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Lucuma Matcha

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So this matcha is very earthy smelling in the dry form. When I opened the bag there was really nothing remarkable about the smell other than sort of an earthy aroma mixed in with the matcha aroma. I shrugged and was like “okay” lol I just didn’t know what to think. I have never heard of Lucuma let alone had Lucuma before so what do I know!?!

I did however want to expand my horizons and the health benefits of Lucuma really interested me as well. Especially helping with skin inflammations and as an immune system booster!

So I prepared the matcha of course and took a sip. It just tasted like matcha but of course a Red Leaf Tea quality matcha which equals GOOD STUFF!

I added my ice and milk – as in my typical latte preparation of course, but this time did not yet add the splash of vanilla creamer. Took a sip – still the same – wonderful matcha flavor, but nothing else.

So then I added my splash of vanilla low fat creamer, hummm now this is an interesting turn of events. I taste a light fruitiness here! Is it my imagination perhaps? Is it wishful thinking? Is it that somehow magically the creamer brought out the fruity flavor? Maybe it is a mental thing since this is now the way I usually enjoy my matcha – I have myself fooled into thinking things always taste better this way? I don’t know. I am willing to admit if that is the case but maybe had I just added some sugar (there is sugar in the creamer I am sure – its not sugar free and even if it were it would have some kind of sweetener in it in the place of sugar right?). So I am thinking … this must be a fruit that is complimented and made more predominant with the addition of some kind of sugar, not the creamer at all!

So next time I have this I will leave the creamer out and add some sugar which ironically I had considered doing before adding my creamer but I just didn’t want THAT much sugar in my matcha. Still for the sake of science next time I will!

So then, how does this matcha TASTE? Well, its matcha tasting, with this light juicy like flavor similar to a melon. The fruit looks like an avocado to me. I looked up the Lucuma Fruit and found that it is supposed to have a flavor similar to a sweet potato and maple and you know what I do get that! Its light mind you and even at the Robust flavor I selected I still feel the matcha flavor itself is the predominant flavor here. It is richer as a matcha though and I think that is due to the Lucuma! Still I get this melon flavor too. It truly is interesting and nothing about it tastes bad at all. I just don’t really have my mind wrapped around it yet HOWEVER if you are adventurous and want to try something out of the box this is a good one to select for sure!

My Matcha was composed of the following:

Size : Small
Matcha Quality: Starter (Basic Grade)
Flavor: Robust
Storage: Add Small Metal Tin Container (Holds up to 45g)

Again here is where to pick up some of your own!!



Lol. Glad I’m not the only only one who has never heard of it. Sounds very interesting though!!

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Lol. Glad I’m not the only only one who has never heard of it. Sounds very interesting though!!

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