Size: Small
Quality: Classic
Flavoring: Delicate

When I first got this, I wasn’t sure how I was going to like this. Opening the package, I could smell a more butterscotchy scent than caramel. (I’ve had people say it smells like vanilla cupcakes and bubblegum.) The fragrance is very potent. It does change a bit when adding warm water to it, but it doesn’t last.

When I first tried this, I added about .5-1 teaspoon to a bottled water and shoot it up. The butterscotch scent was still there, and there was a bit of a weird aftertaste to it? It might have just been me, It was a bit caramel, but still vegetal.

Second time, I made a latte. I had only used about… a teaspoon, used water from my keurig (didn’t have time to properly heat it), whisked, and then added some soy milk. It was either too much milk or not enough matcha, but it was very milky with a light hint of the match lingering in. I wasn’t too impressed with it at this point, but I was still willing to try. After all, I’m still new at making this. This was just an error due to the user. (It would turn out that would be the problem.)

A few tries later, I made another latte. This time I used a rough tablespoon sifted, then added a few tablespoons of hot water and whisked excessively. Added a bit more water, ice cubes, few splashes of skim milk (soy has been out because of the potential of damaging effects of it, whoops), and mixed again. I think I might have found the perfect way to make this. It’s sweet, and doesn’t have an overbearing taste to it. The caramel is mixed just right with the match so it masks the flavor of it. Over all, I just really like this. The original scent scared me at first because of how strong it was, but it has evened out really nicely in the end. Personally, I think I’ll be using this more for lattes than as regular tea.

I’m kind of excited for summer to be able to add this into smoothies and try out different combinations with this.

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