I just received a very diverse order from Yunnan Sourcing, my first from them. Pretty excited to slowly work through all of this tea!

The smell coming off of the dry leaves steaming in the preheated pot was just astounding. This tea is worth trying just to smell the toast with strawberry jam pouring off of these leaves.

First short steep (no rinse) was nuts and wheat — if there were Wheaties and Grape Nuts tags, I’d use them.

Second steep poured a MUCH darker brown, but still had a very translucent quality to it. Pumpernickel toast, with its distinct flavors of rye and ferment.

Cooked red fruits, and more of that weird delicious thing that pumpernickel does.

Next few steeps were very consistent: roast, wheat, twigs. Just a hint of watery (not creamy) cocoa, maybe. The wow factor was all upfront, but these last steeps remain delicious and bold.

Anyone else old enough to get this reference? “Talk amongst yourselves. Bittermelon… which is neither bitter, nor melon. Discuss.”

Flavors: Grain, Jam, Roast Nuts, Roasted, Rye, Stewed Fruits, Strawberry, Toast, Twigs

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