807 Tasting Notes

drank Temi 1st Flush by Tea Horse
807 tasting notes

This is a good tea but not as good as the same tea from Rare Tea Republic.
I will stick with RTR but wanted to note that if you are planning an order from Tea Horse this is quite lovely.
It has a juicy bright mouthfeel and has some very subtle spicy notes. The predominant flavor is of hay that has been in the sunshine.
Full review on SororiTea Sisters on the 14th.

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Oh goodness this is delightful! Thank you LiberTeas for sending me a sample of this! I was so happy to find it today in the box you sent me!
You know I was wanting to try this and this is one I did not order. I think you may have said this was your favorite … anyway – it is delicious!
Its very sweet, fruity, yet grassy and even a little buttery at that!
It has a lovely palate cleansing note to it as well!
Full review on SororiTea Sisters on the 12th!
I did get three of the Vintage Tea Works teas ordered but this one will be ordered next month! YUMMY!

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I am finally getting around to trying this sample and WOW I was not expecting this especially from Verdant! It is SO sweet!
Its like a creamy sweet honey with lovely spices!
I can’t imagine adding milk and honey to it – I love my sweets but I would think that would be over kill – yet if I had more I would certainly give it a try!
This is a goodie!
Love the ginger in this blend!

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drank Pink Sonoma by Red Leaf Tea
807 tasting notes

Really quite delightful! I am backlogging as I had this last night.
At first I thought it was a little on the weak side but after it cooled some it was amazing.
There was the perfect light berry sweetness, and a somewhat floral note lingering in the background – but the star of this blend is the wine flavor which was stellar!
Yup this is another good one from Red Leaf Tea! They do have more than just matcha! :)

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drank Chance Combinations by Custom
807 tasting notes

Banana Mocha Match!
Eat your heart out Starbucks!
I don’t think I could have over paid for a better flavored matcha!
One scoop Banana matcha – one scoop Mocha Matcha – Milk, Ice, Sweet Cream Creamer. OMGOODNESS!


woa. that sounds like a crazy good milkshake.


Yes, that sounds yummy!


now that sounds amazing! Every time I read a review I say to myself… “that is the next one I need to buy” but then I read another review and… OI!!


Indigobloom: Right? Me too! =) I really want a banana hazelnut chocolate matcha milkshake. And a banana chocolate peanut butter one, too.


omg I want a honey matcha so I can make honey banana pb matcha!!!


too bad the term “nutella” is copyrighted!

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drank Sichuan Caravan by Verdant Tea
807 tasting notes

Loving this!
I do not like licorice but you don’t get licorice in this as you would eating licorice.
There is a leathery aspect, nicely balanced spices, lovely elderberry!
I am going to be doing a full review for SororiTea Sisters this evening.
Perfection thank you Verdant for always offering such complex and delightful blends!


mmm can’t wait for the full review!


Thank you it will be posted on the 10th :)

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I was worried this may be TOO pineapple-y but its not. It has just enough of the pineapple flavor to taste it but this mostly takes like CAKE. This is THE cakey-ist flavor I have ever tasted in any tea.
I will have to savor more of this to give a better review.
What I can say is that I love Della Terra’s flavorings, never cloying, never artificial.
This is very good!


Three steeps in – the sweet cake flavor is still strong!
Pineapple is gone now but I am loving this sugary sweet cake bake-y goodness!


Ordering some of this! yay sales and good tea :)


:) Indeed they do have awesome sales!


Pineapple upside down cake? YES!




No such thing as too pineapple-y! This sounds delicious!


Ooh, I love cake teas and hadn’t tried this because I was worried that it WOULDNT taste at all like cake. I might have to go order some now…

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drank Champagne Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
807 tasting notes

Wow well I am surprised.
I sort of held off reviewing this one as I thought for sure I would have to mix it with something like orange matcha for Mimosa or peach for a sweeter champagne flavor.
I love champagne so I don’t know why but I just expected this to be off somehow.
I should never have doubted Red Leaf Tea!!

This is extremely accurate to a good champagne flavor!

I mixed mine with a little warm water then added cold sparkling water for that champagne bubbly taste!


I tried it both with and without german rock sugar.

I liked it both ways!

This is going to be so much fun to mix with other flavors!

I will still do my mimosa as well as trying it with peach but the options are limitless!

I can’t believe I waited so long for this one and the other rating posted is a 100 as well so how can you go wrong unless you just hate champagne!

I can’t drink anymore due to health reasons and well I probably never should have been drinking to begin with but that is another story.

Oh and if you want your own go here:

Mine was order in basic grade matcha with robust flavoring! I always go Robust unless it is a citrus flavor then I go distinctive.


Glad you liked it! I tried the rum and I was … very disappointed :(


Yeah I was not sure about Rum – I used to enjoy rum but always had to add sweet stuff to enjoy it – although spiced rum was really good. I just think it would be far too intense for me.
This was light – especially adding the sparkling water to give it that sparkling champagne flavor! YUM!


My issue was that it doesn’t smell/taste anything like rum, it’s more like bubble gum. LOL. It’s not a bad taste, per se, but it’s not rum like I was hoping.


Thats odd! Sounds like you wanted it more intense haha and you got bubblegum rum haha. Is it sweet?
I don’t think I would like anything bubblegum flavored very much.


It’s… not bad. I don’t know I can’t really put my finger on the smell. Maybe it’s just too chemical-y. Or maybe I’ve had different rum. LOL.


hope you are not disallowed to drink tea for health reasons. i hope this happens to no one, but especially you love you matcha reviews just have not had the nerve to try it yet( bad experience with sencha has made me leery of greens).


Oh thank you I hope I never have to stop drinking tea!!
I am so sorry you had a bad experience with sencha! :(


Mrmopar, they have a very tasty black matcha base option. :)


wow, this one sounds fascinating! I’m putting it on my ‘shopping list’ :D thank you


:) most welcome!




Its a good one! :)

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drank Darjeeling Mim by Pekko Teas
807 tasting notes

A great big THANK YOU to Pekko Teas for this “sample” which turns out to be a two full ounces! Like WOW! Thank you so much!
Also to make it even sweeter – this is a solid tea!
Now I am not hat knowledgable on Darjeeling so I can’t pretend to know just how good this stacks against others of its caliber.
With that said – I am QUITE enjoying this tea and no not just because they sent me so much of it lol.
I have had free samples in mass amounts of other teas that were MEH and I would say so if I felt so of this one.
I can actually taste the muscatel in this tea, the base is great, and the mouthfeel is quite nice, almost creamy.
Its not AS robust as some black teas but yet it has its own nice level of somewhat roastiness in a way – and a slight bit of astringency not to be confused with bitterness – its like it is meant to be there – almost a little tart like a fresh grape.
Yup I will throughly enjoy this to the last drop all through the 2 ounces and then get more – a staple to have around!


Originally I thought this said Darjeeling Mint. LOL. But I do love darjeelings. I’ll have to check this out.


My samples are supposed to arrive one of these days, too. Hope I get this darjeeling. That would be suhweeet.

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drank Chance Combinations by Custom
807 tasting notes

Caramel Cheesecake Matcha – It was so good – wish I had enjoyed it more though I gulped it down in stupid speed! LOL
It was a huge glass gone in a flash!
Its not just the wonderful amazing flavors though its like I NEED matcha!
The energy is so pure and wonderful!
LOVE MATCHA!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why is this under “Chance Combinations”.. Also, can you be a little more enthusiastic in your tasting notes? It’s hard to tell what you thought of it. LOL.


ROFL!! Because I mixed it myself – I didn’t order it mixed. I will try to be a little more emotive though :)


Lol, as if the thousand exclamation points didn’t give it away. .. Is this a custom category you created?


No I didn’t create it – someone else did – its just for all those things that don’t fit elsewhere. Like when you throw two teas together for some reason – for the fun of it :)

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