676 Tasting Notes

drank Laoshan Genmaicha by Verdant Tea
676 tasting notes

I’ve already written one review of this lovely tea, one where I was happily sipping it. Drinking the sweet and savory green bean and roasty rice deliciousness.

I couldn’t resist the next step. COOKING WITH TEA!

I’m always fiddling around in the kitchen with tea, mostly steeping, steaming, making a marinade or sauce of some sort.
(I have a few holiday goodies up my sleeve that I’m working on for gift giving…ho ho ho).

Tonight the lightbulb went off ‘bing’ when I decided to cook some tilapia in the oven. My usual method is stove-top but I had been considering a butter and Laoshan Genmaicha sauce to poach the fish in and just went with it.
All I added was a little sea salt and ground pepper when it was done.

I steeped 4 oz. tea 2 minutes then put in 1TB unsalted butter.
When the butter was melted, I poured the tea mixture over the salted fish and then into a hot 350F oven until the liquid was almost gone and the fish was flaky.

While the fish was cooking, I infused some Verdant Zhu Rong in a little Clover Honey, strained the tea leaves out and added a little unsalted butter to make a glaze. I pan cooked carrot spears adding the honey/tea glaze towards the end and cooking further until the carrots were caramelized.

A few minutes before the fish was done I put a handful of fresh spinach on top of the fish to steam.

How did it taste?


Play with tea! Butters, sauces, honey…it’s easy to do.

I mixed a bit of this brewed Genmaicha last week with some butter and poured it over spaghetti squash…then topped it with a little cheese…oh my…yes! Just a little pat of butter in the tea and it stretched through the whole dish making it rich and YUM!

I know this is a different sort of review but it’s still about our passion… TEA!


Zhu Rong as a glaze sounds awesome! It is just so velvety, spicy and wood like.


Whoa! I think Steepster needs a cooking section, that’s brilliant!


That sounds delicious! I really like making tea eggs myself, as I eat a lot of hard boiled eggs anyways.


Yum tea eggs. My daughters hens got old and stopped laying, (They’re in the freezer now…soup hens)…she’ll get younger chickens in the Spring. I hope nobody makes soup out of me! EEKS! I’m a really old hen!


Yum. I need to try cooking with tea more often.

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Thanks mrmopar for this Pu-erh sample!

A day at home with rain expected in the afternoon was the perfect setting for Pu-erh sipping with steeping multiple times.

As I made my preparations, I was suspended in a timeless space with the thrill, the drama of what was to happen next?

Basic Information
Steeping times: After a 30 second rinse, the steeping for the first 3 sessions was 30 seconds, the 4th was 1 minute.

The wet leaves smelled like sweet dark chocolate, then light leather with raisen and chocolate, then faint leather and sweet.

The color of the leaves changed at the end to dark Jade Green!

The color of the liquor was light brown on the first steeping becoming dark red brown on steeping 2 and 3, dark golden brown on steep 4.

The process of discovery was like a first date. The tea flirted a little, let me get just a hint of flavor to see if I’d respond. A bit of cedar, sweetness and some slight dryness on the tongue. Nothing to write home about but not scary either. Pretty smooth.
(The tea was obviously, holding back and waiting for the right moment to reveal it’s true personality.)

The second encounter was way more flirtatious, even sexy with a baked cedar plank dryness up front becoming smooth on the finish. There was another flavor lurking in the shadows, a secret.
Peach or Cocoa? I needed more time to inquire, to explore again.

The third encounter was not revealing. I sensed that something wasn’t right. The flavor was so much lighter. Wasn’t the water hot enough? Was the steeping too short? (I always blame myself, never the tea first!)

I decided to become bolder, demanding more now that we had spent considerable time together. I felt that we knew each other well enough. My instincts told me that if I pushed a little bit, there was great strength of character just under the surface.

I challenged the timing increasing it 3 fold.
The Pu-erh held steady without a flinch but it looked different.
The liquor had changed to golden brown and the leaves to jade green.

The flavor was supprisingly very mild, dry cedar, sweet, juicy and easy to drink.

Even with the mild dryness this was a smooth tea with no harshness.
I was expecting some sort of aggressive punch with the longer steep, but that’s not what this Pu-erh was about.

It was kind and mellow, sure to keep me happy for a long time.

(For any off-the-wall people who add sugar on occasion to pu-erh, well after the 4th steeping I checked it out and the caramel flavor that appears with sweetening is very nice!)

195 °F / 90 °C 0 min, 30 sec

I really want to order from Mandala sometime! The world of puerhs overwhelms me and I keep putting it off because I don’t know what to pick! :)


I love how mellow it is! Its quickly become my “study aid” tea


his is mild and not hard to handle at all. 30 second rinse and 30 second steep is fine. Not too strong, sweet and smooth. You are right tperez!


Great review, made me smile!


Thanks Claire.


always great reviews bonnie! glad you liked it. i think it is a superb tea.

Whispering Pines Tea Company

Tea is quite the date, isn’t it? :D

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drank Formosa Oolong by Kally Tea
676 tasting notes

For anyone who read my notes yesterday about how I was searching for my CANE (I need to name her, she’s 3 years old with silver, blue and black little squiggle flowers and a black wood handle), and I’m reporting that I found her at Old Navy. She was shopping.

Usually I find my CANE having tea at Happy Lucky’s.

I went looking for her after my hair appointment.
There was an odd ad on the radio for a Viagra type product that you had to ‘qualify’ for (huh?) and the first 200 men who called would receive a free stop watch to time the effects of the product (really?!). I certainly got some good puns out of that ad.

When I got home I finished some tea from earlier and roasted some root veggies for dinner. I set some tea aside for the morning, hoping the weather would brighten so that I could take some Fall Photo’s.

This morning was what I hoped for, shimmering light and blue sky.
I’m going to Douglas Lake behind my daughter’s house to get a sweeping view of the Rocky Mountains. I’ll post later pictures from my shoot.

I had to have the tea I set aside first.

When this tea was ordered I had a long conversation with the owner of Kally Tea and enjoyed the down-to-earth friendly conversation about tea and life.
He lives in the small high desert town of Hemet, California.
In my whole life as a consumer, I can’t think of any product besides tea where you can get to know the owner of the company providing the product.
I’m 64 and unless I walk into a physical store in my town and confront an owner and get to know them, it isn’t going to happen. TEA IS DIFFERENT!
(It’s a miracle really)

The tea
The dry Oolong was loose, not tight little pebbles of leaves
that would unfurl during steeping.
They looked like Black tea leaves and smelled sweet.

I used 1.5 tsp dry to 8oz. water at 160F and steeped 3 minutes.

The liquor was light honey brown, and tasted lighter than I expected for a first steeping. (I will try a little more leaf next time.)

The flavor was soft clover honey melting away on my tongue like water. There was a roastiness so light and savory that it kept drawing me back for more.

I sipped and sipped the smooth, gentle Oolong, thinking how nice
it was to have a tea that wasn’t requiring much of me.
could just relax, not going into ecstacy over it’s wonders or
into disappointment by some flaw.

As the tea cooled, it didn’t blink. Everything stayed as it was.
“Well now, an Oolong for anytime drinking,” I thought.

This type of Oolong is harder to find and one that I’m glad to have. By the way, I think this is one that’s good pared with food.

Here’s a picture from the LAKE http://flic.kr/p/diVvp6


A lake AND mountain view? ooh I am looking forward to your shot!


Did she pick up anything good on sale?


if you name your cane, then will it come back when you call it? :D


I love naming inanimate objects – my car is named Gretta, and I named a car generator thingy my husband got me, Sam (because he’s helpful like Sam Axe on Burn Notice). :) Good review too!


Yea for naming inanimate objects! (And, in my case, anthropomorphizing them…) I named my wok Fozzie just so I can say “wocka wocka!” and chuckle every time I start cooking. =]


I bet she has great taste! She must, if she hangs out at Happy Luckys ;)


She folds into three pieces and then voila, springs back solid which puzzles and delights small children.

Terri HarpLady

I am also a namer of things & plants : )


I’ve decided you should name her “Wanda”… because she’s a magic wandA and also, she likes to wandar. Whatcha think?


Ha! I love Wanda for those reasons, @fleurdelily. Dora (the Explorer) might work, too. :D


Ya’ll is SICK! Funny though! She’s my Schtick. I’m not a Wanda, Dora maybe, she’s more of a tea bar fly kinda gal…a tea lush like her owner.


Dora Wanda Schtick it is then! :)

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Somewhere in Fort Collins, I’ve misplaced my CANE. Usually I leave it at Happy Lucky’s Tea House, so last night on the way home from giving grandson Donovan his birthday gift is where I went hunting for it.

It wasn’t there. Oh No!

I had some tea though (which always makes things better)!

Joe was minding the shop and it was pretty empty except for one other regular. We sat at the bar talking now and then about dancing (she’s a 20 year old dancer) and about tea. We got along well.

Joe and I were discussing the Kenyan tea that I reviewed and how it tasted a little like an Oolong. I mentioned how I enjoyed the roasted Oolongs in the Fall and Winter. He asked if I had tasted the Strong Fire Tieguangin?
“What?” I let him know that I hadn’t been informed about that tea.
Off he went to pull the metal canister for me to smell the leaves.

“Um, yes…very roasty smelling leaves and dark too”, I thought. I’d try this one.

Joe prepared a large clay pot and I waited 4 minutes until the timer went off and the leaves were pulled out.

Gracious! The leaves were Black-Brown and looked more like Pu-erh!
The scent was charcoal and french roast coffee with a little tea sweetness. (I could have spent all my time smelling the leaves if I wasn’t worried about the tea getting cold.)

The flavor was not as smoky as the scent. It was sweet and roasty, savory (not vegital), nutty with an unsweetened chocolate undertone.

The second pot was steeped 3 minutes and the leaves were woody and still half unfurled, with an aroma that was more meaty like a good roast chicken.

The flavor was not as sweet or charcoal, dryer in the mouth but never becoming bitter or astringent. This tea was easy to drink.
I talked to Joe about how I could drink pots of tea with roasted chicken or with a savory rice dish, even something buttery where you need to cut through the fat texture and wash it down like when you eat a pulled pork sandwich.

Yes, this tea could stand up to food without being too heavy on it’s

I liked the roastiness very much with a hint of smoke, not too sweet but with character.

Still looking for my CANE….

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 0 sec

I hope you find your cane soon!


I also hope you find your cane. Is it aluminum or wood.

Terri HarpLady

Could you have left it at church?


Uh oh – I hope it doesn’t mysteriously show up int he hands of one of the scary Happy Lucky basement ghosts! I’m sure it’ll turn up, hopefully soon!

This tea sounds amazing – I would love to try cooking with it too!


OK…The CANE was at OLD NAVY!! It needed a T-Shirt! My cane is blue, silver and black small flowers with a black wood handle. I’ve had her for almost 3 years.

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One of the things I love about meandering in my local Whole Foods
at dinner time is that no one is there!
At my store, they just moved the tea section to a larger and more visible spot.
Unless I go to Happy Lucky’s Tea House, there isn’t any other place in town with a big variety of loose leaf tea.
A good number of the tea’s are from Colorado which is another feature that I love. The Tea Spot from Boulder is represented, and at least 6 or more companies as well as large bins of loose tea and lots of better National brands (including Matcha).

I was looking around and noticed this Chai Concentrate.
For just under $4.00 I could make 64 ounces of Chai…which I thought was pretty good considering all the ingredients were high quality. All I needed to add was milk. There were several flavors available but I picked Vanilla Chai.

First I tried unflavored vanilla almond milk and mixed half Chai, half milk.
I heated a cup in the microwave and …uh…it didn’t turn out well. The flavor was sour and the milk looked curdled.

I scratched my head trying to figure out what went wrong.
Too much Chai perhaps, or wrong milk?

Next I tried less Chai, more milk and the two still didn’t mix well.
I’m not a chemist so I have no idea why this didn’t work out.
I said, “Forget the almond milk.”

I switched to cow’s milk, heated it up (not overly hot per the label instructions) then added 1/3 Chai to 2/3 milk (not half and half)
which worked out tasting the BEST. NO curdling!

The spices do overpower the vanilla taste.
(it’s the clove that’s the culprit and I’d tone it down or take
it out if I was the tea master).

The taste reminds me of Christmas-time with the scent of a clove
studded potpourri and vanilla frosted gingerbread men.

This is another tea that would be fun to play with in recipes.
A little added to pumpkin puree? Now I want to try the other
flavors too!

I’ll keep hunting for these Colorado tea companies. They seem
to be brewing up around Boulder. I hope the trend continues.

In the meantime. I’ll keep hunting for more local brews.


Hoorah! A Colorado steepster friend! :) I like Third Street Chai and was meaning to get one of these bottles. Haven’t had a chance to grab one, though.


you’ve just about got me convinced to move to CO when we retire! sigh… love reading your tea excursions :)


OMG … I LOVE these guys’ chai too. They’re awesome!


I loved Colorado. I want to go back. :(


I never got to hear all about your trip Rachel.


@Bonnie – It was a great trip. I loved Colorado, I just felt a little out of place with all the beer there :(

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Thank you Martin Sankale of Wanja Tea of Kenya for this sample tea!

All of my life I’ve met people who have been to Kenya with fantastic stories to tell. Stories of the Great Rift Valley, with herds of exotic animals and vast lush vista’s.
I bought objects made in Kenya for my home, fabrics and small wood animals, musical instruments. I even had some magazines from Nairobi that a friend brought back from a trip that I would read over and over again, especially loving the Kenyan version of ‘Dear Abby’. One particular letter was from a young woman who was in love with a young man who had ‘tribal scar’s’ on his face. She was concerned that he wasn’t modern enough now that she had a job as a secretary. (remember this was in the 1970’s)

Being a mixed race family, I filled my home with items from Kenya especially, because they were the easiest to find.
I bought small wooden animals, musical instruments and fabrics. I prepared exotic meals and then we danced around to music I found at the library.
The Scot’s side of our heritage wasn’t left out. That side allowed us to have tea time in the afternoon’s, scones and Scot’s eggs, and go to the Highland Games (which we still do and yes, my son has a kilt!).

In my well blended family, we celebrate with bagpipes, drums and an American Flag…the African-American, Scot’s way!
Today I also listen to Kenyan Chant.

Tea Tasting
I’ve had purple tea before but not often. Sometimes I forget how it tastes, different than other tea’s. Even the steeping is different.

You must use less leaf (.5 tsp) and lower temp. (160f) for 4min.
otherwise you won’t have a happy cup.

The first thing I thought when I took my first sip was Oolong.
The savory, floral flavor were a familiar recent tasting memory I suppose. That might give you an idea of where my brain began it’s journey of discovery with this unique Kenyan Purple Tea.

I mentally shook that thought off and began again.

The flavor was sweet and savory in the same way artichoke hearts effect me, I thought, and then I remembered…oh yes…this is one of my rare Umami moments. A deep Umami because the flavor lingers for a long time.

The flavor was at the back of my palate and went up into the nose more like tasting wine would do. I love tea that does this. If you make a little huff, like a nose sigh you get more sense of flavor. Try it some time.
I wouldn’t call this tea woodsy but a little dry as it cools due to faint astringency. Don’t be afraid of it though. The presentation is a dry feel and not a bite.

This is really good tea. Not heavy but really good.

160 °F / 71 °C 4 min, 0 sec

sounds unique!! Wouldn’t it be fun to visit Kenya…


Yes it would. Let’s go. Fr. Evan is going back to visit the schools in the north in 23 months for anyone who wants to work building bricks! (I think I’m too old for that part) I could probably carry water from the pump for a little while or cook though. I’ve got it….I can make tea and sit with the old women!

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Thank you DHart1214 for this big tea sample!

I was laying in bed this morning thinking about Steepster and who was missing. I’ve been on this site for almost 9 months developing friendships with so many amazing, wonderful people that I truly care about. However, something happened between June and now.
Some people have disappeared!
I miss Jason, Ian and ScotTeaMan who drifted away over the Summer.
(You have your own lists of who’s gone missing too)

I was thinking of Steepster as a Cruise Ship full of Staterooms and fancy places to gather and talk about tea.
The Internet Cafe for Reviews, Clubs, Bars (with tea of course) and PM corners for getting to know each other.
Every day we stop and pick up more Passengers.
We’ve even had a few storms. (Remember the upgrade when Steepster was DOWN most of a week!)

Now and then, someone gets off the ship.
Obligations, school or jobs may have required more time. ADIOS!
Still, I miss them. I hope that at some future Port they will get on the ship again because each person is unique.

I’m hopeful that nobody ever feels lonely or left out.
There are several cruise directors who can help guide the new people and a couple of bartenders. (watch out for the ones with the lampshades on their heads though)

If you’re new, find me on the Lido Deck at the Puerh Bar late at night, nursing a multiple steeping and talking to whomever will listen…telling stories. I’ll be glad to help.

Please stay! I care for you all!

Ah Yes The Tea Review
When I lived briefly in Puerto Rico, there was tropical fruit I had never seen before such as Guanabana, Blood Fruit, and Mango’s in various shapes and flavors (such as Pineapple Mango and Apple Mango). But, I loved fresh, ice cold Passion Fruit juice! It was by far my favorite.

When this tea arrived from DHart1214 I said, “Really?” Thinking about how Passion Fruit Wulong would taste.

I followed the steeping instructions for Oolong.
The leaves were very dark green and the liquor champagne yellow.
The scent of the leaves was a bit odd because of the vegital and fruit clashing but the aroma of the liquor was very fruity and sweet with no vegital smell.

The first tasting was mild fruit, lightly sweet and smooth.
I added a little sweetening which improved the Passion Fruit flavor.
The mouth-feel was light and never transitioned to butter, bitter, or astringency.

The second and third steeping’s were still faintly sweet and mild with a more sour fruit taste which would be more like real Passion Fruit. Adding sweetening is something I suggest. The mouth-feel was still light but a little dry.

I read that this is good when iced.

Overall, a very mild and gentle cup of tea.

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Bonnie, you are the best. I can’t even say anymore than that, the cruise ship comparison made my day :)


LOL I will send you a message and explain.

I ♥ NewYorkCiTEA

this was just the right thing for me to read right now.. ♥ ty..

the universe does find ways to always meet our needs..

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drank Yunnan Golden Chai by Verdant Tea
676 tasting notes

This is the last of a full one ounce sample that Jason sent me about 4 months ago. The Chai is very Gingery and got mixed reviews depending on how you feel about ginger really. This is my final cup (sigh).

I’m a fan of ginger. It makes me feel better when my stomach is upset (happens often). The taste of this Golden Chai is not sharp but sweet and mellow. Ginger can be bitter but this tea isn’t even after re-steeping several times.
I love how my body feels warmed from within like a soft glow when I drink this Chai.

I brewed my tea early which was comforting when I turned on my computer. I had slept in a bit, wrote a tea review then went to my email and read some sad but not unexpected news.

The Godmother to my grandchildren, and dearest family friend Terry Beck passed last night after her 5 month battle with cancer.

I’ve spoken of her before. Her 60 foster children, 5 adult children and 5 adopted. She leaves her Husband Fr. Andrew Beck and 2 adopted sons 4 and 8 still at home.
So Memory Eternal to my friend!

I made this tea and looked at pictures of Terry holding my naked Grandson Micah at his Baptism… all smiles. Then I looked out my window and the snowflakes were just beginning to float down.

For about an hour, a steady quiet snow fell.

When she became ill, Terry had a tea time once a week at her home in the Redwoods. Ladies (and a few men) from the neighborhood and the Church would come and make tea and visit. My daughter met with her for tea on the internet and they chatted and laughed.
She communicated to everyone her joy and gratitude for life.

Tea, life, gratitude. I can drink tea and practice gratitude in her memory. I’ll have to work on it since I can be a grumbler.

I’ve gone all over the place with this review. Some people might think this is not appropriate on a tea site. Maybe so. Just don’t hit like and carry on. I’m not offended if people don’t like me. Just be kind to others…that’s when I get upset!

For the end of this discontinued Chai, and the first snow…

…and Terry! http://youtu.be/p3iYnHx8P0s


So sorry for your loss Bonnie. Your friend sounds like a wonderful person xx


So sorry to hear about your loss. She sounds like a wonderful person and that the world will be a little less better without her.

Butiki Teas

Bonnie, So sorry for your loss.


Sorry to hear about your loss.


I’ll forward your kind comments to my grandchildren and daughter too. Thank you.


What a legacy! She sounds amazing. I know you and your family will miss her.


Memory Eternal indeed Bonnie – her spirit inspires countless others to change the world like she has, it’s so clear! <3


It sounds like your Terry lived an amazing, amazing life. I’m sorry that it was cut short, and am sending peace and strength your way.


I’m sorry to hear about your friend Bonnie :( And no, I don’t think the post was inappropriate at all! To be honest, my stomach is upset, so I’m going to brew up a little Laoshan chai, and see if that helps at all, and will do so in honor of your departed friend.


sorry to hear about your loss :( your post was not inappropriate for me steepster is more than just a tea site it’s a community if we can’t talk about that kind of stuff in our community then where can we ?

Tea, Life, Gratitude for who i have in my life and sometimes take for granted because we never know what tomorrow will be

A ginger tea for you and for the memory of your friend and all her family


so sorry to hear your loss and I hope your family can heal knowing you all were made greater by her presence in your lives….my her love live on in you…my very best


Thank you everyone. 500 people attended her funeral yesterday in the redwoods at St. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church, Ben Lomond, CA which is saying a lot for a humble woman who wore thrift store clothes and cared for others before herself.


My condolences for your loss.


so sorry to hear about your loss Bonnie.

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drank Raspberry Rumba by SerendipiTea
676 tasting notes

Thank you DHart1214 for this sample tea

I’m not a hibiscus hater like lots of people on Steepster, and find that it’s nice with fruit blends as long as the other ingredients have enough flavor on their own to keep from being overpowered.
Sort of like not putting mint with a softer vegital tasting tea because it would hide the flavor completely.

So I looked at the ingredients, apple, raspberry, rose hips, hibiscus, natural flavoring and a ‘Guatemalan black tea’ (really?), all organic, and thought that the balance should be tasty.

Yow! The tea brewed up like a Shu Puer on the 2nd steeping, almost black and thick! You could remove grease from a frying pan with the astringency.
Like any good culinary scientist (which I Ain’t),I put a little milk in the tea and watch an instant churning like DRANO as a whirl-wind of tea stirred itself and became a curdled cup of icky gunk!

I began again and tried a lighter steep and still there was a sour bad taste.
No apple, no black tea flavor to be found. Even sweetening could not make this a happy tea.

How can I find the good here. (That’s my job)

I’ve got it! It’s organic!


I love honest reviews :)


I haven’t had anything that undrinkable in a long time. Cooler water maybe? Pass it out at halloween and tell the kids its suppose to be sour? They tell me they like that sort of thing.


Maybe with dry ice? Stick in some red wax lips? Cooler water with black tea? Shiver!


Ooh dry ice. creeepy. Put it in a cauldron and tell them its gopher guts or something equally disgusting.

Several of the black teas I have tried (especially Teavivre) call for below boiling water. Darjeeling should be below boiling. Even some Ceylon teas I brew benefit from lowering the temp a bit. It sounds like it will not help in this case – on the other hand who knows.


It was a sample…wah wah, too bad (har har) can’t try it, all gone. Give it to Mikey! (remember that ad!)
Do you have up-to-date steeping perameter’s for GUATEMALAN BLACK TEA? (joke)


Mix this tea with the big bag of Mate!


Good idea hannabling!

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Thank you Terri Harp Lady for this sample tea!

I woke up at 6:00 a.m. this morning, not my usual time but early enough for a leisurely sit down and cup of tea before heading off to drop my ‘Grandma Van’ at Hawkers Garage for a fix of my windshield wiper fluid delivery system.
I know snow is coming!

When I looked outside, I could see a smattering of snow already on the top of some of parked cars but not on the street. “It’s only October 5th!”, I told myself, then turned away to more important thoughts and decided to make this tea from Terri.

Black Tea, Black Tea, oh how I love Black Tea on a cold, cold day!
The anxiety of not knowing if this was going to be an EH’ tea or an
AMEN’ almost drove me to pull the steep short of the 3 minutes I
set my timer for.

I knew I would add splenda and cream but I tried the tea straight first. Um, the brew was very dark, strong, sweet and rich without being malty or bitter.
When the additions were stirred in, the tea was very smooth and delicious.
I loved the almost blackberry flavor with the roasty honey taste.

I could easily drink this often.

When I finished my tea, off I went to Hawkers where my daughter met me and whisked me off to breakfast at ‘The Breakfast Club’ (real name) for cornbread with sausage gravy. I know…it’s not good for you…blah, blah, blah…!
(I haven’t had this in over a year!)

After much running around, picking up the car and coming home,
I steeped another cup of tea from the morning leaves and enjoyed
more rich, smooth goodness.

I’m on snow watch now, and making rice (potato allergy) clam chowder, looking often out the window. I know this snowfall is only a fluke.

Things will warm up next week I know.
The real snow doesn’t come until Feb.-Mar. but I love the first
snow none-the-less.
Like the little girl I once was instead of an older woman I now am, I watch out my window with joyful anticipation.
I’m waiting for a giant hand to shake a heavenly snow globe, creating a magical white wonderland just for me.


i do wait for the first snow too going to the mountain when the first snow fall from the sky is just magical big flake slow falling do not stay on the ground some of the cloud do begin to look like snow cloud but all come out from now is rain :( ( i still love rain but i prefer the first snow :P )


Me Too Zoltar. We are only going to get about an inch or so. Up higher they will have much more. Still, it is so pretty to sit and sip tea with the magical white snow outside and a fire in my fireplace.


I miss snow sooo much… I wish it would snow here in Ecuador, just once!

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Colorado Grandma

Grandmother to 3 teenaged girls and 5 young boys. (we all drink tea!) I began teatime in the Summer over 30 years ago when my children were little. We took a break from play for tea and snacks every day. My children loved tea time.
There are several tea houses close to my home and a Tea Festival in Boulder. Fort Collins is a bit of a foodie town. We brew lots of Beer (Fat Tire is one brand) and have several Spice Shops (Savory was one featured on Food Network).
Colorado State University is a mile from my home and the Rocky Mountains begin to climb at the end of my street. The climate is semi-arid with LOTS OF SUN AT 5000 feet. (Heavy Winter snows start in higher elevations). Living my whole life in Northern California (Silicon Valley) I have to admit that I LOVE IT HERE!!!
I attend a wonderful Greek Orthodox Church and enjoy cooking ethnic foods (all kinds). I am disabled with Migraines and Fibromyalgia.
My family is Bi-racial (African-American, Scots) and Bi-cultural, (Peru, Cyprus, France, Mexico, Native American)
I’ve worked at a Winery, was a System Analyst, in telecom, been an Athlete and Coach, Artist, Vista Volunteer. Love healthy cooking (and delicious food!). Love to travel and have been to Italy, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Peru, Croatia, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska


Fort Collins,Colorado

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