807 Tasting Notes

drank Coconut Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
807 tasting notes

Raising the rating on this one…. I mixed this up today into an iced latte and it is just SO very good. Sweet milky creamy coconut all the way here. The aroma in the dry state is a bit too much but the flavor is stellar!
This totally hit the spot today and took care of my sweet tooth!


This is one of my favorite matchas! Really nice and creamy.


Haha I have been wanting another ever since I had it earlier! So good! :)


Ordering this one tonight…I love coconut!

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drank Ceylon Black by Butiki Teas
807 tasting notes

I just reviewed the Organic Ceylon Black from Butiki and while this may not be a “side by side” comparison – its close – a “one after the other” comparison. :)
So this one here – again a nice clear cup slightly darker and just SLIGHTLY more “murky” perhaps but still a nice clear amber cup. A brownish amber.
There is a bit of astringency in this one. But not a bad astringency. Before I was a daily loose leaf tea drinker and still on the bag I expected astringency. Then once I began drinking loose leaf I thought for a while astringency was a bad thing. Then of course I learned that its not – not always anyway. And now I know the difference between “good” astringency and “bad” astringency.
So this has a good astringency but its not strong.
Actually I think my uncle and mother would like this one a bit more – this is a bit more robust and more like what they are used to – only good haha.
See my review on the Organic Ceylon to see what I am referring to about my mother and uncle.
Anyway this does also not quite have the berry note I was getting in the organic.
Still it is juicy and bright.
I think since this is a tad more robust it would make for an even better iced tea.
I think the organic I would have to cold brew or make double strength as the norm when making iced tea but with this one, I could almost just toss the ice in the cup as is and it would hold up well.
I think this would be AMAZING with a lemon wedge and sugar, iced in a glass!
Regardless, a good Ceylon. I like it.
For me, I would go with the organic – it just has a little more complexity to it IMO.

ETA: When it cools – the malty notes come forth! CHARGE!!!! :)

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drank Organic Ceylon by Butiki Teas
807 tasting notes

Wow no tasting notes on this one yet? Crazy. So this is a pretty basic straight tea.
Very refreshing, a clear amber cup that is very transparent.
The flavor is that of a basic black – it is not pretentious or complex and some times we want nothing more than just a nice clear clean refreshing black! This tea is what I would use for a basic black iced tea when family comes over, with holiday meals, etc.
HOWEVER, it is also a great tea, NO astringency, NO bitterness, and no nasty after taste, so even the more discerning tea drinker would appreciate it when visiting.
I also like this tea on those mornings I am not sure what I want and just NEED my caffeine NOW!
There is a light sweet finish as the description says but not artificial or cloying at all. Just a finish that has this juicy burst similar to berry flavor.
Excuse me now, I need to go do a second steep.
Oh also I wanted to mention – my mother and uncle are black tea HOUNDS – they come to my house and want iced tea all the time. They sometimes LITERALLY stop by JUST for a cup of tea and then leave. LOL
This is the perfect tea for them!
Yes sometimes they do enjoy something different and they never complain yet this – this is their type of tea for sure! I need to stock up! :)


Sounds perfect! I do love me some Ceylon. Was so close picking this one up my last order. I guess it just moved to a “must” on the upcoming order. :)


:) awesome! Its good straight TEA!

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drank Napa Blanc by Lupicia
807 tasting notes

Picked this up online. I think Lupicia has a habit of releasing things in store only to see how well they go over before putting them online. Whatever the case I am so happy I finally get to try this!
Sweet Mercy in a cup this is wine!
Lightly Jasmine and such a lovely jasmine it is.
White wine, muscat, …. I’m in heaven!
I adore this blend and once again Lupicia does not let me down.
There is a buttery feeling in the mouth, it is somewhat broth-y, absolutely lovely green tea base, a bancha or sencha perhaps … would have to take out the dry leaf again to figure it out – if I even could – who cares right now I am exhausted and could use a glass of wine errr I mean cup of tea!

ETA: As this tea cools more it tastes a little like Juicy Fruit Gum!


I definitely need to make my first order with Lupicia soon, this sounds so good. Err, I mean “what does wine taste like?” ;)


Hahaha – like the hobo in the alley! HAHA kidding.


I ordered that one too! Haven’t gotten to tasting it yet though.


Well if you don’t like it …. :)

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I am in the process of creating a recipe book for my kids for Christmas – my daughter requested this – meals they grew up on many of which I also grew up on. My eyes are crossing and I am beat! Making a recipe book is a real challenge for me as I never measure anything! Still I am over joyed that my daughter asked for something like this and that I can give one to both of them for the holidays! They will of course get other things haha but this will be special! Especially as my son lives in his own place now and my daughter is about to turn 18 this December! Lord the time flies by!

Anyway I needed a break and decided this was the next tea on my Butiki Experience list!
These remind me of Unicorn Horns!
I love unicorns and yes in MY world they do exist! :)

So the first infusion was a little bland, but good, it just was not all there yet and I figured maybe this tea needed it as a rinse so I infused again. The little “horns” are starting to unfurl, they are pretty.

The tea is still light but with a little more depth than before a lemony hue which is very pretty.

Not much aroma … but the flavor is there.

Its different. Bright mouthfeel and juicy.
Slightly buttery but not like other greens by any means.
Vegetal but VERY subtly.
Its strange but some sips have such a POW of flavor while others taste a bit like rain water!
Yes I have sipped rain water back in the day thank you. :)
What a curious tea.
Please don’t take this the wrong way but I swear every great now and then I get an earthy like flavor of soil! Not contaminated yucky soil but fresh clean soil from the woods.
Strange – this isn’t a pu-erh is it? LOL I realize it is a green tea but it is the most unusual green tea I believe I have ever tasted.
I will need to get my hands on some more of this to work with it longer but at least for now I have many steepings left to experiment with!
For now, back to the recipe book and enjoying this tea!


LOL Tommy! <3

Butiki Teas

By the way, 99.9% of people pronounce it wrong. I don’t even correct people anymore.

Thomas Edward(Toad)

I pronounce it Boo-Tee-Kee!

Butiki Teas

Its boo-ti-key. Pronounced correctly here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4UvdMUGNhk. Weird video but its not easy finding a video where you can here butiki being pronounced. Don’t worry, the butiki is never in any danger. She says it twice in the first 30 seconds. The second time is easier. Tommy, I’m totally imagining you jumping out from behind a wall shouting boo-tee-kee in a Beavis voice. Hahaha


OOoohhh Azzrian! I love your idea! I have to ask my Mom to do the same for me! :)


You are so welcome! :)


Cute video Stacy!

Butiki Teas

Azzrian-I was a little worried by the title. I was hoping the butiki could get away.


LOVE the recipe book idea! Sounds like something your children will treasure for years to come. By the way, does Butiki still sell this tea? I can’t find it on their website…


Thank you so much CHAroma! :)
@ Butiki – I honestly didn’t watch to the end – out of fear of what may happen :)

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The leaves of this tea are stunning! Twisty and wirey with almost a blue tone hue to them.
The steeped cup is a lovely deep golden amber tone and smells of sweet potato and chocolate! OMG yes!
This cup is DELICIOUS! For my facebook friends who may be reading this – as I am going to be posting the review there as well…if you are not used to really high quality amazing tea like this just understand – this is not your mother’s or grandmother’s Lipton tea! Haha, my grandmother, bless her heart would drink that instant powdered tea daily, you know the stuff that came in the glass jar with the green lid. Today it is probably in plastic but regardless – this is a true delight and anyone who is even considering trying a different black tea should give this one a go!
There is a very sweet aspect to the tea, it has notes of sweet potato pie, even a bake-y element to it but it is not that sweet – not like as if someone spooned sugar into the cup – just a very natural sweetness. There are strong notes of chocolate and also notes of honey.
A very rich cup yet the mouthfeel is bright and cheery. It is not too heavy or syrupy.
This may be one of my new favorites! I wish I had tried this one sooner!
As if I do not have enough teas to drink I have added this one to my shopping list!
There is a slight very light note of cinnamon or some kick of spiciness here but nothing that my weenie husband could not handle …(love you babe)… and oddly enough I am even getting a bit of a saffron note!
As the tea cools a bit it does become slightly thicker with a heavier mouthfeel and notes of maple syrup begin to peek through.
I know it sounds like I am talking about a dessert not a tea yet this is not a dessert tea but rather a wonderful black tea that anyone would love!

Donna A

I am smiling right now after reading your review. I just got my order from Butiki yesterday (I am a 1st time customer). I am loving their Mi Xian black today, but when I read your notes, I was thinking, oh no, I need this one too! Then I checked my package and there was a sample of Premium Taiwanese Assam! I had forgotten that Stacy had suggested it. So I am very excited. I have mostly had Chinese blacks, so I’m really looking forward to trying a good Assam. My 1st experience with this company has been excellent. I spoke with Stacy and she was so helpful with her suggestions. I have a feeling I will be ordering a lot from this company.


Donna so glad you’re having a good experience with butiki. Stacy really is awesome :)
…as are her teas ;)


Yay Stacy is so awesome! So is her tea! I LOVE this one!

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drank Organic Guranse by Butiki Teas
807 tasting notes

Pair this one with white chocolate and OMG the peach notes SPRING forward!
I love this tea. I choose this for my custom blend from butiki and love the blend as well.
This tea has such wonderful woodsy notes but its light and juicy!
Yes there is a darjeeling quality here yet not quite the same.
Juicy is one word that absolutely comes to mind and not just due to the peach notes but the mouthfeel is very thirst quenching, very liquid-y lol yes tea IS a liquid I know but the way it just slides on the palate like silk is lovely.
The woodys notes are like dried tree bark in flavor – or somewhat of an okay barrel flavor – sort of maple infused.
From reading other’s notes on this tea it seems this is one that remains somewhat mysterious, undecided perhaps, as everyone tends to find similar notes and everyone tends to find some of their own notes.
To me, it is a tea that everyone should have the experience of trying at least once!

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drank Rwanda Rukeri by Butiki Teas
807 tasting notes

I got many steepings from this tea.
I always love that!
I also love buttery teas and this had that flavor element for sure!
I will say it is a tea you need to pay attention to while steeping as it tends to be particular but I find that fairly common in higher quality teas. If over steeped or steeped in too hot of a water temp it does become bitter and astringent quite easily!
Not a tea to make first thing in the morning lol but much better for gong fu session in the after noon / early evening.
The aroma has a nice salty smell to it – ocean mist aroma which is refreshing and eye opening!
It is very vegetative and has a steamed asparagus flavor note.
I agree with LiberTEAS that it is not brothy but has a much thinner mouthfeel.
If you are looking for a light, refreshing, and evolving tea – one that changes with each steeping – this is a great tea to try!
I was tempted to allow it to steep longer because by doing so it brings forth more buttery goodness but learned the hard way that also brings out the bitter flavors.
Be patient with this tea!!! It will give you the butter in later steepings if you give it a chance to work its magic in its own way and time!
Its a delicate tea and needs to be treated with respect.
Sometimes I don’t have time for that – or just want my tea NOW or space out my steeps. In these times this is not the tea to reach for.
This is a relaxing laid back take your time with me tea and I really recommend that you do multiple steepings to get the full range this tea has to offer.

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drank Darjeeling Mim by Pekko Teas
807 tasting notes

Just had this for my morning wake up cup! See previous notes – a great tea! Thank you Pekko Teas

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drank Wen Shan Bao Zhong by Butiki Teas
807 tasting notes

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