676 Tasting Notes


Like so many of my fellow Steepsters in the USA, this Monday will be spent scampering off to the grocery store for Thanksgiving Dinner ingredients.
My daughter called this morning to inform me that the body count for dinner at her home will be 20 people, 10 children and 10 over the age of 15. Oh my! I’m so glad she has a big house and an acre out back for the 6 non-infant boys to run around and play on a beautiful warm Autumn day. It will be warm here!

As the only Elder, I am required to bring the food memories my daughter can’t live without. Fortunately, that’s easy. She makes my mom’s turkey stuffing and has the antique gravy boat. I create her favorite yam, apple and pecan casserole layered like a lasagna with butter, maple, brown sugar and spice.
This year I’m making the kids ice cream pies. Pumpkin and candy cane peppermint pies for fun. And tea of course.
(I’ll save my prize winning Apple Pie for Christmas when we’re just family and have RIBS!)

Off shopping I must go! But first, TEA! Dessert tea puts me in a good mood. (All tea puts me in a good mood most of the time!)

I made a small pot of Chocolate Covered Strawberry tea, looking forward to several sweet cups.
Right off, this isn’t a tea that I would drink without adding sugar or sweetener. Some dessert tea’s you can omit sweetening, but not this one. The strawberry flavor is released when sweetened and is the dominant flavor in the tea.
I found the taste sour from the artificial flavoring so I added some cream to soften the tea and make it creamy. This helped.

Another thing that I have trouble with is the chocolate. The strawberry flavor is strong and the chocolate is hardly there at all. (I’ve had trouble tasting the chocolate flavor in all the Della Terra Chocolate Tea’s though, maybe the artificial flavoring and my taste buds are at odds with each other)

This isn’t an awful tea, don’t get me wrong. It’s more of a strawberry tea in my opinion.

I think some of the other tea’s I’ve tried have been more successful.

Off to shop!


Woh! Full house, that will create an ambiance, that’s for sure!
Didn’t care much for that tea either, although I think Della Terra makes pretty decent flavoured teas (from most of the ones I’ve tried so far at least…)


Everyone, there’s a PAR-TAY at Bonnie’s!!


I need to go to the grocery store today but I’m a little afraid of what I will find there, lol


Better going to shop today than Wednesday!!!


Yes, very true!

Invader Zim

My Grandmother makes a similar baked yams, only hers is peaches and cashews instead of apples and pecans. It’s so delicious, I eat more of that than the turkey!


Wow, peaches?!


yam, apple and pecan casserole layered like a lasagna with butter, maple, brown sugar and spice …that sounds like the best thing ever!

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Thank you mrmopar for this mini Pu-erh Tuo cha!

There was an old woman who made a China Lapsang Souchong, smoked pepper, Urfa Chili meat rub (one plain and one with brown sugar)…

then made a Earl of Anxi infused simple syrup which was ladled over a warm golden yellow cake…

followed by lemon pudding infused with cream of Earl Grey, poured and set in shot glasses… chilled…

ending with a viewing of Pixar’s, ‘BRAVE’ while sipping infusions of
sweet, smooth ripe cassia Pu-erh. (I’m like ‘The Old Woman Who Lived In The Shoe’ however, instead of too many children… I have too much tea I don’t know what to do!)

Layers of tea to cook and bake with, then a relaxing Shu Pu-erh to watch the animated Scot’s Princess fly through the forest as the brave heroic figure in my movie.

Who says you can’t enjoy such things at my age. Ach!

The little tuo cha was delicious. A small cake-like dessert Pu-erh, not earthy at all. Mild, smooth and easy. Slightly sweet.
I steeped 2 quick 30 second steeps in my Gaiwan and took a taste then in the mug they both went. A full mug of Pu-erh (which I soon repeated)! kicking back.

A good ending to a lovely day with no creative mishaps!


I watched Brave today! That Earl of Anxi simple syrup sounds DELICIOUS. Can I come over for dinner some night? ;)


Sure! ‘Brave’ was fun! Here’s an odd movie note. Pixar is in the S.F. Bay Area as you know. Actually I’ve been by it in Emeryville. In the hills behind Cupertino (think Steve Jobs and Apple) there is a place that carves large wood bears (like the witch did in the movie) and there has been a sign outside for as long as I can remember that says ‘Sale, everything 50% off’ which is exactly what the witch said. I cracked up! It was like an inside joke!


Ha, that’s awesome!


YUMMO!! you have the best ideas Bonnie :)


PIXAR are known for the inside jokes and references in their films. What a great observation. Thanks, Bonnie!

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Oh my. In all fairness I can’t bring myself to say who sent this to me. They are too kind in every way and the other tea’s were fine.

This one, is haunted with the taste of raspberry beets. Not good and sweet beets but canned vegetable soup tasting beets.

I must protest…my tastebuds yelled at me. One cursed.

Dear, oh dear.

This tea is fired!


LOL … I’m now envisioning taste buds yelling and cursing.


Your review made me giggle :)


well at least only one taste bud cursed. I’m sorry Raspberry Black (organic and fair trade) but we have to let you go. Don’t ask us for references :D


Taps! (Two little taste buds with tap shoes on…tap, tap, tap!)
You know that something might be amiss when the tea has been miss labeled and says Raspberdy. “Bye, Bye Raspberdy.” (As in the Musical)


Raspberry…beets? 0_o


Woh!! You mean fired , as in Donald Trump fired? This is serious tea unemployment!


Yes, Fired! And I want to see a Birth Certificate too!

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drank S'mores by Della Terra Teas
676 tasting notes

I slept in this morning. I climbed out of my super comfy big bed…put on one of those robes that feels like you’ve been wrapped in a babies cuddly stuffed animal and made a pot of ‘Favored Tea’.

My tea journey began with ‘Flavored Tea’, and gradually wandered down other avenues that at first were mysterious.
Green, Black, Oolong and then…Pu-erh. Each tea variety grabbed my attention and taught me about what was the tea base under all the flavored tea’s that I had loved so much.

I discovered that there is a point where you either have to pull away and choose to only drink unflavored tea or keep in the loop and taste and enjoy what everyone else is raving about without discrimination.

Tea can be very serious, or it can be loads of fun. I saw the same sort of cerebral decision working at the Winery. People got so serious that they no longer fully enjoyed wine. Some refused to try a wine that they assumed they wouldn’t like. “I don’t drink Rieslings”. Well, that’s borish!

I don’t want to be borish! I love my earthy Shu Pu-erh’s, adore my dangerously chocolate Black Tea’s and swoon over dark Autumnal Oolongs.

However, give me some flavored tea’s too! They are FUN!

What was brilliant with this S’mores tea was the use of real chocolate bits and real mini marshmallows and real crushed graham crackers. Just using chocolate, marshmallow and graham flavor would have sunk the tea into a horrid artificial flavor hole.
The natural ingredients seemed to cancel any taste of artificial flavoring. (I was relieved!)

When I first tasted the tea plain I wasn’t impressed at all. It was too bland. I added Splenda and cream which made the tea delicious.
I haven’t had success tasting the chocolate in any of the Della Terra Tea’s. No idea why. A little cocoa but nothing I’d call real chocolate.

What stood out was the marshmallow flavor and graham cracker taste.
Those flavors were rich and creamy, strong enough to make you feel like you were having a satisfying dessert. I had two mugs of this yummy tea!

So far, this and the Chocolate Pumpkin Chai have been delicious and worth having on hand!


Nice review Bonnie and I enjoy reading your thoughts! While I really love straight tea it is fun to have the flavored stuff sometimes, especially when I’ve had a long day or week.

Donna A

Agree with you. I love unflavored tea, but it is fun to mix it up with some flavored teas too. I have found that my tastes and moods change, sometimes day to day!

Terri HarpLady

I usually like to drink mostly straight unsweetened teas in the morning, have flavored teas later in the afternoon, as a special treat. :)


I like them all. I find flavored tea is good to help cut down on dessert cravings or as a replacement for soda.


I am tea-agnostic. Almost. I pretend lapsang souchong doesn’t exist. But other than that, I’m tea-agnostic. :D


Glad you tried this one! I think Della Terra’s Dubbele Chocolade has the most chocolate flavor.

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Before heading out to the IRS today…shudder…to discuss a tax issue…shudder again…I treated myself to Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Tea!
It smelled just like an Autumn Pumpkin Spice Yankee Candle. You know what I’m talking about. The candle that makes your home smell like you can bake even if you never turn on the oven!

I had a very nice experience sipping a small pot of this tea.

It wasn’t too pumpkiny (great new word) or too spicy…it was just right.
Except for the part about the chocolate, which was so light that I could hardly taste it, I enjoyed the pumpkin pie and added some cream and sweetened my tea to make it really tasty.

I was all ready to write a positive review on Steepster when BAM!
Steepster Crashed! Not a good omen right before going to the IRS!

Catching up to the review after the IRS visit which went as well as it could (I had 1 person in front of me and that’s all, so hooray for small towns!).

Steepster is finally running again and all is well with the world.


I am glad that your trip to the IRS was not too taxing. (sorry, I couldn’t resist it)


LOL after the day I’ve had I needed to laugh at something ridiculously silly.


You’ve come to the right place.


Darnit! Another tea I should have ordered as a sample. Looks like Della Terra might be getting some Black Friday business from me whether or not my teas have arrived by then. This one, Eight Candles, a bit more of Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie… argh!

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It’s a beautiful morning! I just looked outside and it’s really bright! When you live at a higher altitude, the Winter sunshine warms everything up even though the temperature might read 55 degrees. People wear shorts and a light sweater. The heater stays off in the house during the day because the house is heated by the sun.

When I first moved to Fort Collins, I was so surprised at how warm it was in this dry climate in the Fall and Winter. The jackets come out at night, and the boots when it snows (which isn’t often and melts quickly).

From the beginning of Fall through Winter, Old Town is transformed into a Fairyland of glittering lights, street performers (I love the tuba bands), and free carriage rides. There’s a small ice rink for the wee skaters. http://flic.kr/p/dtcfsy http://flic.kr/p/dtcfQA

‘Tis the Season’ for Thanksgiving in the U.S. next week and the day after is ‘Black Friday’ (a mega huge, shopping frenzy day). I don’t know about the rest of the World, but this is fun in many communities. Some cities, if you wear black you get discounts or goodies from merchants.

In Fort Collins we don’t have "Black Friday’, we have ‘PLAID’ Friday. If you wear plaid you get free tea, cookies, prizes and discounts all around Old Town.
With the glittering lights, street performers, free tea at my Pub and Waffle Hut sandwiches, it sounds like I’ll have fun and I’m going to be there! Wish you could all join me!

I brewed a small pot of Chocolate Chai Pu-Erh this morning hoping that this tea sample would be a redemption after the sour chocolate sample I reviewed last evening.
I do love chocolate but I don’t like too much artificial flavoring.
Thankfully This tea has no artificial flavoring listed on the package! Phew!

My steep time was 4 minutes and the scent of the wet leaves with cinnamon and mini chocolate pieces was amazing. The wafting aroma was like warm chocolate, cinnamon streusel straight from the oven.

I poured a cup of tea and was relieved that the flavor was yummy cocoa with a good amount of cinnamon pop and a bite that must have come from the clove (which you can’t taste, just feel).
The list of ingredients mentioned cardamom but I didn’t taste that spice, and the orange was very light but delicious. I don’t prefer overly orange flavored tea.
If you want Pu-erh flavor, you won’t find it in this tea. The only thing it contributes is a richness. The health benefit is important though. Too many people have a horrible fear of Pu-erh and could easily drink this and never know the Pu-erh is there at all.

My first Pu-erh tea was Davids Tea Chocolate Orange which now tastes a bit off to me because of the artificial flavoring. This Della Terra Chocolate Chai Pu-erh is a step up and away from that sour artificial taste.

This is one of the best flavored Pu-erh’s blends for people who don’t want to taste the actual Pu-erh tea.

BTW Is Black Friday just something here in the U.S. or are there versions of the same thing in Canada and Paris and the UK and Denmark and Ecuador and so on?


great ! this means I can try this one for a beginning :)


Sounds deeeeeelish!
an indulging tea to be sure :P


Hey, that sounds like the old I-bloom!


I liked it too!


I read that you wanted some ginger, which I thing would make it more Chai-like.


Black friday is really a US thing, at least in comparision with canada. We have our thanksgiving in October, but sales aren’t really a “thing.” I think we tend to just piggy back on the US’s black friday sales :)


Agreed with Sil – Boxing day is more our sales day, but I never feel like I’m going to get trampled on Boxing day haha.


Big cities trample I think, small towns support small merchants. Here the feeling is festive. If you look at the pictures you get the idea, and there’s a whole downtown of antique looking buildings and no fast food restaurants or big box stores!!! We have a Mall elsewhere but I’ve never seen it crowded. There are 3 huge Walmarts for a population of 150,000 so that’s no issue. I wouldn’t go there on black friday! People like the old town.


Bonnie, you are truly lucky to live in such a place! I try to make my pilgrimage out there every late July to catch the Green Drake hatch on the Poudre. A great river with great bugs and eager trout.
I love hearing your stories, please continue!


You know the Poudre River?! Pronounced Poo der…like Pu-er with a d in it. Strange but true. The bugs aren’t such a good thing. Hopefully the fish will be waiting for you again, and some good bear in our famous breweries. If you get a chance, stop by Happy Lucky’s Tea House in Fort Collins and tell them I sent you from Steepster!


It’s just you. Remember, we don’t have anything such as Thanksgiving here, so Thursday and Friday = completely ordinary work days.

The closest we get here is the sales that start after Christmas which can be pretty packed, mostly because a lot of people will be swapping Christmas presents. And still, that’s not that different from any other sale apart from the fact that everywhere is always busy around Christmas.


I know you have other Holidays though Angrboda and traditions that are celebrated in your Country and throughout Europe. Next week is St. Andrews day with the Blessing of the Tartans. Then Dec.6th is St. Nicholas Day…and there’s lots more..Hanukkah begins Dec. 8th. and so on. I love this time of year!


Completely off topic, but I have a friend of mine in Fort Collins. We went to the New Belgium Brewery, and what I think was probably what you refer to as Old Town (was the inspiration for Main Street USA at Disney, or something like it), and the Swettsville Zoo (fascinating but creepy place at the same time).

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Hi everyone, at review 490…I finally had Steepster EAT (or DRINK) my whole review of this tea right at the end! %$#@*&!

I’m not going to try and recount the whole review. The last one took 2 hours. I can’t do that again.

Here’s the short version.

This tea reminded me of Black Chocolate by the Tea and Spice Exchange if any of you have had that one before. I liked that tea.

This is very dark chocolaty as advertised. Not creamy in a way that stands out though and I can’t understand why cream flavor was added. I personally wouldn’t drink this without sweetening it, because sweetening makes the chocolate even stronger.
I tried some tea with cream which was the best way to drink it for my taste.

What I didn’t like was the aftertaste. The tea becomes sour.
I know that up front the flavor is good and chocolaty, but after a minute you’re left with an artificial flavor sourness that comes from too much artificial flavoring. BLECH!
Chocolate makes the sourness worse in my opinion.

I’m keeping an open mind and hope the other chocolate tea’s are not as sour.

I had a great meal out with my family tonight, and this was my dessert when I got home. My first review (that Steepster gobbled up) said the same thing about the sourness so I’m not venting or writing this because of a bad mood.

There has to be a better way to flavor Chocolate tea.

190 °F / 87 °C

That happened to me earlier today only I caught on to what was happening and was able to copy my text before I lost it!


Lucky you! I’ll be careful!


I just ordered a Try Me pack with this in it. Hoping my experience is better than yours!


Me too. But I haven’t tried the other flavors and this was the darkest probably. Maybe the others have less flavoring and would be better.


STE does it best I find! but it has to be drunk fast, within a few months, or else the tea starts getting too astringent for me

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This evening it’s COLD outside! Burr!

Last night one of my alarms began to beep. I thought it was the carbon monoxide alarm so I changed out all 3 batteries. Still, the beeping continued.
I kept fiddling with it for a few hours, charging batteries and trying them again until I discovered the beeping was coming from my smoke alarm on the 9 ft. high ceiling. That alarm was too tall to reach without a ladder. Beep, Beep, Beep!

Finally, hours later, the beeping went dead!

Today I called my son-in-law to come with a ladder to change the battery and he was in and gone in less than 5 minutes.

Beep, beep, beep.

Right away the beeping began again.
It appears that I need a new fire alarm, and I’ll have to put up with this stupid beeping until tomorrow afternoon when MR. son-in- law can return to disable the bleeping device.

I’m getting edgy!

I soothed my nerves and drank this beeping beautiful tea.
This was so good and roasty, a tasty fruity Darjeeling Oolong that’s a little peachy but not too sweet.
I really love Autumn tea’s (this tea reminds me of Autumn).
They’re comforting with the taste of the liquor left from baking peach or apple pie. I’ve made lots of pies for contests and when I bake an apple pie especially, I always add a little brandy which this tea reminds me of. It’s light but smooth and fruity.

No more beeps though, I’ve had enough!


Its probably not defective, just needs to be reset. Ours does this too. Try this (or google how to reset your exact brand/type, if you know it.) http://www.sacramentopress.com/headline/35905/Ive_replaced_the_batteries_but_my_smoke_detector_wont_stop_beeping


oh dear poor Bonnie! you must be a little twitchy by now :s


Day 2 waiting for the son-in-law, slept with a pillow over my ears! Went out to Happy Lucky’s to tea this afternoon with my granddaughter Schey to get away from the beep, beep, beep!


Thanks Janfan!


“beeping beautiful tea” – lol! Aww, poor Bonnie, hope the SIL has come ‘n’ gone by now! =)


Nope Nik, I climbed up on the coffee table (One thing that is solid wood!!!) got a rubber gripper from the kitchen and reached high enough to open the battery door without removing the whole alarm from the ceiling. Plopped out the dang battery too. (To play it safe I turned off the breaker to the alarm first because it’s hardwired {which does not stop beeping}) I am sane (as much as I can be) again!


Well that’s a relief, at least! =)

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Thank you Ashmanra for this tea sample!

One of the goals in my fathers life was to “See the Country he fought for” which meant…in July, we drove in our 1950’s era Chevy from California to New York City and back. (I remember hearing talk of this desire to ‘see the Country’ from many Vet’s when they retire.)

It was HOT! AND, I had to sit next to my brother Steve who had better not cross over to my side of the car!
There wasn’t air conditioning in the car as we traveled Route 66 through Arizona (stopped at the Grand Canyon), New Mexico and the Painted Desert (explain that one to kids), down into the humid Southern States (ate buscuits and grits). We saw the KKK march down the street in Colombia, S.C. and I was afraid.

I wrote about this adventure some time ago and how my mom made balogna sandwiches for lunch along the way. We stayed in cabin style motels (which were common in those days) and I saw my share of
strange places to eat. Hamburger and hotdog joints shaped like Oranges, Trees, Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Dogs and Dinosaurs.

Dad was looking for historical places. Williamsburg and George Washington’s Church, Lady Liberty, Gettysburg and the crown jewel, Washington D.C. (that was full of cool places like the Smithsonian)!

For my father, going to the tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the
Iwo Jima Memorial was his duty. Wandering through Arlington Cemetery alone for a long, long time was something I didn’t understand as a young girl. “Dad…come on!”

This was his trip of a lifetime and a dream come true.

I appreciate him now and what that meant to him.
My quiet father had a great life. He was loved and respected by everyone. He had a wonderful life for the son of the town drunk, raised in a shack. I have a lot to live up to.

Ashmanra sent me a lovely tea sample that I’ve held onto for the right time to try.

This is an Oolong, fragrant with the scent of peach and apricot as soon as I opened the packet.
I steeped the beautiful long wiry leaves in 175F spring water for
2 minutes after a quick rinse.

Oh the delicious ripe sweet fruit…amber peaches, freestone’s with all the honey rich juiciness. This was one of those ‘got to have it’ Oolongs!

I steeped it longer, then shorter in a Gaiwan, tasting and testing the flavor. There was a hint of spearmint in the aftertaste. Yes, going back later…it was still there…that spearmint. AND, a toastiness that I love in Autumn tea’s.

Yes, this was one Oolong that I wanted to have in my cupboard!

Thank you Ashmanra, this is a uniquely beautiful Oolong!

Invader Zim

The first thing I did when I got out was travel across country, stopping at the Grand Canyon. Although we didn’t go through the south eastern states, we went north. The Tomb and Arlington are very emotional places, I’m lucky enough to live close enough that I can make them a day trip. Thank you for sharing, and hopefully you don’t feel afraid anymore.


No, I don’t feel afraid anymore. I did learn to be cautious in life. It was in Cupertino, California…yes, Silicon Valley, that a cross was burned on my lawn. That’s the Valley where my house was broken in and someone tried to kill me…in a new home in the suburbs. You can never tell where something will happen. If you live in fear, the bad guys win.


Bonnie, this is so well written, yay for Chevy on route 66! As I was reading it, I felt great respect for your dad… History on a road trip!

Invader Zim

You say you have a lot to live up to, I think you already have lived up to him. You have been through so much and came out the other side a humble tea drinking person. Bonnie, you are one of those people we look up to, that we try to live up to, to be so humble.


Oh dear, I’m not all that! I learn from all of you!


Yes you are :-)


TeaFairy, My Daughter loved your story!


Glad she did :-)


A beautiful story and, it seems, a beautiful tea. Thank you, Bonnie. =)

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drank 1953 Dark Brick Pu-Erh by Unknown
676 tasting notes

A gift from a friend, thank you!

Thank you to all the Veterans who are serving and have served this Country. Thank you to the families who struggle through hardship.

This may be the day that the United States honors Veterans and the day of Honor may be different in other Countries, but the message is the same. Sacrifice and Valor. We show our respect to you all.

My Father, Bill was still in his Navy Uniform when he met my mother at a Canteen for Servicemen in San Francisco.

The War was over and 6 weeks after meeting at the First Baptist Church Canteen on Mission Street, they were married! There wasn’t a day for the rest of their lives that they weren’t crazy about each other.

Dad had been a Radio Operator 1st Class. Morse Code…sometimes decoding dits and dots… 24 hours straight during a battle at places like Iwo Jima. (My father had respect for the Marines!)
My dad blinked and twitched for the rest of his life and was buried with his Navy Honors.

My Grandfather Will was 17 when he enlisted in the Spanish American War in the late 1800’s. He was injured by Gas inhalation in the Philippines. There were no benefits for that kind of injury when he got home from war.
Because he was a good carpenter for the Army, he worked on the grounds of the Vet’s home in Yountville, CA. He was allowed to live in a shack there for the rest of his life. This is where my father was raised and the Cemetary there is where my grandfather is buried.
He used to make the Vet’s caskets. Odd.

During the Vietnam era, I was with my husband at Fort Hood, Texas. We didn’t get to have base housing, and things were pretty dangerous for an interracial couple in 1969. I needed an escort to go to the PX. I was attacked and couldn’t do a thing about it.
The first year of my marriage the military told me not to go to basic training with my husband at Fort Bragg because of the KKK.
So, I went to my parents home and later had our first child like so many military wives, by myself.
My years of living on very little money and other problems wasn’t something that happened at that time to me alone. My story was easy compared to most who were truly suffering.
Military families have always had hard times. Often they must move away from family and friends. They face loneliness, injury, stress and lack of funds.
And the ultimate sacrifice, the loss of a loved one.

Thank you to our Military, Veterans and their Families!

In 1953 I was ‘5’! Amazing that I was able to drink this tea today!

I rinsed the leaves twice and steeped the tea 30 seconds each steeping in a Gaiwan.

The liquor was light champagne yellow, clear and bright.

The wet leaves had the aroma of wet bamboo, roast meat becoming lighter and sweeter with each steeping.

1. The flavor was very SAVORY! I was surprised at how much flavor there was on this first steeping. I’ve never said that a Pu-erh tastes like bamboo, slightly dry and salty sweet, but this one was. There was a little bit of green bean flavor to it, something unexpected.

2. Now the saltiness was lighter and my tongue tingled. There was some dryness in the front of my mouth with the mix of light green bean and bamboo taste. As the tea cooled it became creamier.

3. The savory quality was softened and the bamboo, sweet grass had smoothed into a ribbon of buttery creaminess that increased as the tea cooled. I could feel the tea coat my lips. The aftertaste became sugar snap pea, fresh off the plant.

I was surprised! How could this 59 year old Pu-erh give off so much flavor?!

I just can’t give anything but the best rating to a tea that has given so much to me. Where has it been? What journey has it been on all these years? And to wind up with me…well, I’m amazed and humbled!

Thank you to my friend! What an honor!

Thomas Edward(Toad)

Very nice, Lucky you :)


Thank you for sharing your story :D the military life can be rough but not just on the soldiers but on the families as well.

Invader Zim

I love military stories, although yours seems rather sad. I hope things have looked up in life for you along with this tea.


Everyone’s life has up’s and down’s. There isn’t anyone who’s immune. What you do with it is what counts. I love life.


Bonnie thanks so much for sharing this glimpse into your life! It’s so interesting to hear about your personal/familial experiences with and in the service.
Oh sounds like an interesting tea as well!


Wow, a 1953 tea! I am of the same vintage! I’m glad to hear that it is holding up much better than I am!

I am sorry that you had to go through those injustices. Hopefully we, as a nation, have advanced beyond that today.


I’m of the opinion that older people should share stories. TV is impersonal. I think it’s helpful to know that life can get pretty dark and dangerous (and you have no idea how much more dark and dangerous the stories in my life are…) but you come out the other side not forgetting, but able to have a happy life. I stand for hope!


thanks for sharing Bonnie, loved this review as everything you write !


Bonnie, you should start working on your bio. Really. With such a life, we need a book!

Invader Zim

I second TheTeaFairy!


OK you two come help me!

Charles Thomas Draper

I think this is a new tea based on a 1953 recipe. There were many for sale on EBay

Invader Zim

I think we should invest in a recorder, sit down have some nice tea and listen to you stories!


Charles- Don’t know, mine was faded, crumbly (dusty) and looked more like a sheng but was a shou. Often though old and new are blended together (a common method or creating Pu-erh if people are not aware). This was a gift and I’ll look into it.


Invader Zim, count me in!

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Colorado Grandma

Grandmother to 3 teenaged girls and 5 young boys. (we all drink tea!) I began teatime in the Summer over 30 years ago when my children were little. We took a break from play for tea and snacks every day. My children loved tea time.
There are several tea houses close to my home and a Tea Festival in Boulder. Fort Collins is a bit of a foodie town. We brew lots of Beer (Fat Tire is one brand) and have several Spice Shops (Savory was one featured on Food Network).
Colorado State University is a mile from my home and the Rocky Mountains begin to climb at the end of my street. The climate is semi-arid with LOTS OF SUN AT 5000 feet. (Heavy Winter snows start in higher elevations). Living my whole life in Northern California (Silicon Valley) I have to admit that I LOVE IT HERE!!!
I attend a wonderful Greek Orthodox Church and enjoy cooking ethnic foods (all kinds). I am disabled with Migraines and Fibromyalgia.
My family is Bi-racial (African-American, Scots) and Bi-cultural, (Peru, Cyprus, France, Mexico, Native American)
I’ve worked at a Winery, was a System Analyst, in telecom, been an Athlete and Coach, Artist, Vista Volunteer. Love healthy cooking (and delicious food!). Love to travel and have been to Italy, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Peru, Croatia, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska


Fort Collins,Colorado

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