The very beginning of the trail starts at Taft Tunnel (also known as St. Paul Pass). This tunnel takes you underneath the Montana border and is 1.7 miles long. It is a drippy, somewhat chilly tunnel that is also rather dark if you don’t have a lot of people lighting up the path with bike lights. Take care in riding, as one of our riders took a tumble on one of the rougher patches of the tunnel.

You also need to build a positive and growing net worth up to and into your retirement. That means that you need to build more assets than debt. Assets are not furniture or tools or neat stuff. Not every thing you own is considered an asset in the strictest terms. Assets are properties, cars, bonds, stocks and pensions. Assets that count as assets must be accessible for a sale or trade when needed but the most important concept is that they store and hold value in any economy. Debts are what you owe. Unlike assets, everything you owe is considered debt. It includes car loans, leases, mortgages, all credit cards and anything else you owe to anyone.

If a driver has had tickets in the past year or court convictions they could notice a jump in their premium. Some drivers will loose points when they get a certain kind of traffic ticket. If points were lost or a certain amount of tickets have been acquired, then the driver may find an increase in their insurance bill.

For me my motivation came when I decided to see how the camera saw me. I had my wife take pictures from all angles in my bathing suit. Next, browse around here posted these pictures on my mirrors, refrigerator and even in my truck. After a week went by, I became disgusted by the pictures. I stopped in to a health club and had them measure my body fat. They told me politely that I was 27 percent lard.

You can understand why I appreciate the Bible verse in Proverbs 11, which says, "A kind hearted woman will gain respect." I’m relieved, because I know I can’t get by on my good looks. I hope people find my heart more pleasing to behold than the rest of me.

After that, I began an exercise program that included diet, drinking more water, weight training, aerobics, monthly body composition measurements, keeping a log, and getting plenty of sleep.

But there’s a problem. The main suppliers of oil to feed the auto industry’s addiction keeps raising the price, and the supplies of oil are being depleted. There IS a bottom; an end. The world will eventually run out of oil.

OK, I see you. Does that mean I’m going to buy from you, or your business? Let’s talk about it some more. Internet businesses are now seeing the ‘buzz’ is happening in social media, and to get in front of the customers they are going to, and contributing to every social media platform available.

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