807 Tasting Notes

drank Almond Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
807 tasting notes

Almond Matcha

Stunning flavor! Accurate to the core on how almond tastes only in a sweeter version! Close to amaretto but there is a difference and I do love both! I am glad I got both as well because I contemplated if they would be too similar and not worth the cost of both however as much as I love both flavors, I had to do it and I have no regrets!

This Almond matcha is sweet and nutty. The aroma is captivating!! My daughter was in the process of making macrons and decided she will add some almond matcha to them. Unfortunately we had to stop because we were out of parchment paper – can’t use waxed …. so anyway off to the store we shall run and I am going to pick up more sparkling water because I want to make an Italian Creme Soda with this almond matcha which will be AMAZING! Frothed up lovely even in milk.

I love that Red Leaf uses natural flavors!

I got back having paused in my review here and have made my almond matcha into a lovely Italian Cream Soda! DELICIOUS! I recommend trying nearly all of the matcha flavors this way.

My matcha was composed of Basic grade matcha powder and I got the Robust flavoring – this is one that you could easily go delicate and still have enough flavor. It is that strong and that good but I am glad I did get Robust just because that is what I generally prefer but next time I may just go a level lower because it does cover up a lot of the matcha base flavor and I enjoy that very much as well. I also always get the tin, even if I have to order them later I always end up going back and getting them. They are so handy and some of the best tins I have ever come across – I love that they screw on! Easy to clean as well for your next matcha flavor.

Here is where to get yours:


mmmm… almonds.. I don’t know if it can take the place of Butiki’s Almond Cookie but I will have to try this one. Maybe if I mixed it with cinnamon matcha…..


Mmmmmm now that sounds really YUMMY! :)


Awesome, I have been waiting for someone to try both the almond and the amaretto matchas. Any chance you could say a few more words about how they taste different from each other? Also, since I make fizzy water at home (and am addicted to fizz), this “Italian cream soda” idea is most intriguing. Would you be kind enough to share with us how you make this? Do you just add fizzy water to the prepared/whisked matcha concoction? Is there milk involved (the “cream” in cream soda)?

Thanks, Azz!


I don’t really measure very much but what I do is make my matcha with milk instead of water. Then I add more milk and creamer (sweet cream non dairy coffee creamer) over ice in a glass. Then I add a couple splashes of the sparkling water! Its sort of a “to taste” thing – depending on how many scoops of matcha I use. I like mine creamier than watery even using the sparkling water – I just add enough to give it the fizz.
Just play around with it – you really can’t mess it up unless you use far too much milk creamer or fizz that you can’t taste the matcha anymore. :)


Thanks for the hints. =)


My pleasure! :)

Donna A

Almost got this one, but instead I’m awaiting Macadamia Nut and Black Cherry. So next time I’m getting almond. Wonder how Almond Matcha would be in a chilled latte with almond milk or coconut milk?

Donna A

The way you described using a little sparkling water, just enough to give some fizz sounds great too.


It would be AMAZING however between this and Macadamia Nut – although a close call I would say you made the right choice! Both are amazing but macadamia nut is just mouthwatering!


Why thank you! It is good that way !

Donna A

Azzrian, I so far, I haven’t ordered a matcha without checking what you have to say first! I can’t afford to buy them all, and your reviews are very helpful!


Awweee thanks Donna! If you have any specific questions feel free to PM me! :)

Donna A

I forget about PM. Thanks!

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drank Chance Combinations by Custom
807 tasting notes

Combined Strawberry Matcha (its gone now unfortunately) and Champagne Matcha both from Red Leaf Tea of course.
This is magic.
Sweet, comforting, delicate, delicious, love on a stick.


This does sound amazing.

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drank Cinnamon Fig by Art of Tea
807 tasting notes

I got a sampler of this from Art of Tea – comes in a cute little tin which I love.
The tea is alright.
Between this and the one other I bought they both have a very similar flavor element to them that I am not quite fond of. It could be their black tea base or could be the base flavor of the flavorings they use but its just MEH to me.
Not bad, but kind of not making me want to finish the cup either.
Better things to move along to.
Sorry Art of Tea, maybe one day I will try some of your other teas that are not in a black tea base.
Passing this one on to my sororitea sister TeaEqualsBliss.

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drank Butterscotch by Art of Tea
807 tasting notes

This one is nagging me! It tastes like something VERY familiar yet I can’t place it and no its not butterscotch candies lol – its something else.
Aruggggg I will figure it out and update.
Well if you read the notes below the post I think I figured it out.
Regardless this one gets passed on to my sororitea sister LiberTEAS


I LOVE Art of Tea’s Butterscotch. One of my all time favorite.


Your review is why I got it :) I LOVE butterscotch anything – and this is good but I am still freaking out over what the heck this reminds me of!


Good Luck! Post when/if you figure it out :)


Well I think I know … but Im not positive. There were these candies back in the day lol Im 43 so this was when I was a small kid … they were like cheap lifesavers. They were round, but instead of a hole they had a little dent in the center. I usually ate the cherry flavored ones. Now this does not taste like cherry tea – but the candy itself had this BASE flavor that all of the candies had regardless of if you were eating cherry, or lime, or butterscotch etc….so it is the flavor of the candy base itself I think I am getting here.

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drank Boo-Berry Cotton Candy by 52teas
807 tasting notes

This one is going to need a little time for the flavors to mingle and meld but I can already tell that it is going to be a good one – the familiar notes of 52 Teas Cotton Candy black blend and of course those AMAZING PLUMP blueberries and SO many of them!
Full review on http://sororiteasisters.com/ on the 18th.


Oh, I am immensely jealous…

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A lovely sweet creamy cup for relaxing in the late afternoon or early evenings!
Reminded me of White Rabbit candies!! OH YUM!
First steep was my favorite but the third steep was like velvet it was so full and rich and creamy!
If you love milk oolongs try this!
Also had some peachy notes as well.
Full review at onhttp://sororiteasisters.com/ the 16th!


Ooooo….I might have to try this. I’m head over heels for milk oolongs!


It was really nice. :)

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drank Bolder Breakfast by The Tea Spot
807 tasting notes

This is really amazing! Thank you Terri Harp Lady for sending some my way!
I do not recall ever having anything from The Tea Spot before but I plan to check them out if they have a web presence!
Excellent chocolate flavor and the pu-erh is lovely as well. A very nice blend!!


Their Organic Chocolate “O” black tea is amazing. Probably my favorite chocolate flavored tea I’ve ever found because the base tea is really high quality. I also love their Meditative Mind if you like jasmine and rose.

Terri HarpLady

yep, Bolder breakfast is part of my breakfast tea rotation (all black teas that I take turns starting the day with) & I love their Meditative Mind as well! Their Puerh tuo chas are pretty good too. I drank the last of my Bolder Breakfast a few days ago & will have to place an order soon, which will include the chocolate O, cuz I’ve wanted to try that one for awhile.

Terri HarpLady



yes, the Chocolate “O” is the best chocolate tea that is available now. There was once a better chocolate tea. But, I don’t blend teas any longer. :)


:) Too bad for us too!
I have read great comments on the Chocolate O – I definately need to check them out soon!


I got a free sample of this when I went to the Rocky Mountain Tea Festival. I need to try it. :)

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drank Amaretto Cherry by Teaopia
807 tasting notes

Indigobloom Thank you for this sample!
I am loving it this morning as my wake up tea!
A really excellent cherry amaretto flavor and the cherry is well done – not medicinal!
I do wish it re-steeped a little better but on flavored tea I find the resteepability to only be around 50% regardless of what company the tea comes from so its not a shock or anything that it does not resteep too well.
The flavor in the resteep is there but very thin.
Regardless – one of the best cherry amaretto flavors I have come across and I do love cherry amaretto teas!
Thanks again indigobloom!


hehe yay to you liking it! :)


Yay to you sharing it! :)

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drank Peach Oolong by Art of Tea
807 tasting notes

Like most this one leaves me wanting more PEACH!
And for that matter more oolong would be nice too.
Its just too delicate of a tea for me but its not bad – just delicate – I am sure for some this is blissful perfection – but I want something a bit more edgy.


Good description—I’m not subtle enough to pick up on delicate anything :)

Hesper June

Hmmm, good to know.
I have been eying this for awhile, so now I know it might not be worth it.

Terri HarpLady

I always want more peach!

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I always love to try a good yellow tea.

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