8 Tasting Notes

Although I have a few five to six ounce tea pots in my collection I typically prepare most of my Chinese green teas in my go-to pot, a beautiful Eilong pot with a fine mesh basket and a bold blue glaze and brown yixing clay trim.
I like to weigh my teas for accuracy. I use 4.8 to 5 grams of tea and four ounces of water in every brew. I typically brew most of my green teas, including Dragon Well at 180°.
Steeping times, for the most part, are a matter of preference. I always tell people they need to get to know their teas. My steeping times are approximately 15 seconds the first brew, 45 seconds the second brew and 1 minute 45 seconds the third brew. I’ve had a lot of success brewing a forth steeping at approximately 3 minutes. However, this really depends on the quality of tea and if I don’t over brew any of the first steepings.
When I’m not preparing my tea the Gung Fu way I put 7.5 grams of tea in a tea filter and steep in 12 ounces of water for two minutes; at 180° of course. For Dragon Well, I wring the tea bag out pretty thoroughly into my cup.
So, using my Eilong pot or one of my other six-ounce pots, and preparing by way of Gung Fu method I use far less tea leaves but yield the same or more liquor.

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