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Wah? It’s St. Andrews Day, (Patron Saint of Scotland) and if you’re a Scot like me you’re supposed to be wearing plaid all day (which I’ve been doing!).

Last night was a Japanese Green Tea class at Happy Lucky’s taught by capable Joe. It was great! However….the amount of Green Tea I drank at 8PM kept me up until 1AM!
One of the tea’s we drank was a method of brewing Gyokuro called Shinobi-cha. (Putting the tea leaves over ice to extract the pure amino acids and flavor) Delicious and potent! http://youtu.be/4UEZcq1qVtw

So, I was up late and had to wake up early for the Blessing of the Tartan’s (Plaids) at St. Spyridon’s.
Of course, I was decked out in my Johnstone plaid and had my mothers Cameron plaid for my granddaughter to wear. I also had Earl Grey shortbread, oatmeal cookies and all my tea fixings for after the service to celebrate!

When you step into a Greek Orthodox Church, it’s supposed to say to you ‘Heaven and Earth are not separated’.
Look around…there are pictures of hero’s like Elijah, John the Baptist and Angels like Gabriel.

After the Blessing was over, I made Black Pearl Tea for all that wanted to have some.
It seemed right to have real, brewed tea today. I’ve been purchasing these pearls from Happy Luckys since the discovery that they taste just like the favorite brand I used to buy directly from China.

One lady sat down for some tea and told me how she was served tea in England at the British Embassy by Mr. Twinings himself!
Then, Fr. Evan came over and had some tea straight up before heading off to a meeting.
(I’m out to convert my Church to real deal tea one person at a time!)
My granddaughter and I had ours with cream and Butiki’s raw sugar crystals.

This was a luscious, rich and malty, cocoa tea without astringency.
Such a perfect tea with scones, shortbread and pasties.
Yes, someone made pasties (small pies) with potato, peas and mushroom broth.
Sipping tea, I was able to share some of the old family stories from Scotland, which is what a Grandmother is supposed to do.

You may think this is all a bit corny. I make no apologies because I am corny and becoming more so!

Good tea though with good company on a grand occasion!

http://youtu.be/PSH0eRKq1lE Scotland The Brave!


Sounds like a great day!

Invader Zim

Yay plaid! I’m wearing my favorite plaid flannel shirt today too! It sounds like you had a great day today!


Brewing it over ice is a really interesting idea, I wonder if it would work with some others types of tea?


That sounds like such a fun class. Wish I lived in Colorado and could go :(

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Yesterday, I had to run by Happy Lucky’s in the afternoon to sign up for two tea classes. One, for that evening (Gonfu Tea Ceremony with Eric) and tonight will be a Japanese Green Tea class with Joe.

I don’t step over the doorway without having a cuppa myself…so I ordered a pot of Irish Breakfast Tea and some dry leaf to take home.

Irish Breakfast gets you going when you have errands to run. I had to go to Whole Foods and read labels, traversing through the isles under fluorescent lights that make me woozy. Give Me Strong Tea!

Granddaughter Schey came to the class last night which was fun for me. Everyone had a chance to use a Yixing and Gaiwan to pour both Oolong and Pu’er for the small group. Eric is a Scientist and teacher which makes him interesting.

This morning, I took the Irish Breakfast Tea that I had purchased and made a pot to linger over while watching the morning news.

This is one of the best things about being retired.

If it’s too cold outside, I’m warm and comfy inside with my fresh pot of tea on a tray. I have a lovely, large quilted-dome tea cozy from April Cornell that keeps my pot of tea hot between pourings.
(I always have cream and sweetening on the tray just in case I want to add some.)

Ahhh. Dark, strong….strong….Irish tea!

This isn’t one of those wimpy Irish wanna-be tea’s. Without being astringent or dry, this delivers a warming cup that’s what you’d want in a thermos out on the peat fields when the wind has kicked up and a drizzle is beginning to threaten with a damp shiver.

I like my tea with milk.

Drinking one mug, two…then three was easy.
The whole pot gone in no time.

Sometimes I wonder what has happened to the tea in my pot. It seems to disappear without me drinking it.

No matter. It’s delicious!

I set a plan with my new tea energy to put up my Christmas Tree today.
Tonight is another Tea Class and Tomorrow is St. Andrews Day,
the Patron Saint of Scotland. All Scots are supposed to wear Plaid

Here’s another bit of news I found out…

Looks like my daughter and son-in-law are going to adopt BOTH of the 2 year old Foster boys they have. The boys are 6 days apart in age.
I couldn’t be more pleased!!! One has special needs (Williams syndrome) so I’m happy he’ll be in such a loving family of 5 boys and 3 girls!

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drank Read My Lips by DAVIDsTEA
676 tasting notes

In another Universe a long time ago, this was to me, one of the finest tea’s ever. Really.
I was new to loose leaf tea and waited impatiently for my packages of flavored tea’s from Canada to arrive. Oh, they were so yummy good!
Oh Canada, Chocolate Orange Puerh, and Read My Lips! Slurp!

As the months passed, I tasted tea’s from Teavivre, then Butiki and Verdant, and so many other tea companies that opened my mind to the realization that the Tea ‘World’ wasn’t FLAT like a tea bag, but FULL of FLAVOR without being chemically ‘flavored’. My ‘World’ was set free, expanded and became ROUND!

I had a little bit of Read My Lips left in a tin and went back to taste it. What would I think?

Remembering my first love of the peppermint scent, I smiled. It was still as I remembered…almost like candy canes in the snow. Cool, with a chocolaty smell that is a vision of peppermint bark frosted with dark chocolate. Oh I hope my daughter makes some of this candy this year!

I took a sip of tea and the memory was ‘Oh yes, I am back at the beginning of my tea journey’, but the taste was…‘Oh dear, I don’t think I can finish this sour, over-flavored artificially spiked tea!"

Where was the tea? “Yoo Hoo, tea? Where are you?”, I wanted to yell into my cup.

Memories are often like this.

My first trip to Disneyland in 1955 at age 7, and later in High School were completely different experiences. Had Disneyland SHRUNK?
Of course not. I had changed.

Looking back, I had a great time with this tea.

I can’t say BLECH…I have to say…HUM.


Could also be that the tea has aged?


where was the tea ? I laughed reading this…this is exactly what I think each time I had a DT …yelling where are you ? …it never answered me !
I am still at the beginning of mt tea journey and drink mostly flavored teas but I have to recognize there are flavours and flavours…and some brands respect the tea base and some not always.unfortunately.


Don’t know I-bloom, don’t think it’s old enough and it wasn’t contaminated by other tea’s etc. either (I’m really careful because I’m very taste sensitive…smells too…the fibromyalgia heightens both). It just doesn’t taste as good to me. Too flavored and the aftertaste becomes SOUR!


I’ve noticed I’ve felt this way about jasmine flavored things. In the beginning of my tea journey I loved them a lot, but now I feel like they almost overpower the tea :(


darn, I was hoping that we could salvage David’s. So sad too bad!


Well Davids has less flavored tea’s and natural tea’s and unflavored tea’s too!


I never had their unflavoured ones but need to try, absolutely.


Read My Lips is a staple for me right now but it serves more as an over-glorified, powerful hot chocolate mix than anything else. I can see where you would get “sour” too. I wish David’s Tea would embrace subtlety and “tea-ness” but I guess that’s not what they’re about.

Terri HarpLady

Your comments about disney cracked me up! Growing up in San Diego, we made the pilgrimage to disney every year (sometimes more, sometimes less…carosel of progress & pirates of the Caribean were always my fav rides). So jump ahead 30 years in the future when me and my kids went to FLorida to visit my folks. We went to Disney, and I was so excited…and it was SO lame. The rides WERE shorter, and my kids were bored. Bummer.


I remember going into Space Mountain and laughing till I cried because the planets looked like giant cookies.


space mountain!! that was my fave ride when I went! the big drop into the darkness, omg that was amazing.
and the cookie planets :P

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drank Matcha by Happy Lucky's Tea House
676 tasting notes

I went to the IRS today. (That should have made even the most cheerful among you shudder!)

There were taxes from my divorce that I didn’t know would be coming and I’ve been trying to figure out what to do. One thing I’ve learned over the past few months is that I need someone to help me organize parts of my life. I don’t understand paperwork so I’ve got myself into a little (or big) tax mess.

Imagine being very competent mentally but waking up one day unable to understand what you’re reading. Like dyslexia. Information is scrambled and makes no sense. This is what’s been happening to me. I can understand if you show me how to do things, but not paperwork and sometimes I go blank on questions. (I don’t have dymentia, thankfully (I was tested for that).)

Anyway, I went to the IRS in the middle of a brain fog with some papers they asked me for. I was handed papers and asked questions and I just couldn’t understand anything. I told the person, “I have no idea what this means, it could be in a foreign language, I can’t explain anything, I don’t know what to say.”
I got a look and comment…“You need someone to help you.” “I’m not supposed to do this but go to the Senior Center and find help.”


I left and made a ‘B’ line for Happy Lucky’s Tea House.
I looked 3 shades of pale puke…feeling sick and hurting all over from fybromyalgia (which has been a bear the past month!).

Andy (TEA GURU!) took one look at me and said…“Whatcha drinking Ms. Bonnie?”…then he said…“How about a Chocolate Matcha?!”

“Oh YES please!”

I sat at the bar watching the foaming and frothing, stirring in the specialty cocoa…A-n-t-i-c-p-a-t-i-o-n!

Finally a big mug of fluff was set in front of me with a tall tumbler of ice water next to it (thoughtful). Fireworks!

This was thick, thick, thick cocoa Matcha, so creamy and warm with an interesting, almost savory then sweet complex flavor. The foam was playful and wonderful like a puffy sigh of relief.

It didn’t take long for the caffeine and green tea L-theanine to work on my pain and foggy brain.
I’ve noticed for some time that tea helps me feel better. I don’t know how, and it’s not a tea high or anything…but my pain isn’t as bad when I drink certain tea’s, especially Pu-erh and Matcha. This is good! It might not be this way for everyone, but it works for me.

While tea doesn’t cure all my problems, it has given me a way to help with my physical discomfort without resorting to narcotics for pain.

By the time I finished my fine mug of chocolate Matcha, I was feeling so much better and the taste was fantastic!

Why would I post all this here on Steepster. Seems kind of private and personal and inappropriate doesn’t it.
It is personal. And real.
I want you to know that this part of Elder life is joyful, funny, and has challenges just like being young.

“Stand at the brink of despair, and when you see that you cannot bear it anymore, draw back a little, and have a cup of tea.”
― Elder Sophrony of Essex (A Monastery in England)

Tea makes everything better.


Well, gosh. If you can’t be personal and private on the internet, where can you! ;) Personally, I think it’s interesting. Is there some natural remedy in your tea? Or do you just love tea so dang much that you get a useful placebo effect from drinking it? Either way, it’s nice. And I hope you feel better.


Good for you for realizing you need help and having the courage to seek it out! Divorce is such a major life change (I’ve been there) that it can mess with your brain no matter what age you are. I hope everything works out ok with your taxes. Next time you have to go there take a big tumbler of tea with you!

Hesper June

I am so glad you found some comfort. I hope everything works out with the taxes soon.
I like the quote you shared, I had not heard that one before.


It might just might be neurological… (I’m NOT a doctor) but I’ve heard there are some conditions that could cause an information mix up. Of course I know nothing but it might be something to ask your doctor about. I’m glad you had a good tea to bring you out of that mess :D


The tea does help me a great deal! It hits the brain where the pain signals come from. Since fibromyalgia and migraines come from the brain, it makes sense that if the brain
is calmed with tea or L-theanine from good tea…that the pain would be calmed also. (a side effect of fibromyalgia is brain fog and depression, there isn’t a cure for this disease).


Hope you feel better soon Bonnie. <3

Thomas Edward(Toad)

I hope you feel better too, Praying :)


Thanks guys…hey, I just need to drink more tea. More tea, More tea, More tea!


that’s awesome that something you love makes you feel better, and that it’s healthy! :)
yay for Bonnie!! and I love your stories xx


Not inappropriate at all. Thanks for sharing the different parts of your life with us, Bonnie. I hope the symptoms that cause discomfort and pain calm down for you soon. [hugs]

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drank Sunrise Sensation by sTEAp Shoppe
676 tasting notes

I’m not a Cyber-toothed -tiger! (Cyber Monday in the U.S.A.!)

I’ve been in my pink polka-dot jammiesALL DAY’ because I don’t feel well. Over these jammies, I’ve wrapped myself in a red plaid shawl …and I have red fuzzy socks on my feet. When My body aches I drink tea, go to sleep…drink tea…come here and ’I’m Thankful’ that ya’ll can’t see me!

I can’t afford all the sales that are out there today, sorry to say. Maybe next year I’ll be ready for them. We’ll see. I still have lots of tea to drink in my cupboard and some samples from sTEAp Shoppe to review!

This little tea had a curious combo of ingredients. I couldn’t imagine the tea taste. Sometimes, I have an idea of what I’m about to taste. The ones I can’t imagine can be a disaster if the ingredients are weird.
None of the ingredients in this tea were unknown to me, just never imagined together in a tea. Especially curious to me was the Lingonberry which is sweet/tarte little seed-like berries mixed with Black Tea.

Brew Time:
I set the brew time as suggested (2 minutes). My later comment to Janet at sTEAp Shoppe was that I liked a little longer steep (2.5 to 3 minutes) and a 3 minute second steep worked well also.

I didn’t expect this tea to taste fantastic. Lack of respect on my part. I should know better!

At first, before the fruit flavors developed in the black tea, it tasted like yummy Black Tea with Vanilla.
Then, with a little longer steeping…the Honey flavor developed and a little Lingonberry, which was so light, popped up in the background.

Goodness…this tea was so full of rich, layered flavors that it caught me off guard.

Even though there are Maple Sugar Crystals in the tea, you don’t taste Maple. What you taste is Vanilla Honey woven with a Caramel Trio of Black Tea’s and a subtle hint of Lingonberry (like Jam).

This was like having a European layered pastry. A waffle!

So, good. FYI, BTW …(I sweetened my dessert waffle tea!)


hope you’ll get better soon Bonnie – I am wrapped in a red fleece plaid every evening …you’ll lend me your red socks one day :)


But Ysaurella, your red fleece plaid is in France which makes it ‘haute couture’ and mine is in the U.S. and is ‘haute Macy’s’!


it is a Spanish one from casa shop ;)


Oh Bonnie, what a vision you must be :-) One can only feel better wearing pink polka-dot jammies!


Unless it’s KS or Mrmopar or Roughage…but one can never tell.


Oh, never underestimate men’s secret wishes!!


LOL! Loving this banter!


MAN UP! WHICH ONE HAS PINK POLKA DOT JAMMIES! (You know this is the end of sample/swaps from these guys!)


(Hush, Hush, they don’t know we know about their little secret…)


Haha I got a pair of fuzzy red slippers…story later..bonnie you will get a kick from this story!


Knew it!


Feel better soon Bonnie!!


Sanks u bloomer!


Yousa most welcome! (JarJar Binks anyone?


Aww, I hope you’re feeling better already, Bonnie! No pink polka-dots here, but I love animated characters and especially anything Cookie Monster (as some of you may already know). Currently I’m wearing my Grinch pyjamas and listening to holiday music. =)


How did you get the text to change colours in this note?


There’s a page somewhere that explains lots of tricks. Can’t remember.


heather – it was on the first page or so of the discussion threads if you still haven’t found it…

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drank Orange Spice Cake by sTEAp Shoppe
676 tasting notes

I’ve really overdone the eating. BINGE! So good though. The last thing I ate last night was two pieces of cake that I made…

I baked a yellow layer cake in a springform pan and let it cool. Then I made a simple syrup, and infused some Earl of Anxi tea (with the frankincense in it but use any tea you want) in the syrup. I poked holes in the top of the cake and spooned the syrup on letting it soak in. (Put cake in freezer) Later, split the cake in layers and frost with whipped cream on the layers and top. Good!

This morning, I don’t want to eat anything at all!!! No rich food, no bread, cake, pie…nothing! I’m DONE! FULL!

The choice of tea was easy. Janet (the owner of sTEAp Shoppe) and I had chatted about the tasting we had all participated in some weeks ago, and continued tea discussions back and forth. She sent a sample of her Updated Orange Spice Cake tea for me to try.

This sounded like the right tea for this morning.

I have to be honest. The initial tea’s that I tasted from sTEAp Shoppe were too bland for me. I was not expecting this tea to be leaps and bounds, over-the-top better.


THIS IS REALLY GOOD TEA! It’s not bland or weak tasting at all! It’s spicy, has a cake taste and ‘drumroll’, no bitterness even when it gets cold!!! You suprised me Janet!

When I saw the bits of tangerine and orange peel I was wary. Usually this means the tea is going to be sour or bitter at some point. I’ve been so conditioned by tea companies getting it wrong that I do a little dance inside when someone gets it right.

I didn’t put any milk in my tea because of the citrus and even though I sweetened my cup(yum), it was tasty unsweetened.

If you tried the first batch of Orange Spice Cake and went…eh
try it again. This is really good.


Ish they shipped to Canada…some of these that you’ve been trying lately sound really good.


Yay! I am so eager to try this one. Glad to hear that Janet’s blends have improved so dramatically!


Nik… you know you’re going to place an order..and then swap with us..right? right! lol


So, Nik is your Canadian dealer?!


Bonnie lol I’m open to all dealers! ;) Nik and I just have a planned swap for January after all the Christmas magic is over to keep things happy with the mailbox :)


Great idea! I think it’s easier to send from here to Canada and visa versa than to buy from vendors directly sometimes.
Although, it seems that Canadians pay more shipping usually from what I hear. Even Davids Tea was only $5 to Colorado which was great (but took a long time).


Sil, sounds good! Maybe instead of shipping it, I can just bring it with me to the Toronto Tea Festival. :D Let’s see how things go and check in with each other in January.


Bonnie – yeah we do. If you understand the post office you can be smart about how to get things to the us and other countries without paying an arm and a leg but you have to understand their silly rules. :)

Either way it gives me hope to see you liking this companies teas more now. We seem to have similar thoughts with a number of companies. Someday ill get down to visit your lucky tea house :)


If anyone ever comes this way let me know and I’ll set up a tea tour, beer tour, scenic tour…easy to do with tips to save money. This isn’t an expensive State! Nothing is far away which makes it simple. Fall is beautiful! July is the Tea Festival in Boulder over a weekend.


Wanted to let you know we will start shipping to Canada by the end of the day.


Nice! that sounds fantastic! As soon as I have a bit of extra cash I will totally need to check that out :)

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drank Chocolate Chai by sTEAp Shoppe
676 tasting notes

500th Review…Woo Hoo! Tooting My Own Horn!

In less than a year I’ve consumed a great deal of fantastic tea! There was a little barfy tea in the mix now and then, especially in the beginning when I didn’t really know what I was doing.
Even now I screw up.
Oh go on…don’t tell me that you never make tea and forget about it?
“OH NO”…you shriek…“It’s the good stuff!” Proceeding to add water or sugar and milk to dilute your tea enough to still drink it. You WILL drink the tea if it KILLS you.

Selection of a tea for ‘Review 500’ has been difficult.
What tea would I pick? My favorite? A tea I’ve been saving for a special occasion?
Sigh…and more sigh’s.

I had just received a reblend sample of the Chocolate Chai from sTEApShoppe to try this week.
You may remember that many of us on Steepster participated in taste tests for sTEApShoppe on two Sunday afternoons, the last of which was in October.
Janet (the owner) kindly sent out samples of several tea’s and then we reviewed them at a set time here on Steepster letting her know what we thought of the tea.

But what happened after that?

Janet has been busy. She listened to what everyone had to say and has made some changes. This Chocolate Chai is one of the tea’s that I wasn’t too excited about originally. I think it’s way better
now though!

The new formulation has been warmed with fennel and the licorice has been removed. There’s lots of cocoa nib, some maple sugar and a mix of spices that gives a good bite to the Chai.
I’m not a person who would drink a Chai without adding milk because Chai is a strong brew. Milk was wonderful in this tea as expected, but the best thing was adding a little honey. OH YUM! Now that was the bomb!

Today being Thanksgiving Eve…my home is filled with the scent of yams and apples that I’ve been roasting…brown sugar and Vietnamese cinnamon. My house smells good!
Chocolate Chai with Milk and Honey…what more could I want?!

If you tasted the previous version of Chocolate Chai and said meh…give the new one a try. It’s not for the faint of heart though. This is real deal spicy Chai!
Ginger, Clove, Black Pepper, Cardamon, Cocoa nibs, Fennel, Nutmeg,
Two types of tea, Maple Sugar…oh…and all ORGANIC. (Well you know how Janet is about ORGANIC!)

I picked Janet’s tea because she’s the ‘Little Engine That Could’
and get’s that award from me. It’s not easy to kickstart a tea company by yourself.

Thank you to everyone for helping me get to review 500, for following me for selecting the like heart and making comments
that have made me feel as though I matter. You’ve kept me from true loneliness many times!

Invader Zim

Congrats on 500 Bonnie! Keep it up, I love reading your reviews and the stories you share!


Yum Bonnie! Congrats – toot toot! :D


Congratulations on the 500th review!


Congratulations Bonnie on 500 reviews! I’m looking forward to reading 500 more. :)


Happy 500!


Way to go Bonnie! 500 fantastic reviews from you!


Happy 500!!!


Wow!!! 500! Congrats! Time has flown!


Happy 500 and Happy Thanksgiving!


way to go we look forward to the next 500!!! keep going!!


Happy Thanksgiving and Congratulations on 500! I look forward to reading all the delicious recipes and wonderful stories yet to come. :)


Yay, Bonnie! Here’s (at least!) 500 more!

Hesper June

Happy 500!!! And I hope you have beautiful Thanksgiving with your family.


Happy 500! and I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!!


Happy Thanksgiving back and thank you all for the kind wishes!


Wow…I see that my daughter Annalisa hit the ‘like’ button…
thanks daughter!

Londo Mollari

Wow, congrats! 500 reviews in less than a year? I wouldn’t have time to …err … well, tea goes in… Seriously though, congratulations and thank you. I always enjoy your stories and descriptions.


Congratulations, Bonnie. =) Thank you for all that you share with us. It sounds like this blend is much improved and I can’t wait to try it.


500 reviews! Here is to the next 500 :)

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Here’s another teaser intro to a quick Holiday Pumpkin Chai Soup recipe on my blog that’s so easy www.teaandincense.com enjoy!

The best treats are sometimes the ones we create by accident when we’re craving a certain flavor but there’s nothing in the cupboard or frig to satisfy the urge.

A few weeks ago, on the only snowy Saturday morning we’ve had this warm Autumn, I was craving Pumpkin Chai.
I didn’t have any on hand. I had some boxed Organic Pumpkin Squash Soup in the cupboard and a bottle of Third Street Chai in the frig.

Take a look!

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This is a snippet from a recipe on my blog www.teaandincense.com where you can see the photo also of the pudding infused with this tea!

My grandsons like to have little treats when they come to visit. Since I have three official grandsons, one in the adoption process and a foster toddler, my five loud and rambunctious young fellows enjoy sitting at my round table to eat pudding tea shots. (Tea always follows)

I began collecting plastic shot glasses from my local Safeway over a year ago. The bakery was making small bite sized desserts, then filling the shot cups with them. Every time I shopped at Safeway, I bought a treat for myself, washed out the cup and put it away until I had enough cups for all 8 Grand-kids.
I make mini jello jigglers, mini parfaits, mini trail mix cups and so on.

One day I had an idea to flavor regular pudding with tea. Why not?

As you can see in my picture, I had lemon pudding mix which was easy to infuse with tea by heating milk then using any kind of tea I wanted. In this case, I strained the tea leaves and let the milk chill…then made the pudding, pouring it in my little shot glasses to set.

You can use tea’s like Cream of Earl Grey (which I used here) or Bergamot Rose, Chai (nice in Vanilla or Chocolate Pudding)
or whatever you can dream up. Toppings make it look more attractive when I have some on hand (which I didn’t this day).

Love my bundle of boys!….read the rest on my blog…


Nice blog, Bonnie! I also like that picture of you. :))


Thanks Amy. I’ve been learning how to use my camera which isn’t always great taking pictures of food and tea. I always took outdoor shots before when traveling. Happy Thanksgiving Amy!


you too – have a great one!


That sounds delicious!


I’ve never read any tea recipe books or anything, I just play around with tea and come up with simple things in my kitchen that are easy mostly.

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When I walked in the door of my favorite tea pub today, the first person I saw was Andy, all tan and refreshed looking…back from Cambodia and a long honeymoon!
He was wrapped with Christmas lights, tasked with decorating the shop for the Holiday’s. All the other servers were bustling about with an influx of tea patrons that had just about used up all the available teapots and tables.
I sat on my usual bar stool, waiting and watching. They all know that I don’t mind waiting when it’s busy.
Besides, I enjoy the show.

Today I came to see George (the H.L. owner). I was there to drop off two tea and spice rubs that I created with tea from Happy Lucky’s and some seasonings from Savory Spice Shop.

Eventually, the crowd in the shop thinned out and I was able to order a tea that I wanted to take to my daughter’s house for Thanksgiving Day. I already knew that Vanilla Black was pretty popular with flavored tea drinkers at Happy Lucky’s, so I gave it a try.

Joe had blended the tea with natural vanilla. This makes a big difference in the taste, and I remembered how we had discussed how even natural flavors are tricky. You have to add just the right amount of vanilla especially and not overdo it.

The base Black Tea wasn’t malty, but was a straightforward Black Tea. (I wish it was malty. This is a matter of my own taste though.) It had a full vanilla flavor. The vanilla wasn’t bitter and softened the stiffness of the Black Tea.

Without milk but sweetened, the tea was a bit brisk but good enough.
When I added some cream, I liked the tea better, creamier.

I’m sure my daughter and granddaughters will enjoy this tea on
Thanksgiving with the other tea’s I bring to share. Vanilla is, after all, comforting and enjoyed by most people.


mmm this sounds tasty!

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Colorado Grandma

Grandmother to 3 teenaged girls and 5 young boys. (we all drink tea!) I began teatime in the Summer over 30 years ago when my children were little. We took a break from play for tea and snacks every day. My children loved tea time.
There are several tea houses close to my home and a Tea Festival in Boulder. Fort Collins is a bit of a foodie town. We brew lots of Beer (Fat Tire is one brand) and have several Spice Shops (Savory was one featured on Food Network).
Colorado State University is a mile from my home and the Rocky Mountains begin to climb at the end of my street. The climate is semi-arid with LOTS OF SUN AT 5000 feet. (Heavy Winter snows start in higher elevations). Living my whole life in Northern California (Silicon Valley) I have to admit that I LOVE IT HERE!!!
I attend a wonderful Greek Orthodox Church and enjoy cooking ethnic foods (all kinds). I am disabled with Migraines and Fibromyalgia.
My family is Bi-racial (African-American, Scots) and Bi-cultural, (Peru, Cyprus, France, Mexico, Native American)
I’ve worked at a Winery, was a System Analyst, in telecom, been an Athlete and Coach, Artist, Vista Volunteer. Love healthy cooking (and delicious food!). Love to travel and have been to Italy, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Peru, Croatia, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska


Fort Collins,Colorado

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