1260 Tasting Notes


Gave this tea another shot.

Tried 2.5 minutes at 200f – much better in terms of no bitterness. But, the flavored parts of this tea, the ginger is out and pleasant. The apricot has disappeared though. A little bit of sweetness and that’s it.

Well, next time I’ll cold steep or ice tea this – maybe that’ll bring out the apricot.

/shakes fist Crazy disney tea! Work with me! I love your fun tin! At my dinner party last night everyone kept checking out the tin too.

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 30 sec

They have a really cute tea set too that is also Alice & Wonderland themed.


Seeing the name of this tea it make me think of the teacups ride at Disneyland. And then I hear the Unbirthday song.

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drank Kotobuki by Lupicia
1260 tasting notes

WOoot Lupicia! My first time trying them out!

STEEPED: Yellow tea, smells like sweet plums and loads of floral.

TASTE: Light vegetal oolong, slightly buttery and sweet, and quite rosey floral. Very light on the plum, with a plum aftertaste.

I actually stole a bit for iced tea yesterday – and this tea made pretty good iced tea. THe plum was much sweeter, but still floral and oolong flavor present.

I then resteeped it for hot tea and it was good, but there was no plum flavor, but the floral and oolong was pretty nice. I could probably get a 3rd resteeping if I have time.

Overall, check this one out if you like floral teas. The plum here is quite nice, I’d love more of it for hot tea, but is pretty good.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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I’m still running a rampage for my Lupicia order. I hate UPS. It’s raining (rare in california) and I do not want my tea tossed over the fence and getting soggy!

More annoyingly, staying home for jiu jitsu – I was about to go but my sinuses hurt too much when I was getting ready. Bleh. Back to watching jiu jitsu videos then.

I still have tea trades I haven’t finished, lol! This one is from Kittena, yay!

Creamy coconutty that lingers in my mouth. Slightly sweet as well. The honeybush is good base, going well with the coconut. I’m not getting much of the cheesecake though.

Overall, okay but not fantastic. I’d like the coconut to be stronger, with more cheesecake flavor.

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My Lupicia order is supposed to show up today – and I’m hoping it does so I can have some tea before I go to jiu jitsu, but instead this tea shows up in my mailbox. Usually my 52Teas orders come on Saturdays. Oh well, all mine!

DRY: smells strongly like banana, almost banana liquor like. I got some huge whole slices of banana, which I smashed up and tried to mix into my bag of tea evenly.

STEEPED: Banana! And graham crust smell, nice!

TASTE: Strong green tea and banana. Banana is leaning on that flavor I had for medicine I had as a kid (no bad memories with it though). Nice rice toastyness from the genmaicha. Bit of a weird bitter finish, maybe medicinal. Strong banana aftertaste that is pretty nice.

Sweetened, this tea performs better – bananay with a cheesecake finish showing up. The genmaicha is a nice match, but still has a weird taste. As it cools, it is getting creamy tasting, which is nice. Overall, I like this tea sweetened.

Maybe I over steeped or over leafed this as it was pretty strong and weird tastes – but theres lots of elements I like in this tea, such as the good banana aftertaste and the genmaicha pairing. With that said, I’m a little mixed on this tea whether I like it or not. But I think I will need to try it again, fudging with the steep times.

In other news, I finish NaNoWriMo! Woot Woot!

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Try letting the bag sit for a couple weeks! I find that sometimes helps with franks blends if they taste a little off if I open them the day I get them sort of thing

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Say what, no notes on this tea?
Am I the only one who was super curious of the pop rocks in this tea? OMG POP ROCKS!

DRY: Red hots – super spicy cinnamon smell!
STEEPED: smokey black and cinnamon smell. Yes, I heard the pop rocks going off while it steeped! Sounded more like bubbles popping.

TASTE: Spicy cinnamon, sweet and warm. Nice full body from the black tea base. Tastes just like those spicy cinnamon hearts on valentines day. There is a powerful cinnamon candy finish, with a hit of almost bitter loads of cinnamon just like the candies. The cinnamon tingles my tongue as an after effect.
Quite sweet on its own, does not need sugar I think.

Liquid Candy tea!
This reminds me of DAVIDsTea’s “Hot Lips” but much much better. The sweet finish makes this tea more like a cup of candy than a straight cinnamon blasting. The pop rocks were a fun bonus to this tea.

This would be a fun latte (I always think that). If you like spicy cinnamon and sweet teas, seek this one out!

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec

I haven’t had time to place an order again but this is on my list to try heh


Pop rocks in tea is genius. +1 for Della Terra!

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I made this tea double strength as a soy latte with a bit of light agave.

Very Very good – Double strength and with milk, the flavorings come out well and not rooibosy at all. Creamy, sweet, hint of caramel and coffee flavor. Actually better than any cups of fancy high calorie coffee I’ve had.

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drank Coconut Oolong by Zen Tea
1260 tasting notes

So mad right now! I was going to do a side by side tasting of Zen Tea’s Coconut Green and Coconut Oolong.. and a huge ugly a$$ fly fell into my cup of coconut green before I could taste both teas together! EWWW! I was almost tempted to scoop out the fly and drink, but decided against it. Eww. Cry.

I chose this Coconut green and their Coconut Oolong from Zen teas – see which one I like more!

DRY: Sweet, natural coconut smell, with a hint of smokey.
STEEPED: Milky coconut, light gold tea.

TASTE: Lightly floral, vegetal and creamy oolong, sweeter from the coconut with a really good coconut aftertaste. The coconut here is very natural tasting – I can almost sense the texture of the coconut flesh while I sip. Creamy taste lingers in my mouth.

Second infusion, I cannot get any coconut flavor but the oolong is still good – sweet, lightly floral and bright. I’d drink this second infusion on its own! No astringency.

COMMENTS: This oolong is pretty solid – a great combo with the bao zhong. The second infusion is pretty good too, despite lacking coconut.

Comparison (copy n pasted to Coconut Green)
Coconut green = More balanced flavoring with coconut and sencha together
Coconut oolong = the coconut melds with the oolong, enhancing the creamy and sweet of the bao zhong, with a coconut finish.

Tough call, I’m leaning on Coconut oolong more as the whole experience is overall fantastic, but coconut green has a really good flavoring as well.

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec
Hesper June

Ew! I am sorry! (although, maybe he wanted some tea too?:)


I wouldn’t have told anyone it happened but I totally would have drank the tea after I scooped it out!

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drank Coconut green by Zen Tea
1260 tasting notes

TY out to Zen Tea for a sample of this!

I do like my coconut – especially these days since my husband and his family hate it, so I’m mysteriously drawn to coconut more and more.

I chose this Coconut green and their Coconut Oolong from Zen teas – see which one I like more!

DRY: Smells like coconut milk with a hint of grassyness. Interesting

STEEPED: Fragrant green, with a creamy smell. Golden green colour.

TASTE: Sweet coconut, like eating a fresh baby coconut – buttery, milky, naturally sweet. All this is balanced with a sencha base. No bitterness.

The flavor has no fancy frills – just coconut and sencha, no chocolate, pineapple or stevia. Actually, from all these Zen teas I’ve tried, they follow that theme – no frills or wild blends, simple flavoring, playing up the tea.

Very good! I like how balanced the coconut and sencha are. If you prefer a green over oolong, I’d give this tea a try.

Coconut green = More balanced flavoring with coconut and sencha together
Coconut oolong = the coconut melds with the oolong, enhancing the creamy and sweet of the bao zhong, with a coconut finish.

Tough call, I’m leaning on Coconut oolong more as the whole experience is overall fantastic, but coconut green has a good balance I enjoy.

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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drank Winter Nog by Della Terra Teas
1260 tasting notes

I bought a lot of stuff online for black friday and cyber monday (with me being the only one of my friends circle buying stuff, everyone was on the “no buy” bandwagon. I cannot resist deals, especially tea deals.)
My della terra order is the first thing that came out of all the stuff I bought! WOOOOOT!

DRY: strong, liquor like smell with a mix of spices scent. Very cute snow flake sprinkles!

STEEPED: similar to dry, liquoury spicy smell. Inviting and not smelling like ack rooibos!

TASTE: Warm, well rounded spices – lightly cinnamon and nutmeg? The spices are not overly strong or overpowering. Slightly sweet and creamy. Warming on the tongue from the spice. A touch watery, but very good considering I’ve had many watery rooibos blends. Not very red rooibosy tasting, in fact, I forgot I was drinking rooibos!

COMMENTS: I’m thinking this tea as a latte, this would be killer!
I quite enjoy this Winter nog – it’s a great evening, winter tea. The spice level is perfect, it’s kinda sweet. Yum. I don’t know if I’d order more after the sample is done as it’s not making me go crazy yet, but I’d highly recommend peeps to try this tea out if you are into a good winter themed tea.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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drank Cherry Rose Organic by Zen Tea
1260 tasting notes

Totally having a floral tea day.

Tried this tea steeped at 175 = no bitterness at all. Bright, maraschino cherry flavor (not sweet) over loads of florally rose. Good, savory sencha background. Very good. I killed off my sample, I wish I tried it iced, the cherry would be pretty good, but I’m not sure about the floral being good iced.

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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