I think I’m one of the few white chicks who doesn’t go absolutely bananas for pumpkin-spiced everything. So in the fall, I was surprised to find myself smelling the teas at David’s, and picking out this one. But holy tea bags, am I glad I did. This is an amazingly well-balanced tea. It isn’t too sweet even with the honeybush, maple crystals and cinnamon, it’s tastes like homemade pumpkin pie without all the sugar. It’s not too cinnamon-y, which is amazing because I’m not the biggest cinnamon fan. And it tastes like REAL pumpkin…. like you just hacked one open and baked it – a really good tribute to pumpkin as it should be done without all the sugar or spices.

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I love tea. I always had tea growing up, and now that I’m in my late 20’s and tea is trendy, I am loving it!
I love classic flavors – lemon, peppermint, orange, ginger, clove, etc, but I love when they get mixed up into something new and different.
I like most teas, but herbals, green (jasmine especially), black and white tend to be my favorites. I am getting into rooibos at the moment, which is a great adventure. Some tea still scared me to prepare myself, so I leave pu-reh and mate to the experts.
What I dislike in tea – artificial flavours, stevia (gives me headaches), lots of sugar or excessive sweeteners already added, and overly-spiced teas (ie – cinnamon mostly).

My tea ranking system:
1-20: Yuck. Not my thing
20-40: I could tolerate this if I had to.
40-60: Good, but I probably won’t buy it or drink it unless I have a craving.
60-80: Yummy, I would probably buy small portions of this as I can see me drinking it regularly.
80-100: Amazing! I would buy this by the bucket and be content drinking it lots! (It will earn a spot on my 100g tin wall).

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