676 Tasting Notes


I noticed that I was reprimanded by Invader Zim for not reviewing this tea earlier (all in fun)!
Sometimes, don’t you feel like drinking a tea more than once before writing a review though?
You want to give the tea some time to settle and roll around a little in your thoughts before you do anything with it?

This is what I did. For weeks, I let the packet sit after I tried the tea.

The first time I brewed this Pu’er, it was strong and I was faced with a disconnect at the Verdant description of the taste and what
I was tasting. I talked it over with myself.
“It’s possible that my ratio of water to tea was off, and that’s why I had steeped the Pu’er to an expresso strength.”
“I tend to like strong brews. I wasn’t paying attention. I got distracted on the timing.”

Was this all true? I wanted to find out.

Paying stricter attention to detail, I went a different direction and followed my own usual steeping guidelines for Pu’er.

Knowing how strong this Pu’er could become made this brewing easier.

I rinsed the leaves 30 seconds in boiling water once.
The scent can be a little off-putting for someone not used to Pu’er and rinsing is really necessary. The scent of the leaves and taste of the tea are not the same.

The steep time was 40 seconds and produced a liquor that was as dark as coffee. (I personally wouldn’t go darker than this.)

The taste was luscious, almost creamy it was so smooth. I could taste the raisin-spice cake but it was very light and ethereal. Another thing that I noticed was that the tea isn’t too sweet. Some Pu’er’s tend to be overly sweet but this had a hint of vanilla and just enough of a savory quality to make it enjoyable. At any time of day you could drink this tea.

When I say that this would be enjoyable any time of day, I mean that this can be your morning cup with milk and is delicious (I tried it), or an afternoon pick-me-up…equally good with a sandwich or at dinner because it’s not overly sweet.

There was an initial energy that I felt right away.

The subsequent steepings were more savory than the first and I enjoyed the light mushroom flavor.
Sweetened, the tea is caramel with a spicy finish.

Personally,I like the shorter steep time of 30-40 seconds.
I made this in a small pot Western Style which is how I usually brew loose (non-chunky, nugget or tuo cha) Pu’er.

I highlighted the timing because mine is different than Verdant’s.

Invader Zim

How often do we find a popular puerh (especially from Verdant) that doesn’t have a review from you?! I’m glad this one shall no longer feel left out!


Ha Ha! I think we all have tea vendors that we buy from most often, people we’ve built a relationship with. I’ve chatted with people from 6 or 7 different companies and find that the personal touch draws me back as well as the quality of the tea they provide. Since I have a very limited budget, where I spend my tea money matters to me. Now and then I try a new company based on recommendations. Just ordered some Della Terra samples for instance.


I agree Bonnie! The little handwritten note I received in my first Verdant order made me smile, and I knew I’d be ordering from them again.

Invader Zim

Same here, I’ve emailed with a few retailers and the ones that have a person touch almost always win out, some just have better tasting tea. But with Verdant, with that first package with the handwritten note, I was sold.

I just tried Zen Tea Life mostly for their yixing teapot I wanted. I had some problems with the site, sent an email and was written back to so quickly. The emails kept getting swapped back and forth even after the site was fixed. It’s that extra level of personal touch. It’s just as important as the quality of the tea sold.

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This is the first time I’ve had a tea with Chrysanthemum flowers.
We the people (customers) voted on what blend we wanted and this was the winner. I think that process was fun.
I only know of a couple of tea companies that actively consult their customers when making such a choice and I would like to see more companies follow suit.

Today, I’m helping an instructor in Washington State demo Google+ video chat for some business people. It’s amazing what I can get myself involved in without leaving my condo. First, I need my anti-headache remedy! Pu’er!

I brewed a pot of this Alchemy Blend,with Pu’er in it,(I’m not going to spell the name out every time) Western Style.

The first impression was that it’s spicy. I like Coriander and think of it as sweet but I didn’t think it as so spicy. I’m sure there must have been some spice coming from the Pu’er also. The heat and bite of cinnamon was too much for Coriander alone.

There was a pop of tanginess from the Juniper Berries that tweaked my tastebuds then smoothed out when the Burdock and Chrysanthemum stepped in as mellowing agents. The Chrysanthemum added some sweetness as did the Holy Basil.

The Holy Basil was something I didn’t taste at all until the tea cooled. Then, I could taste it as a sweet mellow herbal mint, not as mint with a strong bite to it.

I’m not fond of the smell of the tea liquor. It smells a bit odd.
Adding sweetening improved the taste for me too.

I’m usually very pleased with all the Verdant Pu’er Blends, but this one wasn’t one that I enjoyed as much as others. (Personal taste not the fault of any ingredient.) The Pu’er did seem to be overshadowed though.

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Like most of the rest of you, I was up late last evening watching CNN and the election results. No matter what you feel about the election results, I have to comment on something I saw on CNN.

Right on the CNN big board where all the names of the famous places in the World are listed, all the Cities like London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Rome, Quito, Toronto was a word I love, FRONTRANGE! WooHoo! The word Frontrange (where I live) Colorado made the big board on CNN! (I just had to get that out!)

You may have noticed some other news about Colorado too. That’s going to be the source of some puns. I’ve already listed John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High on my Facebook and commented on ‘High Tea’. After all, I’m a child of the 60’s and I couldn’t resist the jokes!

Today I scooted off to Happy Lucky’s for strong tea. This one is a favorite. Very dark and gutsy without being malty at all.
I always add half & half and sometimes sugar because this is so robust. I bought an inky black chocolate bar and shared it with the smartly suited young man seated at the tea bar next to me. He had a ponytail like the young Sean Connery. (Bond, James Bond)

He had ordered a pot of Pu-erh.
The chocolate went well with both our tea orders.

Earlier, I shared a citrus mini tuo cha with Sam and told him to poke at it instead of letting it slowly dissolve over several steeps. I had him keep the steep time short (30 seconds).
This was a new method for Sam and he liked how the Pu-erh tasted.

Sam decided to try the same method with the second pot of Pu-erh for his customer. He poked the nuggets with a spoon to break it up, then poured fresh boiling water in the pot.
The young man had never tasted the full flavor of this Pu-erh before and liked it. He had only ever had the lighter first steeping, never the fully released Pu-erh.

Sharing what we learn here on Steepster is lots of fun. (I’m always learning from new people who know far more than I do… and from new experiences.)


I woke up at 5 o’clock AM on wednesday for professional reasons and saw in live the announcement of the election results.
Unfortunately didn’t see the big board with Frontrange !
Coming back to the tea, interesting points Bonnie thanks for sharing with us. If I want to try Pu erh, which blend would you recommend me as I am an absolute beginner with this type of tea ?


Hum, being in Paris makes things more interesting. I’d send you some to try but I can’t afford the international shipping right now. Maybe after the first of the year.
I’ll look up some and send suggestions.


thanks Bonnie :)


Lovely anecdote, Bonnie. =)

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Thanks Dhart1214 doe this ELECTION DAY in the USA sample tea!

Since I voted 2 weeks ago already, there’s nothing to do today prior to hunkering down for the results tonight with some Chai and All-American Hot Dogs. I cleaned house just in case my choice for President doesn’t win and I’m glum tomorrow. (Hope that doesn’t happen!)

Everybody in my family is voting for different people and issues. I must have raised my children right because they think for themselves and allow discussion of issues without any character attacks. One is further left, one further right and me, I suppose I’m moderately…not going to tell!

Now that I have a clean house, it’s time for tea!

Dhart1214 sent me a lot of little sample packs from The Persimmon Tree and I’m almost through the bundle.
I was in the MOOD for some Earl. The day is bright and sunny. I’ve had all the windows open, airing out my condo with a fresh Fall breeze.
Now, with a light vanilla candle lit on the kitchen counter, and a cup of Earl Grey, I can sit and relax.

This tea was sweet without adding any additional sweetening. The French Vanilla was tasty and the Bergamot oil fragrant with a pleasing citrus briskness. There wasn’t any acidity, but a smooth, creaminess that made the cup enjoyable.
Some Earl Grey’s don’t hold up to additions very well but this one does. I added half & half and additional sweetening which is the way I like my Earl Grey.

The Persimmon Tree tea’s have been hit and miss. This one is pretty good.

God Bless America!

(For you in other parts of the World, God Bless your Countries! Australia, Canada, England, Italy, China, Japan, India, Croatia, France, Ecuador, Ireland, Denmark…these are the people who follow me I think…)


Hi Bonnie,
It appears the TPT has recently discontinued their Earl Grey Creme and replaced it with Earl Grey Heaven – http://www.persimmontreetea.com/earl-grey-heaven-tea.html
“Organic and Biodynamic Black Loose-Leaf Tea, Organic Cornflowers, Organic Oil of Bergamot, Natural Flavors, Earl Grey Heaven Black Tea”

The newly added ingredients to the Heaven version appear to be Biodynamic Black Loose-Leaf Tea & Organic Cornflowers.

See new Steepster page:

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Thank you to mrmopar, my friend, for this tea sample

Very quietly and slowly I have been enchanted by Pu-erh over the past 9 months. Now, I am in LOVE. It is my favorite tea, especially
Shu (shou) Pu-erh.

For some time, I’ve wanted to talk about why I love it so much and now I’m going to try to share how I feel about it.

Imagine your own private place of wilderness peace.

The Blue Ridge Mountains in the Fall, Yosemite, the Redwoods, Kauai, the Rockies of Canada or Colorado. The Catskills or a Beach. The forests of Denmark and England. A city central park.
That is a beginning place to first reach down to the earth and begin to understand Pu-erh.

Pu-erh requires all of your sensory memory and shares a place with no other tea.

Pu-erh, both Sheng or Shou, is grounded to the earth in a unique way because of how it is processed. Dirt, soil, mushrooms, nuts and berries, spices, cocoa, vanilla and tree bark are common taste and aroma profiles. The scent of bread or leather in the wet leaves.

My own vision when I drink Shu (or Shou) Pu-erh is of the Redwoods in Northern California where much time in my life was spent.
The scent memory of redwoods is a strong one, and the vision of giant trees and dappled light streaming down to the forest floor is something I will always be able to close my eyes and see.

In Paradise California I lived in the forest with huge oak trees and Pine Trees around my house, which called for clearing leaves every Saturday in the Fall. An acre of leaves. Tarps full of leaves. And again more memories of musty, damp and dusty earth.

Working at the Fortino Winery in Morgan Hill, California…I acquired the scent of Old Vines and wet dirt clods after the rains. Empty barrels sour with the scent of oak and wine.
Damp cellars full of cobwebs and dust. Small wineries, big wineries, organic ones, some damp and some dry.

Napa, Sonoma, Calistoga, Murphy’s, Morgan Hill, Saratoga, Monterey, Paso Robles and Santa Ynez. Each with a different ecosystem.

All of this has everything to do with how I approach Pu-erh.
My love of the Earth, the way I love food and cooking. It all comes together as how I experience my favorite tea.

On to the review!

I began with a 30 second rinse followed by steepings 1-5 at 30 seconds. Steepings 6-7 were 40 seconds. Steeping 8 a minute.
I used a 6oz. purple clay Gaiwan that I use only for Pu-erh.

The liquor began as Autumn Gold then changed to Golden Rust Red. Very Beautiful and clear.

1. Thick and earthy sweet. My mouth felt a numbing sensation then a coolness and flavor of cedar very light at the finish followed by a spiciness.

2. The wet leaves had an aroma of vanilla. The flavor was smooth, silky to the point of almost being creamy with a sweet vanilla plantain taste. As this cup cooled there was a light cedar taste.

3. The liquor smelled bready and tasted delicious, sweet, with an energy that was exciting. How can I describe a flavor that’s exciting?
It was like an inner light was turned on. A sustained POP ROCK without the annoying sizzle. Refreshing!
This was silky smooth, mellow, sweet and very good. There was hardly any trace of cedar but more like vanilla cake with a little cinnamon heat at the end.

4. Beautiful, sweet with great energy and no earthiness although you CAN smell the cedar.

5. More energy again and smooth. This was a little warmer tasting, with a spicy cinnamon bread and cedar flavor at the end.

6. and 7. Here’s where I took the steeping to 40 seconds. The liquor was nice and dark! Yum! Still this was a smooth, cinnamon sweet cup of Pu-erh!

8. A longer 1 minute steep with additions for all those lovers of cream and sugar! (I do not care what the purists say about doing this, I care more about getting people to drink Pu-erh!)

This tasted like a very good spicy vanilla latte. I loved it!

This is a rich and above average Pu-erh. Smooth, silky with lots to give for many rich steepings. There was vanilla, light cedar (not too much) and spice for warmth. Good energy and sweetness without being too sweet with a hint of cinnamon heat.

The earthiness is very, very tame. A great beginner Pu-erh!


Amazing notes! I completely agree with your experience with Puerh. I’ve loved some Shengs that remind me of a fire build with wild wood back home, the bitter-smoky essence that is just melancholic and transports me back to the origin of my memory. Shu/Shou have reminded me of walks around the central mountain areas near my parent’s house. When it would suddenly rain and the scent will make you finally notice the dried leaves on the ground, some recent, some have been there for months. And back to the notes, Menghai is great in its smoothness and creamy body. Love it.


Thank you. I hope you continue to paint these kind of pictures for people like me who are visual thinkers. I can taste and see what you’ve experienced!


Wow, I absolutely love this review. You are so lucky to have spent time with the Redwoods. I haven’t even seen them yet. My forestry studies will get me out there soon and I can’t wait to experience the most magical of forests :)


My daughter lived next to Henry Cowell St. Park in Santa Cruz County (my Aunt had a cabin there when I was growing up too). Most of my life I lived within 30 minutes or less of these trees. My mom was born in a logging camp in 1924 way up north when they cut down huge redwood trees by hand using large 2 person handsaws. I still have black and white pictures. I hope you do get to see them, it’s worth doing. Make sure to feel the bark and smell it.


I love the vanilla/smooth pu-erhs. My fave! but pop rocks?! neato!!


I had a mini tuo cha tonight like candy, sweet orange. So good! Yum! The vanilla smooth and caramel ones…yum. I have just discovered the citrus ones thanks to mrmopar. Really delicious.


fantastic review

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Just a quick jot of a note about how this is a great blending herbal. How this fits into my life and soothes my stomach.

I have to take anti-seizure pills in the morning to keep my migraines in check. The pills help somewhat but on an empty stomach, they make me more nauseated.
Most of you know from reading my posts about holiday celebrations that I’m a Greek Orthodox Christian. Sunday mornings Greek Orthodox don’t eat anything (no tea or coffee either) before going to Church but we eat together when the church service is over (nice and friendly way to break the morning fast and get to know each other better).
Every week I used to get very sick and had to leave the service half way through because of nausea migraines.
One day, my Priest noticed and said, that would never do. Rules and customs were never meant for harm but to help people grow spiritually. Of course I could have something to eat and drink with my pills in the morning before Church. (The Bishop said Please eat something too.)
What a relief!
(I know I could have done what I wanted all along, but this is not the path I’ve chosen. Self indulgence is too easy.)

So this morning, I made a nice pot of this herbal blend with a pu-er nugget in it for my stomach and had a piece of toast. That’s all I need to get me through until noon. I’ll be doing great without any queezy feelings and the blend tastes wonderful.

I know I have to stock up on some more soon because this is easily going to be a Winter staple.


Your priest (and bishop) sound awesome.


I believe many religious customs began long before we had the complications as humans that we do now. Illness has evolved and therefore the faith does with it when necessary. You have a good Priest!


Nicely said, Azz. =)


The Sabbath (or in this case the Lord’s day) were made for man, not man for the Sabbath. It is to make us look inward, and reach upward. Your heart is revealed in the attempt, and your need in the weakness. Be blessed.


I think hiding the things we believe in because we’re afraid of being politically correct has gone so far that we become mute. I wouldn’t be honest about my own story if I left out chunks that are important parts of my life. While I don’t believe in being pushy about politics, religion or most anything (even tea…ah hum…) I love the life I live in every way. If anyone was around during a Feast, you would understand and be invited for a great meal (and tea!).

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drank Darjeeling Song by sTEAp Shoppe
676 tasting notes

Thanks to Janet at sTEAp Shoppe for this sample tea!

This was a new experience for me. I’d never had a flavored Darjeeling before. Every other kind of tea, Oolong, Black, Green, Pu’er flavored and blended but for some reason never a Darjeeling.

Janet didn’t hold back from being creative, and decided to make a lovely Darjeeling Black Tea blend with cardamom, fenugreek and vanilla bean. All Organic.

What I tasted was very similar to a Chai but without any heavy spiciness. The cardamom was mild but the strength increased and warmed the tea as it cooled. The vanilla was smooth and rich, taming the natural tendency of Darjeeling to be astringent.

This tea was good straight with no additions, but with cream and honey it stepped up and was a very good cup of tea.

Thomas Edward(Toad)

I didn’t try mine with cream or honey I bet that did make for a very tasty cup. I see from your review that slightly astringent aftertaste I experienced may have been a natural tendency of the Darjeeling, good to know. I always enjoy read your posts Bonnie :)


Thanks toad!

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This year being my first ‘TEA’ Holiday time (I wasn’t even a tea drinker last November or December), I’ve been slowly purchasing favorite tea’s for my family. Now that you can get sample sizes from Verdant, I can get flavors to use as stocking stuffers. Little added goodies in my holiday boxes.
It will be so easy to send tea to California and to my Niece at Cornell University.
But, I just couldn’t help getting something for myself. You know how it is.

I couldn’t resist this Eight Treasures Yabao Winter Blend for ME!
I’m one of those people who loves the Yabao Pu’er!

This morning I brewed 2 pots of tea Western Style with the same leaves (aprox. 24oz). NO Rinse.

The wet leaves for the first pot smelled like roast chicken, and the second pot smelled less meaty and more like juniper berries.

The aroma of the liquor on the first pour was amazing! Lilies and jasmine, so fragrant that the vapor was like incense. I felt like I had stepped into one of the hot houses at Filoli Gardens (one of my favorite places to go in the S.F. Bay Area).
It felt like was close to the gardenias with the steaming scent of orchid and jasmine filling every scent receptor. Almost too much really. This was indeed intense!

I took a sip of tea which was sweet from the Yabao and Elderberry but I couldn’t taste any other flavors.
Being an experimenter, I poured some tea into another glass cup and added some honey which wasn’t very good, then milk in another cup which I didn’t like either and finally a little sweetening which was just OK.
I didn’t feel that I had a very good experience with this tea.
For all the quality ingredients, I wasn’t tasting what I should
have and I knew there had to be some reason for it.

I thought it over step by step.

Spring Water. Maybe my water was the problem because I had used tap water, and maybe I should have rinsed the tea leaves first.

So, I emptied the electric kettle, poured fresh Spring Water in and began again. Rinse, steep and pour.

Aha, this time the flavor was smoother, with Jasmine, Juniper, Yabao a little Lemon and the Tulsi was way off at the finish. (Not a taste but a coolness.)
The Vanilla taste wasn’t there at all. I think the Vanilla added a balance that kept the blend from getting acidic. As the tea cooled you can feel a creamy texture and the Elderberry aroma and flavor appear.

The second pot of tea was like moving out of the hot house onto the
garden path around the reflection pool…a quiet walk through cool gardens with the wafting scent of flowers, citrus and mint.


I learned a lesson that you can’t cut corners with tea! My oops!

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Right before David Duckler jetted off to China, gathering more tea for Verdant and to see old friends, he added this new Alchemy Blend. It seems that this kind of herbal blend is what you might find in Chinese tea stalls this time of year when people begin needing a remedy to boost their immune system.
I’ve been well so far this year, but my poor daughter and her 8 children have been on a merry-go-round of flu and colds. As soon as one child gets better, another one gets sick. (I keep my hand sanitizer in my pocket and had a flu shot!)

When I saw this blend, I bought a packet for me and one for her.

Another thing that really intrigued me was what I read about how you could customize this blend by adding your own tea to it.
You could add Black Tea, Green Tea or Pu’er and create a custom flavor blend you like. I knew what I was going to blend first for as my favorite. I just had to give this a try!

Today my herbal blend arrived! Off to the business of experimenting!

First I made a straight brew. You can’t tell by sniffing the dry tea how it’s going to taste so don’t be put off by the strong smell.

The actual liquor was soft and slightly sweet with a light lemon ginger taste. (Very light on both) Even the sage was light tasting and added a pleasing warmth that I liked.
I was thinking about how and when I would drink this blend. Before bedtime and if I wasn’t feeling well. I’d brew it longer though if I had a cold, and add honey. Aha! Honey was missing!

I added some clover honey and it was meant to be! The blend was outstanding! The sage, ginger and lemon tasted lovely with the honey and were soothing in all the ways you want an herbal to be. Fabulous!

For the next test, I made a whole POT of tea+blend with a teaspoon of Laoshan Black and a small little nugget of Pu’er.


For those of you who love the Emperial Breakfast Summer Blend…just imagine a slight ginger and lemon added and BAM! WOW! This was so good! I can’t imagine this being any better!

I mixed up a little Laoshan Green (probably too little green tea) and got a spicy reaction that was unexpected and a camphor sensation. I’ll have to try that one again.

The best, awesome taste for me was the Black Tea and Pu’er but you could really experiment and see what you like the best!

That’s up to you!

UNO, DOS, UNO DOS TRES QUATRO…. http://youtu.be/QAvaJ0o_-9o

I LOVE this idea. My kind of BLEND to KEEP on hand all WINTER!

Terri HarpLady

LOL, Bonnie! I love your review! Mine also came today & I had a cup, with will probably wait until tomorrow to write a review on it.


Haha loved reading this Bonnie :)


I got mine today too! Too busy to make some but hopefully will get a chance on Saturday

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Thanks Stacy for this tea sample

I’ve come to the realization that I am a person who loves the flavors associated with Autumn.
I love to oven roast Apples and Root Vegetables.
Caramelized Brussel Sprouts in garlic butter, tossed in seasoned bread crumbs.
Short ribs slow cooked in wheat beer (New Belgium) with caramelized onions, beef broth and buckwheat honey.
RIBS! My family has RIBS for our Christmas Feast!

Somewhere mixed up in all these thoughts of favorite foods and feasting I can see a preference for roasty flavors.

I evidently associate flavor and family. Well being with a log on the hearth, a cup of a warm beverage, and lots of cooking going on in the kitchen.
And noise. Lots of talking and noise. Scrabble games, Boggle and Football.

At this time a year ago, I was still mug deep in coffee living my one dimensional life. Every 4 months a box of coffee came from my coffee club in New Orleans and I was thrilled. I had 3 kinds of coffee. WOW! (This makes me laugh!)
I used to think of tea as a flowery drink, a sweet thing in a flowery cup. I had no idea how varied and complex tea was.

Now I know better and I’m learning that Oolongs are much more complex and varied than I assumed at first.

Lately I’ve discovered Roasty Oolongs like this one that I’ve been drinking today. Not just a little roasty either, but VERY ROASTY!

When I saw the dark color of the leaves, I knew I was in for a treat.
I had tasted another Oolong recently called Strong Fire that had a cinder taste and I liked it. I was hoping for a similar experience.

The liquor brewed to a clear Rootbeer color and had an amber honey scent.
The flavor was sweet and woody. It was clear that the leaves had been roasted many times because you could taste the roasting and a cinder flavor that was like ancient trees.
I imagined myself in a log cabin around a very small stove after a storm sipping on this tea. The scent of oak and cedar wood from the woodbox and me shuddering off the dampness. A pan of onions, potatoes and bacon sizzling on the stove.

The sweetness of this tea was extraordinary. There’s woody sweetness that you might get from chewing on sugar cane.
The sooty fire roasted flavor is what I loved the best.

So wild.

Thinking back, I remember melting some butter in a little of the previous Fire Oolong, making a sauce to drizzle over some yams.
Experimentation pays off. This Oolong would be good the same way.

If you like savory roasty flavors, this would be your kind of tea.
It’s not full of flowers or delicate nuance. This isn’t smoky either. Roasty.


Invader Zim

I’m coming over to your place for a fun time of food, tea, and games!


You’d be welcome!

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Colorado Grandma

Grandmother to 3 teenaged girls and 5 young boys. (we all drink tea!) I began teatime in the Summer over 30 years ago when my children were little. We took a break from play for tea and snacks every day. My children loved tea time.
There are several tea houses close to my home and a Tea Festival in Boulder. Fort Collins is a bit of a foodie town. We brew lots of Beer (Fat Tire is one brand) and have several Spice Shops (Savory was one featured on Food Network).
Colorado State University is a mile from my home and the Rocky Mountains begin to climb at the end of my street. The climate is semi-arid with LOTS OF SUN AT 5000 feet. (Heavy Winter snows start in higher elevations). Living my whole life in Northern California (Silicon Valley) I have to admit that I LOVE IT HERE!!!
I attend a wonderful Greek Orthodox Church and enjoy cooking ethnic foods (all kinds). I am disabled with Migraines and Fibromyalgia.
My family is Bi-racial (African-American, Scots) and Bi-cultural, (Peru, Cyprus, France, Mexico, Native American)
I’ve worked at a Winery, was a System Analyst, in telecom, been an Athlete and Coach, Artist, Vista Volunteer. Love healthy cooking (and delicious food!). Love to travel and have been to Italy, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Peru, Croatia, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska


Fort Collins,Colorado

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