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Blueberry Matcha

Get it here: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/blueberry-matcha.html

Okay this is not my all time favorite from Red Leaf Tea but before you skip reading over this review thinking I didn’t like it – think again!

Red Leaf Tea has so many and I mean MANY wonderful selections that there are always going to be a few that you just can’t live without! For me, this is not one of those but let me say it is very yummy! I mean come on after the amaretto matcha I reviewed earlier today, then the bavarian cream which was my first Red Leaf matcha purchase, let us not forget that amazing boysenberry, well you get the idea if you have read my reviews – I have my favorites. Blueberry is close to Boysenberry in flavor in some ways though so this for me would be a nice backup to that.

Now this one here, Blueberry Matcha was composed of the following:

Size : Small
Matcha Quality: Starter (Basic Grade)
Flavor: Robust
Storage : Add Small Metal Tin Container (Holds up to 45g) as per usual I purchased the tin for an extra 3.00 which I do recommend unless you have tins of your own at home.

Funny thing is as I say this is not a favorite here I am forgetting to type up this review and just keep sipping away on my iced latte!

I don’t have an exact recipe for my latte. I’m part Swede and my great great grandmother never measured in cooking or baking! She just taught me how to cook by eyeballing things and tossing it all together yet things always turned out yummily! So for this I take an average sized iced tea glass, toss in some ice, put in a splash of vanilla creamer, what I would guess to be about 1/3 up of milk, you can use soy, almond, whatever you want, and the matcha tea mixture which I do prepare before hand. What I get from that is a delicious blueberry and cream iced matcha latte. Perhaps some would say it is more a shake, or smoothie, heck I don’t know what it technically is but I love it! Now as I have said in every review for the most part I do always try my matcha before mixing into the latte. When I tasted it in its straight form I did not care for it too much – it was not very blueberrish to me and a litter stronger in the matcha base itself which was good – the matcha green tea powder used by Red Leaf Tea is really quite good, and I went with the Starter (Basic Grade) on this one. But I was looking for a bit more blueberry flavor although I did get robust I was not really tasting it as straight blueberry – it was somehow different to me than what I anticipated HOWEVER once added to the latte mixture OMGOODNESS it totally POPPED with fresh ripe juicy blueberry flavor! I have no idea what the deal is with that but I am quite pleased!

Another thing I notice with this blend – in the tea base and flavoring itself, is that the green matcha really nicely stands out even more so than in some of the other flavors I have bought. You know, the more I drink this the more I am loving it for that very reason. You lose none of the blueberry flavor mixing it with a shake, latte, smoothie, whatever… and the green matcha base comes out even MORE! Its like some magical blueberry matcha gnomes came in while I was not looking and sprinkled some mojo on it! Mmmmmm. Okay I may have to take back that this is not one of my favorites but with so many amazing matcha to select from how could one really choose?

Such an interesting flavor, as I continue to drink I seem to pick up different subtle nuisances in this tea mixture. I mean I am used to that in non matcha teas, but I have to say this is the first matcha, let alone a flavored matcha I have tasted something slightly different each and every time! Sometimes its just really fresh and refreshING, other sips I get more sweet, some sips I am getting far more of the matcha base with that vegetal buttery sensation, other times I get peppery note even! Its strange, and enjoyable. So maybe I rushed to my initial statement that this was not one of my favorites. Maybe in the future I won’t make such remarks and if and when I ever find a Red Leaf Tea matcha I don’t like I will let you know but so far we’re batting 100%!

Here is the link again to get your own Red Leaf Tea Blueberry Matcha

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