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There are many ways to improve your cooking skills: reading great cookbooks, taking cooking classes and good old-fashioned practice in the kitchen are traditional methods. However, these days, online cooking recipe videos are another excellent resource for aspiring chefs. Here is how to get the most from the online healthy recipes and cooking videos you encounter.1. The Cake classified into five basic types – yeast cakes, cheesecakes, butter cakes, sponge cakes, and boxed cakes. Find out how to make these great cake recipes at http://everything-cake.com/
2. At http://milkdelight.com/ you will find almost all types of milk recipes prepared by using different types of milk whether condensed or low fat or kefir or coconut or soy!
3. There are many different ways of preparing fish. You will find out more of video tutorials at http://fishlogy.com/ People who like cooked fish have even more options with them. They can steam, fry, bake, grill, poach, and broil fish to enhance its flavor.
4. Have you ever been curious on how to make delicious soups? Now is the right time to make one just watch the videos and follow list of soup recipes at http://soupssimo.com/
5. Most people like to eat fresh peas with spearmint and butter. Pepper and salt added to make it taste good. Care to know more on how to make Peas Dishes, Recipes, and Varieties? Check out http://aboutpeas.com/
6. For banana lovers, here is a cool http://bananapedia.com/ site where you can watch different video recipes and you could simply apply them. Have fun!
7. There are limitless ways of cooking chicken. This site http://wikichicken.com/ shares a lot of chicken recipes and the most popular chicken dishes.
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12. For a staggering number of people, chocolate occupies a major part of their lives. They sleep chocolate, breathe chocolate, and talk chocolate and what not! This site http://chocolarious.com/ is dedicated to all such chocolaty people like you!!
13. Become aware of many useful products lemons can give; http://everythinglemon.com/
14. You cab be found a variety of salad recipes on the http://thesaladsite.com/ these sites inform about the types of salads, their recipes, and dressings.
15. As of today, a cocktail is a lovely drink that contains at least one type of spirit and at least one type of mixer (fruit juice or soda). More about cocktail at http://zcocktails.com/
16. The Corn is source of rich nutritional resource a thousand years ago. Check http://everything-corn.com/ for corn products and dishes plus corn video recipes!
17. Here is a collection of the best of the beef recipes ever. http://ibeefrecipes.com/
18. Pepper recipes are as abundant as there are types of peppers more info at http://pepperecipes.com/
19. http://allthemeat.com/ is where you can find great video recipes, meat dishes, methods of meat preparation etc.
20. http://lifestyle.gourmandia.com/ – you can discover a collection of recipe videos by michelin chefs and social network for gourmands.
21. http://blog.gourmetrecipe.com/ , http://blog.gourmandia.com/ – Blog on contest, cooking, health and life, heartbeat, nutrition, recipes, restaurants and travel
22. http://blog.xdestination.com/ – in this Blog you can get a vast of ideas on planning their vacation or next tour, if you are looking for popular, adventurous travel destination, festivals and cities worldwide.
23. http://heartbeat.gourmetrecipe.com/ – have a good Gourmets networking sharing Recipes, Food tips, and art of the table.
24. http://www.gourmetrecipe.com/ – Gourmet Recipe is the place to find the tastiest, healthiest gourmet recipes. Watch videos of great chefs preparing meals, find easy beginner dishes, and more.
25. http://www.xdestination.com/ – xDestination is the place to go before you travel. Watch videos of popular travel destinations around the world; find the best hotels and restaurants, and more.
26. http://foodiamond.com/ – Foodiamond is a website that caters to those who love to both eat and prepare fine food. Whether you are a novice cook or you know your way around the kitchen quite well, you are sure to find something that suits your tastes on Foodiamond.
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29. http://www.thestudentbiz.com/ – StudentBiz is your one stop resource for buying, selling, or exchanging textbooks and other goods directly on your own campus. Regardless of your year, faculty, or program we you are able to find someone from your own University to make an exchange with.
30. http://www.vu247.com/ – Whether you are at home or on the move to a familiar or unfamiliar destination, you will find everything you need to know aboutwhat’s happening in the world, right here, right now!… well, eventually. This is where you come in. Upload any of your events to vu247.com with ease and share your event(s) with the planet.
31. http://www.fondnessmedia.com/ – With more than ten million website visitors per month, Fondness Media provides a unique opportunity to the advertisers and publishers that would like to expand their reach in a targeted way. We combine the power of the internet and mobile communication.
32. http://heartbeat.gourmetrecipe.com/ – have a good Gourmets networking sharing Recipes, Food tips, and art of the table.
33. http://www.gourmandia.com/ – Gourmandia is a culinary website offering videos of world class Michelin rated chefs exhibiting their techniques. Also features documentaries on fine dining restaurant locations and cities, recipes, forum, and more.

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