I got a box of this as a gift and oh god it’s so terrible. I can barely manage to finish a cup in one go. I find it makes a decent base for chai if you have loose spices, but on its own, it’s much too harsh and bitter and just terrible. I finally finished the last cup of it today but I plan on never, ever touching this again. When I drank it today, I immediately realized why I’d tried to avoid it for so long. It tasted like the water was just too metallic— there is really not much of the characteristic “black tea” taste here, at all.

I did find it was a little better lukewarm than hot, but that’s not a sign of good tea, to me. This might make a decent iced but I don’t care to find out. The points here are that it is, eventually, drinkable, and that it’s not totally gross. Also that it might make decent iced tea. But really…other than that? It has absolutely nothing going for it.

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