1231 Tasting Notes

drank Blueberry Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
1231 tasting notes

MMm blueberries, my favorite fruit! I go crazy with fresh blueberries – eating lots of them! Off season, I love blueberry jam. I’ve been planning to give this matcha a whirl for awhile. Let’s see how it goes:

Blueberry Matcha
Matcha Quality: Classic Basic Grade
Flavor: Distinctive

Out of the package, the matcha smells blueberry candy – like a huge blueberry sticky lollipop! Over the top sweet blueberry flavoring smell.

Prepared simply as a hot cup of matcha, there is a mix of flavorful earthy matcha with a finish of blueberry taste. However, I kinda find this blueberry sharp and tart, like I’m eating a bunch of blueberry skins packed into a sip.

While I was making this as a latte, I took a sip of the matcha made with a bit of hot water and sugar and it tastes a nicer blueberry flavor, the sweetener hiding that blueberry tartness.
As a latte with soymilk and some sugar, this matcha becomes a nice mix of blueberry and creamy flavors, backed up with the depth of earthy matcha. I think I will at least sweeten this matcha, as I prefer the flavor more.

I find the Distinctive flavoring does a perfect job here – it does taste more blueberry than matcha, but still enough green tea taste to remind you its matcha.

I can’t wait to combine this matcha with my other flavored RLT matchas!


Mmmmm sounds delicious!

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TY to Nature’s Tea Leaf for a sample of this tea for review!

DRY: Fun, tightly rolled green tea balls.
STEEPED: Savory vegetal smell, very light yellow tea.

First steeping – light, savory and buttery. Tastes like I should be drinking this with lunch or dinner not breakfast.
Second steeping – brighter, little sweet pea like. Still savory tasting.
Third Steeping – I think this tea is getting darker. The sweetness of the second steeping is gone, moreso a stronger first steeping.

COMMENTS: Nice, simple green that isn’t grassy or very sweet – moreso a good savory type that would pair well with dinner. Good bang for you buck with this tea – I bet I could keep on resteeping, but I’m bored after 3 small pots and want something new.

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 0 sec

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drank Matcha Salt by DAVIDsTEA
1231 tasting notes

Matcha Salt! I asked my sis to grab a can for me before she visited me from Victoria, BC. I do lots of cooking, so I thought this would be cool to try.

Price wise, pretty good. $4.50 for sea salt is pretty good (I’m not sure why, but sea salt here in the US is more than Canada, but kosher salt is cheaper and easier to find here than in Canada).

The tin is very tea tin looking, but you twist the lid to line up a hole on the lid for pouring the salt. Do not use this hole unless you want lots of salt! It pours out so fast and gives you lots of salt! I’d take a pinch out of the can and be gentle with it as it’s pretty salty.

Taste wise, there is a hint of grassyness in this salt. I paired it with stir fried kale which was pretty tasty. I added it to rare roast beef sandwiches which added a bit of grass to it. I found I liked this salt paired with vegetables more. I haven’t tried this with fish or chicken yet.

Ehhhh, I’m not not sure how to rate this salt. Curious? Like to cook? Be a good conversation piece at the table for sure.

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drank Graveyard Mist by 52teas
1231 tasting notes

I believe this tea comes from Rachel Sincere, ty!

MOAR Marshmallow Monday while I knit socks!

DRY: smells like… kids toothpaste? Those marshmallow roots look like mushrooms to me.

STEEPED: Beautiful golden tea, smells sweet, minty and crisp.

TASTE: Sweet blast of mint, fluffy sweet marshmallow and crisp savory green tea. It’s like minty rice crispy treats. Sometimes it tastes like cream soda. Then the sweetness, fluff and mint creeps out. Weird mouth sensation too, like numbing my mouth. The mint is not overpowering and at a perfect level.

COMMENTS: Now beating myself up for not trying this tea sooner. Of course, it’s been reblended a few times, I’ve seen it instock while I did other 52 tea purchases and now sold out. Sigh. I was mildly interested in this tea from the marshmallow taste as well as the reviews, but the mint was scaring me off – how can you make mint more original? But graveyard mist totally school’d me.

Now I’m really going to press for a subscription with 52 Teas for my birthday or christmas!

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 30 sec

I like some mint, though not really combined with anything. Mouth numbness? That does not sound appealing….would remind me to much of being at the dentist. shudders

Oolong Owl

Hmmmm might of been mouth tinglyness from the mint too.

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drank S'mores by Della Terra Teas
1231 tasting notes

Marshmallow Monday?

DRY: mmm! This tea smells just like brownies! Very close to smore brownies I make! http://joythebaker.com/2009/04/smores-brownies/#
Lots of bits in this tea – need to do a good bag shuffle to ensure you get all the little bits!

STEEPED: Light brown tea, smells chocolate liquor like and roasty. The marshmallows dissolved too!

TASTE: Perky bold black tea up front. Graham flavor pops up clearly to me. Chocolate and toasty flavors swings in some sips. Marshmallow sweet aftertaste. The black tea is kinda bitter to me – maybe a shorter steep or lower temp might help out there.
Sweetened, the chocolate comes out more and the black tea tastes quite roasty. Slightly cooled, the sip tastes just like smores on some sips – best flavor!

COMMENTS: Hmmm, I love this tea but some parts I dislike – not sure if I’m liking the black tea used here or maybe I need do adjust the steeping times. However, this one has to be the best black tea/smorey marshmallow tea I’ve tried so far.

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec

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drank Toasted Marshmallow by DAVIDsTEA
1231 tasting notes

I’m planning to drinking marshmallow teas today! Marshmallow Monday? Woot woot!

DRY: Super cinnamony sweet, smokey edge. Lots of marshmallows!

STEEPED: Those marshmallows all dissolved, oooh yeah! The light brown tea smells of spice, sweet, and kinda chocolatey.

TASTE: Light black roasty tea. Hint of cinnamon, and light marshmallow sweetness. The tea and flavorings are really light and kinda watery.

COMMENTS: I can see others liking this tea for the subtle flavor, but this is just too watery for me to really get into it. If it wasn’t watery this would be really good!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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I haven’t had this tea in awhile – something appealed tonight about having a “coffee” or “stay awake” type tea, but it not keeping me awake!

This time I got the 5 minute steep and the flavor is much stronger but still light. The rooibos, despite being a rooibos disliker, works well with the coffee flavor, along with a really nice creamyness that sits on the tongue a bit. I didn’t get the creamy taste with the faster steep, I was totally missing out! Also picking up a good caramel taste on some sips.

Totally need to do a latte next time!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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drank Salted Caramel by DAVIDsTEA
1231 tasting notes

Was out late Halloween partying last night. My Husband was Dresden (he’s geeky and cute) and I was a gothic lolita doll with a petticoat that made my butt impossible to get through doorways and sit down. Ate too much candy and my sweet tooth is still going, hoping this Salted Caramel tea will hit the spot!

DRY: Looks like all the fun bits of this tea settled onto the bottom of my package! Smells salty, caramelly toffee!

STEEPED: Bold, coffee like, but toffee sweet aroma. Little bit of film on the top of the tea and black debris on the bottom that my Steeper didn’t pick up.

TASTE: Strong, deep, bold black tea taste. Small caramel aftertaste. I get faint salt taste end of sip. Not astringent, but bitterness starting to emerge. Not picking up the coconut.
Sweetened, the caramel comes out a bit more.

COMMENTS: Hmmm, I was hoping this would taste like how it smells, but not enough caramel, salt or creamyness for me to fully enjoy this tea, but I am a flavor freak. The black tea is rich, so I think a coffee drinker would enjoy this tea.

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

Yay Dresden! Rayn is rereading all the books now to prepare himself for Cold Days.

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Brutal Brazilian Jiu jitsu class tonight (every Friday is the hard class), probably going to be more brutal as I skipped the last 3 classes because of sore neck and headaches, probably from BJJ on Monday. I’m feeling a little lazy and stiff today, so decided to go make a big tumbler of Acai Matcha before class.

I’m checking my tea shelf and couldn’t find my tin of this matcha. I got so angry and was all “Where the hell is it? This is my favorite one!” and phew, found it buried under other matchas.

So I guess this is my favorite RLT matcha. Sorry Eggnog, Pistachio, Tiramisu.


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Another TY to Nature’s Tea Leaf for a sample of this tea!

DRY: tight chunky lumps of oolong, smells grassy and kinda sweet.
STEEPED: Golden tea, smells floraly veg.

TASTE: light floral sweetness sweeps through, kinda buttery, naturally slightly sweet and a veggie bite. Full of flavor, no bitterness of astringency. I could sense if this was oversteeped astringency would peek through.

COMMENTS: Not bad, I am enjoying the full flavor of this oolong. OIBO is a good earthy veggie oolong. I feel kinda picky, but I prefer my oolongs a little sweeter or more floral, so this doesn’t wow me, but still a decent cup of tea.

190 °F / 87 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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These days I like adventurous and interesting tea blends. I’m fearless in trying new teas! I’m into oolong, pu’erh, white, green, black, guayusa, mate and herbals. I’m not into red rooibos but I keep buying it anyway.

The tea brand that got me started into loose leaf teas was DAVIDsTea. I used to live in Vancouver Canada and had access to their shop, however that is now limited since I moved to southern California.

However, the perks of living in the US is ultra cheap, fast shipping! Since then, my tea stash insanely expanded.

Other stuff I’m into that sneaks into my tea notes: Brazilian jiu-jitsu, metal music, drawing, painting, cooking, photography and nail polish.

BTW, my Steepster cupboard is not even close to accurate and I track my teas on a spreadsheet. Last update 573 Teas – August 2015.


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