4 Tasting Notes

drank Read My Lips by DAVIDsTEA
4 tasting notes

It’s a good mint tea.
But I prefer “santa’s little helper” by davids’s tea over this,
which was a limited edition christmas tea.

I feel like they taste very similar, and because I feel like the chocolate in RML
bothers my stomach when I drink too much of it, I’d rather drink santa’s little helper.

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drank Tropicalia by DAVIDsTEA
4 tasting notes

I can’t say anything bad about this tea;
it’s sweet, pineapply, coconuty, not too artificial
The after taste is smooth and velvety.

But I don’t like it nor crave for it as much as all the raves.
That may be because I don’t like pina colada. Period.
If you are like me and am curious about the tea, I would recommend you to try,
Good, but not my cup of tea.

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drank Birthday Cake by DAVIDsTEA
4 tasting notes

I love this tea sooo much!
I have tried Red velvet cake by DT as well, but Birthday Cake is much better in my opinion!!
When I first got this tea, I drank several cups everyday,
that I finished the 50g of tea within a week

Strong sweet rooibos smell which I personally love
While i was enjoying my cuppa, some people around me found it unpleasant

I won’t say it tastes just like birthday cake.
It’s sweet, and lovely as a dessert tea to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Oversteeped, it still tastes awesome! You can leave it in your tumbler and not worry about it getting bitter.

I would recommand this tea to anyone who likes Rooibos tea,
and if you are looking for a sweet dessert tea.
I will always have this in my tea stash!!

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drank Honeydew Mate by DAVIDsTEA
4 tasting notes

I really wanted to try a mate tea, and I love honeydew
so I gave this a try as soon as the new spring collection came out
(along with Pom Tango)

Dry, this smells just like honeydew.
when steeped, it becomes an artificial taste like a honeydew bubble gum

It was nothing like I’ve ever tasted before..Definately different.
It’s not sweet enough, and felt like I’m drinking chewed up honeydew bubble gum.
Has a distant taste, (if that makes sense.)
Something I wouldn’t mind drinking, but probably would not have a craving for it.

I enjoyed Pom Tango much more than this tea.
I do not have a sophisticated tastebud for teas yet..so don’t rely on this review too much.
Plus, tea preference is really personal right?

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