persimmon-tree-tea-review/
I’m super happy with the close up shot I took of this tea!


Duly noted!


I particularly like your picture of the USS Tea Canister down at the bottom.


Yeah that was pretty cool:)


Hrm. This is one I have not acquired a sample of. Some day.

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drank Coconut Oolong by Zen Tea
1235 tasting notes

I had a rough brazilian jiu jitsu practice last night. Mostly involving a 220lb+ guy and having to repeatedly change levels, grab his legs, get up, practically pick him up and toss him to the ground. Got home, found out we had no hot water, so showered in cold water, ugg.

Woke up barely, hurting everywhere, and I made some black tea that I was intending to review for the blog, but inhaled it. Now I figure I should drink the rest of this oolong, which is like half a cup worth. Not sure why I didn’t leave much. I dig the floral and the fleshy cream coconut taste.
I’m hoping to do a Zen tea order and send it to Canada when I visit, or have family bring it to me before visiting.

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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This came as a sample with my Georgia Tea Company order. I was looking for something to drink before jiu jitsu without having to open something new. Iced of course! I’m going to be overly hot and sweating once I start rolling!

Ehh, not for me. The raspberry flavor is good – I added rock sugar so the raspberry closely tastes like candy.
However, I can taste that red rooibos flavor – which I do not like! I feel like sucha brat for not liking a type of tea and I only like rooibos if I
1. Can’t taste it
2. the flavoring manipulated to taste like crust or whatever in a blend.

So, if you like red rooibos, this has a good raspberry taste, especially iced!

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

If you’re a brat, then that means that I am too since I’m the same. Cover that taste up lest I’m not interested.

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Okay – I noticed on Della Terra site, it referenced a lower water temperature than what said on my package. I contacted them and they confirmed to do as per website instructions – 158 – 167°F

I totally noticed the difference between 175 and 160F steepings. The higher temp has less creamy and more vegetal and bitterness, whereas the 160F is more creamy and not bitter.

Overall, a nice creamy, tangy tea with a great mix of bases – the buttery green with a juicy white tea. I like this a little more than Lupicia’s Strawberry & Vanilla as the flavoring tastes more natural and has a better base, but Lupicia is more forgiving and easier to steep.

Full blog post review on my blog, The Oolong owl http://oolongowl.wordpress.com/2013/03/05/strawberries-cream-from-della-terra-teas-tea-review/

160 °F / 71 °C 2 min, 0 sec

This one sounds delish!


This is the second review I’ve seen saying that this is better than Lupicia’s, which I am totally in love with so now I am even MORE excited to try this one!


Oh, good to know! I think this is one I ordered, and I really dislike bitter teas.

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Post workout matcha! I made it a iced latte with bavarian cream matcha, splenda, soy protein and ice.

It was a really nice cool day, so I did a jog to the post office. Got home, lifted weights. Annoyed as I had to deload due to spraining my knee the other week and too much time off lifting, but I still did a decent job with 100lb squats. Of course, right now I’m sporting a taped up sprained finger from Friday. Sigh. Now to work up again to 150lb, BLEH!

The matcha tasted almost like ice cream here! Probably from the ice, and thick consistency of the protein powder.

I’m running low on this matcha and a couple others. Looks like another RLT matcha order in a month or so. Boo, so much to save up for!


I think I ordered this one! I guess it’s one I’ll look forward to trying.


This has turned out to be a surprise favorite! I didn’t expect to like it as much as I do, but I do!


This is my favorite one to use in smoothies. Makes everything taste like pudding.

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I made a strong cup of this tea with lunch, a sort of post workout reward. Dang, I love the peachy orange with that humming ginger! So refreshing! I really needed refreshing, my muscles are killing me! I’ve decided to step up my working out, so I’m doing Rushfit again in the mornings.

Steep City teas – you’re gonna kill my wallet. I’m saving up for another order. I wanna try the orange glam, purple peach, citrus sunshine oolong, and maybe Pom Pom, mint chocolate and a rooibos. Wahhh!

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 0 sec

We are waiting! :) So happy you are enjoying our tea so much.

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I’m a tea blogger – The Oolong Owl
www.OolongOwl.com – I do tea reviews, obsessively photograph teas with mischievous crocheted Owls and get tea drunk. I am also a crochet and knitting designer at Awkward Soul Designs.

To contact me for reviews, check out details at OolongOwl.com/about or email me at [email protected]

I was raised on floral oolongs and green teas, mostly “beauty” teas. Early on as a kid, I can guzzle an entire pot of tea (or two) at a Chinese or Japanese restaurant.
These days I like adventurous and interesting tea blends. I’m fearless in trying new teas! I’m into oolong, pu’erh, white, green, black, guayusa, mate and herbals. I’m not into red rooibos but I keep buying it anyway.

The tea brand that got me started into loose leaf teas was DAVIDsTea. I used to live in Vancouver Canada and had access to their shop, however that is now limited since I moved to southern California.

However, the perks of living in the US is ultra cheap, fast shipping! Since then, my tea stash insanely expanded.

Other stuff I’m into that sneaks into my tea notes: Brazilian jiu-jitsu, metal music, drawing, painting, cooking, photography and nail polish.

BTW, my Steepster cupboard is not even close to accurate and I track my teas on a spreadsheet. Last update 573 Teas – August 2015.


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