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After the storm

Thanks to all who sent me little notes of encouragement during the 1000 year storm in Colorado last week!

When you live by yourself, kindness is appreciated, especially when my daughter was across the river unable to get to this side of town and her phone and internet was down (poor thing)!

What you’ve seen in the news isn’t ever what is happening on the ground. Anyone who’s been in a major disaster knows what I mean.

The National News (even what you’ll see tonight with Brian Williams) will be all about Boulder, where less than 200 homes were lost. That is a horrible tradgedy!
I don’t mean to underplay what was lost in Boulder, but here in Larimer County we’ve lost 1500 homes, flooding is still happening out on the plains right now, 20,000 homes are damaged and rescue helicopters (the big ones that can carry 20 people) have been flying low over my house since yesterday.

Over 100 people are still missing here…and rescues are going on as I write this!

Bridges, roads, businesses are gone and farm animals will need feed…if not found dead. 13 Post Offices are gone, sewage plants gone. http://youtu.be/IfvfIEMZ0tg A Short from Friday before copters could get in the air for assessment (Monday was the first dry day).

This 1000 year storm is our Katrina.

Granddaughter Schey called… the phone service was on at the house, and internet so I invited her to tea at Happy Lucky’s and dinner at my house.

Some of the bridges over the Poudre River are open (but not all).

The sun was out, people were flocking into the shop for tea and to talk about the flooding.

I ordered this tea, knowing that Schey loves mint, and we chatted with all the people coming and going. Joe’s mom, Paxton from Firehouse Bookstore, and Maggie (a new tea slinger who lived in China).

When we finished our tea and visit we went to one of the candy shops for malt balls (needed for watching Derek with Ricky Gervais on Netflix). On the way back, we saw something new…which neither of us had seen before. A Hummingbird moth flitting around the flowers in a large flowerpot. It looked like a tiny hummingbird without a beak. http://youtu.be/Jn9zx1gHD6I

I’m mindful at the best and most challenging times of how blessed I am to have kind people in my life. People here on Steepster, kind people at my Tea Shop and a granddaughter who regularly checks up on me and meets me for tea.

If you get a chance to see the new Netflix series Derek, pay attention to the main theme which is kindness. It is charming and refreshing.

Enjoyable to watch with malt balls candy and Chocolate Mints (made some at home too) by the pot! (I’ve indulged myself!)

FYI To people who have sent me tea to review, I have been too distracted with the storms and not sleeping well. Weather alarms, helecopters and all… I couldn’t do a good job reviewing your tea… but will get back to normal soon with some rest.


So glad you’re safe and staying well Bonnie


Agreed! Given all the damage from this 1000 year flood, will you be OK this winter?


I’m glad you and your family are safe Bonnie, we just have few images here in French news and it looks terrible. they are also only speaking of Boulder and I thought it was because it was “better” in your area…I was wrong, I send you hugs from France


Looseteaman, our snowy months are March and April with an inch here and there the months before. Average rain in the Fall and Winter is almost zero! Our rainy month is May…and this is a semi-arid zone, very dry! Unless we have a 1000 year snow, we’ll be good in the lowlands but there isn’t time to rebuild all the bridges and mountain roads that are gone. The road to Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park was destroyed. They get snow up there through more of the year at 7000ft and higher.
Thanks for the hugs Ysaurella! I know you have storms there too!

The fact that more lives have not been reported lost as yet is promising and NO looting at all! 20,000 homes damaged and thousands in shelters and NO looting! There is even feed and hay banks for animals and staging with vets for herds of cattle, horses and goats. The Prairie farms have been flooded, not just the mountains. Tonight one prairie town river is cresting 11feet above flood stage.

And so it is.


Wow. Glad you’re all right!

Thank you for the broader insight into what’s happening. Here’s hoping for a smooth, full, and relatively speedy recovery (one can dream, no?).


I remember when we didn’t hear from people during hurricane Sandy…even Stacy at Butiki had losses and power outages. When theres trouble I worry about my steepster friends!

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Thank’s to Verdant for this sample tea that came with my Laoshan Black order!

Could not go anywhere today, neither could my daughter because of the rain/floods. Not sleeping well until this is over so my review might be squashy. Apologies.

This is one of the tea blends that I had been wanting to try, and it came at the best of times… weather-wise, this has been the worst of times for thousands here in the Colorado floods.

Yesterday was especially hard. My TV had been bleeping frequent emergency warnings for many days. Three nights with not enough sleep caught up with me.

Because of so many road closures and flooding everywhere… I sat and wrote on my blog about the importance of sharing tea with others and said it’s not good to drink tea alone all the time.
When I finished writing, I checked my Facebook, and had a note from Preston (who works at the tea house) inviting me to come to town…and he’d buy me a free pot of tea.

What great timing! I had just written about how sharing tea with others produces kindness and here I was receiving this exact gift.

I arrived as tea slinger Joe was leaving…off shift for the day at 5 PM. He stopped short with his cool bike helmet still on his head to make me some lovely sea urchin tea that he went and pulled from the back room.This was a tea not for sale…but his gift to me.

Sam was sitting at the bar, having a dinner break. He got up, walked over and brought me a ginger cookie (my favorite) to go with my tea.

Preston made me his custom blend with cocoa nibs and puerh. Very tasty!

Like adopted Grandsons, these young men made sure that Tea Shop Grandmother Bonnie was taken care of, not alone in the storm.

I was humbled by them and truly blessed.

If you have time, you might like to read what I wrote before I was summoned to tea. www.teaandincense.com

Tea Review:

For my breakfast tea, I made Sweet Cinnamon Puerh! Perfect rainy weather tea!

I make my own puerh blends using Old Comrade and Laoshan Black with cinnamon chips and cocoa nibs or whatever I want to add…Winter Ginger Blend is good to use with puerh. In the past, some Verdant puerh blends were seasonal and I couldn’t get them so I improvised.

I’ve done pretty well, so I was skeptical about the sweet cinnamon puerh being better than my own blend if I’m being truthful.

I made a small pot of tea and was surprised at the velvety sweetness of the cinnamon.

You can order expensive, sweet ground cinnamon but not chips that are as sweet as Verdant’s…and I’d bet Verdant is producing their own since I remember a conversation about creating spice chips with David Duckler some time ago.

The mint and goji berry add needed complexity but take a back seat to the comforting Cinnabon-like cinnamon.

This is Fall and Winter Puerh! Grandma’s kitchen with baking pies and inviting warmth!

I will purchase this, I can’t replicate the cinnamon and I want it!


Such a lovely post!


It’s good to know you haven’t needed a boat! ;-))


No boat! Sadly, over 1200 people are still unaccounted for, 17,000+ homes damaged and roads and highways not just damaged but gone. Bridges gone too. With Winter a few months away…this will be a race to repair access to communities in higher elevations such as Estes Park. Unlike other States, we have one major North/South Highway and it was closed! (May still be) No trucks or cars!
Rescue has been like Katrina by helicopters when the weather was good enough. I’m thankful that my neighborhood is ok.


Agreed, there’s no question that CO is in the midst of an unbelievable major disaster similar to Katrina. Thus, I’ve been following your posts to make sure you’re OK. Please excuse my feeble attempt to try and lighten a very sad situation and to express joy that you’re OK despite the massive flooding.


I know my tea grandkids (you and the teahouse crew included) are looking out for me! Latest count on the news right now is 808 missing in just my county (Larimer) so I’m grateful that my whole family is safe!


Glad to hear your family is safe.


Thank you for being so caring!


Hope you and yours stay safe


Today is all about the rescue helicopters going overhead. I’m going outside to the end of the block to photograph them flying into the hills where people have been trapped for days.


We’re glad to see you’re still able access Steepster from the flood zone. Is it still raining? Are they still issuing flash flood warnings?


Stopped raining so copters can finally fly in. Flood warnings will continue until tomorrow because rain water flows downhill from 16,000 ft peaks to us at 5000 ft. I’m fine but lots of people don’t be doing well.


Anyone can see my pictures posted as public on Facebook, Bonnie Johnstone


I’m glad you are OK. How’s your daughter doing? Everything ok across the river?


I’m glad you’re still safe!

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drank Cuppa Coffee by sTEAp Shoppe
676 tasting notes

Thanks to Janet for this sample tea still in the testing stage!

Just because I Love Tea doesn’t mean that I ‘hate coffee’!
Coffee was my first love, and occasionally I’ll request a Vietnamese coffee (with sweetened condensed milk) at Happy Lucky’s Tea House. They make it with Chicory Coffee from New Orleans, Community Coffee. It’s so rich that it’s like having a thick, coffee flavored truffle!

I was surprised to see this blend coming from tea lover Janet, but then remembered her location in Northern California where coffee tradition runs deep. Bridging the tea/coffee world is smart.

Chicory as an ingredient is potent. A third the amount of chicory to coffee for brewing is the rule or the result would be too bitter for drinking. The amount used in this blend is perfect and forms a base for the puerh, black tea and espresso.

The use of cocoa nibs didn’t make the blend chocolate flavored but added maltiness and the maple syrup didn’t add maple flavor but added enough sweetness for those wanting to drink the blend with just added milk or straight up.

It’s the allspice that transforms the coffee-tea drink into something different.

Chicory and puerh can be a bit spicy or tangy on their own which would have gone unnoticed except for the addition of allspice.
The allspice whispered chai. I kept going back, refilling my cup and wanting more.

I’m not sure if the name should be changed to Spiced Cuppa Coffee or Exotic or something else…or if the spice isn’t intended is it necessary (even though I liked the allspice quite a bit).

Naturally flavored Puerh blends that Janet has been creating are fun and this is another one that I’ll give a thumbs up!

Just got an invite from Preston and Sam for free pot of tea and a cookie so I’m off…

New blog entry… www.teaandincense.com


BTW for anyone who hears the news about Colorado right now. The rains are still here and there are places we can’t go like the one freeway North to South. Can’t go the 14 miles to church (Loveland) or to my daughter’s across the Poudre river or North or South of town or into the hills of course. I can make it to the tea house. Internet, Phone is down in places (like my daughter’s house). I live at the foot of a dam but it’s 7 miles long and won’t overflow. In some area’s about 30 miles (Loveland) away this is called a 500-1000 year storm. Friends are stranded but this will pass. Everyone is fine really and the sun will shine next week. Have to get past the rain this weekend and to the communities where the roads were distroyed in the mountains higher up like Estes Park. Thanks for all the lovely notes!


I was worried it would be flooding here in WY too. It’s been just raining everyday the past week! craziness. Glad to hear that you and your family are well.


Stay safe, hon.

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drank Laoshan Black by Verdant Tea
676 tasting notes

Laoshan Black for calming nerves!
Every hour the emergency warning system blasts announcements about the current flood emergency. The whole State has need drenched with a year’s rainfall total in 4 days (120 inches of snow equivalent).
The 100 year storm they call it.

This will pass.

Living at an elevation, weather is much more interesting than it was in California!

I ducked into the tea shop early along with young friends Devina (a Linda Hop Dancer and student at CSU), a Drama student and Bryce who plays trombone in the CSU marching band. All my young friends are a reminder of how generous and welcoming the tea community is to people of all ages.

Schools are closed, roads are rivers in some places and the morning will bring news of flooding. My favorite comfort tea makes me feel better no matter what!

Laoshan Black was my first great tasting tea. I’m never without my favorite tea in the cupboard so let the rain fall, I’m set with my tea!


Bonnie, Thanks for recommending Laoshan Black! We’ve both enjoyed it – http://steepster.com/looseTman/posts/191679#.

The network national evening news out of Boulder, Colorado Springs, & Denver was quite something! Are you all in Fort Collins away from the worst of it?


oh my! see this is the first i’ve heard of the flooding (no cable).


Hope things don’t get too bad! They got really bad in Southern Alberta this year too! Thinking of you guys!


Nope the whole State is flooding because the storm has come from the south to north. There goes another alarm. The river could overflow…it’s at max right now and there has been some evacuations in the canyons and hills above me. I live beneath a 7mile long reservoir…like a block away from the hill it’s on.
Glad you enjoyed Laoshan Black Tea! I’ll stay home and keep drinking tea!


I’ll be fine. Thanks though. We didn’t have fires this year and had a good Summer and Winter so that’s a blessing. I lived in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California and when you live in wild places, you have to know how to adjust to wild weather. Mountains are going to have snow, fires and flooding. People have to get out of the way and not build without this in mind.


My side of town going North is blocked by the Poudre River so my daughter can’t come to town or visa versa. Many roads out. I took a snack to the guys at Happy Luckys, but the owner and manager are stuck across the river too.


I’m glad to hear you are safe so far, Bonnie!

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You’ve heard a hundred zillion times that I’m allergic to rooibos and honeybush. They’re in the bean family which makes me SICK.

So what! Nobody else cares really UNLESS you’re my tea slinger friends at Happy Lucky’s Tea House.

Why? I’m a particularly annoying pest at the tea house because I ask them to create blends that don’t have rooibos in them.

Most tea companies do not make caffeine free, natural tea blends without my allergy specific ingredients ‘that taste good’. Usually they’re all about the same. Ginger, hibiscus, chamomile.
(A few companies do ok, but I can count them on one hand)

It’s not only the allergy concern, but I like to serve tea to little ones without caffeine too, and Andy (our Master Tea Blender) has been listening to my plea’s for rooibos free tea. Bless his sweet tea heart, he created Chocolate Mints.

Anyone who likes after dinner chocolate mints (and a little coconut) will adore this delectable blend.

This should be brewed by the pot.

The secret to the rich chocolate bar flavor is a long steep of 5-7 minutes extracting the goodness slowly from the cocoa hulls.
Coconut is sprinkled throughout the mixture, which adds a nuttiness
that is brilliant.

I add milk and sweeten just a bit for an even richer creamy, sweet, indulgent dessert!

Andy won’t mind me saying this, because he already knows how much of a tea nerd I am. But when I want to make this a blend with caffeine, I’ve added black tea to it…especially a pinch of cocoa malty tea like a the shop’s Black Pearl or other tea from my cupboard.

Great herbal for chocolate lovers who are tired of fake chocolate.


Hmmmm…… :)


I can hear your brain whirring from here Sil!


haha i’m actually looking at vacation for almost the last week of october and one of the places i’m looking at going just for kicks is colorado heh


Let me know. This is an easy State to get around in, but it helps to know the best digs, eats, tea, breweries, wildlife, scenic places and events that suit your taste for a good price(or free). Fall in Colorado is stunning!


Will do! I have a sneaking suspicion that we’ll end of visiting “family” in Orlando…but a girl can dream. I almost placed an order tonight with happy lucky but since shipping to Canada is a little insane, I need to wait so I can have it sent to me tea mule (or Terri haha)


I plan on coming to Colorado in the spring. I’ll have to add this to my list! This tea sounds delectable!


You guys let me know…I’ll give you a tour or tips. ANYWAY,I made a batch of cookies cuz it’s raining (we hardly ever get real rain here, it’s an arid zone) and I ate ALL of them! I’m a bad girl!


This sounds amazing!!!

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drank Pound Cake by sTEAp Shoppe
676 tasting notes

Thank you Janet for this Sample Tea

My first puerh’s were flavored ones. I don’t really consider this ‘flavored’, not like the ones that were sprayed with who-knows-what alcohol artificial flavorings that would make me barf if I drank them now.
But then, I thought that tea was dessert and a subsitute for cake and cookies. Tea was a way for me to indulge my cravings and lose weight.
It worked for awhile. I lost 20 lbs. in the first few months that I landed here on Steepster.

Then I became a tea snob.

No, no, no! I hope I didn’t/am not. I just changed and learned some things about tea and how it effected my health.

Tea has been revolutionary.

Within the last several years of drinking tea, I decided to change. I lost more weight, made new tea friends, ate healthier, and now drink tea that is naturally flavored or not flavored at all(I wouldn’t be rude if offered artificially flavored tea).

I was pleased when Janet created her first naturally flavored Puerh Tea, Cinnamon Swirl (which was outstanding)! Talk about a good dessert!

This new pound cake tea was a direction I didn’t expect. Usually, companies create chocolate or strawberry puerh but Janet was playing with bready Puerh instead of more common cedar or woody tasting puerh. I think her choice was smart.

The first steep was ‘nice’ (as in ok or average).
The second steep was much better because the puerh was ‘awake’ and contributed more flavor and full-bodied breadiness to the pound cake tea making it truly dessert-like.

I suggest adding milk for sure, even coconut or almond milk would be delicious. Stir with a cinnamon stick or throw in a piece of ginger for flavored pound cake.

I re-steeped 3 pots of tea 20oz each.

A cocoa nib version of this same tea would taste just like chocolate chip cookies!

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Thank you Teavivre for this sample tea!

When you open the silver packet of tea, the rose fragrance is potent…released as it should be from a properly sealed container (which Teavivre does so well with much care).

The rose scent can be a bit off-putting. Even I was wary…and in my mind I spoke to myself “Oh no, a perfumy tea!” But I was wrong.

I had Eric brew some up (I tried it first at home and was excited for his reaction at the tea shop). He said out loud what I had thought when he put his nose down into the dry leaves…“A perfumy rose tea!” And when he sipped the tea, “Huh, it doesn’t taste strong rose, in fact this is really good!”, said he.

George lumbered behind the bar…with his “Watcha drinkin”, rinsed out a cup and poured from the gaiwan after sniffing and saying the third “Oh wow ROSE!”…then “Huh?…this isn’t strong like I thought, it tastes Yunnan Black, really good, almost Golden Monkey.” And off he went out the door. (He owns the shop)

I like having other opinions after I’ve made my own. Makes me chuckle to see other people have the same reaction…like I have a secret that I’m springing on them.

My Black Tea loving friends are thumbs up on this rose tea. I think it’s the best Rose Black I’ve had too.

Very, very fragrant aroma…lovely not icky strong scent that fools one into thinking the taste will follow and be rose too but it doesn’t go there.
The flavor is hearty with a HINT of floral not a bouquet just the way it should be. Plenty of body and robust flavor in the tea. Not girly, fru-fru or tea-party-only tea.

I’d share this with a man (if I could find one).

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One of my hobbies is cooking even though I don’t cook high calorie foods unless I’m cooking for a crowd of people! For me, it’s lean and delicious!!! I had a wonderful creative outburst at lunch today and made a smoothie with Spring Harvest Laoshan Green Tea but no dairy or other milk!

Cucumber and Spring Harvest Laoshan Green tea sounded like good partners with added lime, ice and clover honey. That was all I needed for creating a SMOOTHIE.

The technique was the trickier part of the process because I don’t own an expresso machine or matcha grinder for making a proper green tea shot!

Here’s what I did to compensate:

The recipe and photo are on my blog www.teaandincense.com


Will be trying that smoothie.

Lily Duckler

Bonnie- this sounds so good! Thank you for the recipe: I am definitely passing the recipe and whole blog post on to our Daily Specials brewers to see if we can’t try our own version of this. No Spring Harvest left, but I wonder what it will be like with the summer harvest? I will post pictures and updates once we give it a try!


That sounds delicious!


Good Lily! I’m sure yours will taste better especially with your experience and equipment! Looking forward to the results!


ooh that sounds tasty bonnie…not sure i would have thought of doing that on my own!


I have more time than most people and used to play a game with my Aunt years and years ago trying to guess what ingredients were in restaurant dishes. We both ended up entering cooking contests (she’s 93 now). One of the few creative things you can keep doing if you’re rich or poor is to cook delicious healthy food.


I went out to the blog and I hoped to ‘follow’ it but couldn’t find an option….I will try and keep in touch better

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drank Peach HoppiTea by Butiki Teas
676 tasting notes

I live in a brewery town, BEER TOWN USA is what it should say on the town sign!
Breweries buy ingredients for beer in the tea shop and the 2 spice shops in Old Town. Fields of golden hops grow close by. New Belgium Brewery, Coopersmith’s, Odell’s, Feisty Spirits Distillery, Fort Collins Breweries, nine just within a few blocks of each other.

I wondered what a Hoppi Tea would taste like? With some excitement, I rushed with my little packet of Butiki Tea for Andy (tea blender) to taste. I love Stacy’s creativity and had been talking to Andy about a beer tea creation of his own for the tea shop since we’re a brewery town (but not a Peach Hoppi copy).

When I arrived at the shop, people were wandering in after classes ended at the University. It was the end of a hot (95 degree) afternoon. Today was the first NFL football game of the season with the Bronco’s playing and I was asked to explain football to a newly arrived Cambodian agriculture student who had never seen a Football game before and had just slept in a bed with a mattress for the first time.

I took a deep breath and did my best.

By the time I finished my explanation, I needed a real beer (and he probably needed one too!). He asked me why I came alone today to the tea shop, because he had seen me before with my granddaughters Schey. I knew it would blow his mind, but I had to tell him that I lived by myself and not with my daughter and 8 grandchildren. He was a bit shocked at the idea that I as a grandmother lived separate from my family.

Ah well. Culture shock. Poor young man.

I love my tea shop! There’s never a dull moment!

Back to the Hoppi Tea!

Joe did a splendid job steeping a batch for tasting and everyone had pretty much the same reaction to the taste.

The comments were:
This is a drinking tea and not a tea tasting tea!
Meant for drinking with food more than on it’s own.
A little bitter but in a great way!

I listened to the opinions and comments around me and agreed that the tea should be ‘drunk’ not ‘sipped’.
I’d prefer drinking the tea with a food like pizza which would counter the sweet-bitterness with saltiness (classic beer pairing foods would work well…chili and so on!).

I liked the flavor! Can’t wait to play with it at home some more!

Stacy, some more brewery tea’s!!!

Terri HarpLady

Nice review, Bonnie!


You always make people feel special Terri!

Terri HarpLady

That’s because people are special, Bonnie! Including you! :)

Butiki Teas

Bonnie-absolutely, we have a line of beer teas planned. I would love to hear what Andy comes up with if he does decide to try a beer tea. They are very difficult to blend. The fruit and hops really fight for dominance and finding the sweet spot was challenging. I also recommend adding just a very tiny bit of sugar. It will be a little more beer like, but too much sugar will cancel out the hops.


True, true! The breweries really do get creative, especially Odell’s with some local flavors that only sell here. There’s curry beer for instance, and naturally Lugene Chocolate Milk beer, fruit beers like the current fresh fruit… raspberry cherry. The next release has pepper, banana with hops and stone fruit. One hoppi beer is pretty floral.
New Belgium pairs hops with Pumpkin juice, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Allspice, Cranberries, Lemongrass. HUM… this is their Pumpkick Beer. Oh yes, they have Yuzu and Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout. So, you see that I kid you not when my mind wanders and wonders about BEER and TEA! (There are a dozen other breweries I could look at.)

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August 2013 Picking

I almost wish there had been another listing for this tea by season because I’ve written reviews for last season and this new one is different.

Yes, I still have some tea left from last season’s purchase which I shared with quite a few friends here in Fort Collins and sent to California. That tea was outstanding “sweet like cotton candy”, Joe at Happy Lucky’s Tea House likes to say.

Joe works on Thursdays, so today I took the new Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black Tea in for tasting.

When I arrived, Joe’s mom was at the bar and joined in with fellow tea slinger Sam (Andy came by for a sweet sip later on).

In no time, tiny cups of fragrant, golden tea was being passed around for tasting…and immediately we could tell the difference from last season and this season’s tea. Both take your breath away with the quality of flavor, the sweet scent but this season was slightly less sweet than last.

When we were on the first steep I told Joe that the tea aroma was permeating my head with an intense flavor imprint. When this happens usually I get a little stabbing headache between my eyes, but not with this tea.

Joe’s mother had never had a tea this good. It was a treat to share with her, and she loved the experience.

Something else was different that I discovered much later.

We tasted another tea, then, I drank a pot of tea (which is my custom when I go to the tea shop).
At home, I drank another pot of tea…but I kept tasting the Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black Tea!

This was my first experience with any tea flavor lingering such a long time!

How Stacy pulls strings to bring such a fine tea to us is a mystery! This is one of the finest tea’s I’ve ever tasted and close to the original tea she introduced before!

This is a not to be missed tea!

Steep in a gaiwan or use a finum infuser basket (or teacup and strainer) for best results and short steep time. Western style brewing wastes the leaves in my opinion.

If you only had few tea’s you could buy, this would be in my top 5 at least!

Added note I just remembered Joe’s mom (also named Stacy) asking when one should drink this tea?
Joe answered, “While watching a beautiful sunset.”
To which I added…“On Santorini or Hawaii.”

“When you propose, fall in love, your Anniversary.”

You get the picture of how special this tea is!


mine’s coming! (then no tea until november).


You won’t regret the purchase James. Take your time with it.

Terri HarpLady

James: keep kidding yourself ;)
Bonnie: another beautiful review. Hearing about your adventures @ Happy lucky’s is like a tea drinkers version of ‘Cheers’. I look forward to every episode :)


You’d love it! It is like cheers! New Belgium Brewery is hosting a fundraiser for Sustainable Schools International, which is the charity that the teahouse owner’s wife began (10% of tea profits benefit the charity), this weekend. The shop has been full of art and artifacts from Cambodia for auction and last minute rushing. African safaris, a trip to the Glenburn Tea Estate in Darjeeling are up for auction too. You’d love the energy!


Very well said Terri! Thanks to Bonnie’s talent! Perhaps Happy Lucky’s will be made into a mini-series?


Bloop, I’d be in the basement going boo!to the people on the ghost tour! (Oh yes, ghost tour’s file behind the tea bar several times a week while you’re sipping tea, head down to the basement where solitary confinement was located and underground tunnels…because the teahouse was a firehouse AND jail!) Where IS Stephen King?

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Colorado Grandma

Grandmother to 3 teenaged girls and 5 young boys. (we all drink tea!) I began teatime in the Summer over 30 years ago when my children were little. We took a break from play for tea and snacks every day. My children loved tea time.
There are several tea houses close to my home and a Tea Festival in Boulder. Fort Collins is a bit of a foodie town. We brew lots of Beer (Fat Tire is one brand) and have several Spice Shops (Savory was one featured on Food Network).
Colorado State University is a mile from my home and the Rocky Mountains begin to climb at the end of my street. The climate is semi-arid with LOTS OF SUN AT 5000 feet. (Heavy Winter snows start in higher elevations). Living my whole life in Northern California (Silicon Valley) I have to admit that I LOVE IT HERE!!!
I attend a wonderful Greek Orthodox Church and enjoy cooking ethnic foods (all kinds). I am disabled with Migraines and Fibromyalgia.
My family is Bi-racial (African-American, Scots) and Bi-cultural, (Peru, Cyprus, France, Mexico, Native American)
I’ve worked at a Winery, was a System Analyst, in telecom, been an Athlete and Coach, Artist, Vista Volunteer. Love healthy cooking (and delicious food!). Love to travel and have been to Italy, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Peru, Croatia, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska


Fort Collins,Colorado

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