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Ewwww. That’s the most proper thing that I can say as a gentleman when it comes to this herbal nightmare. Sickly, sour and flat. Tried it twice to make sure I wasn’t steeping incorrectly. I wish I’d only tasted once. There is nothing at all redeeming about this product. Ewwww again.

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This is my favourite bagged Oolong brand. I have a leg up at the distributor, so I get bulk prices by the case. I supply it to a local Chinese restaurant as well and we advertise each other. Prince of Peace has a lovely aroma and beautiful colour. I drink it before and after tai chi or yoga. Sometimes, I blend it with Bigelow Organic Green to really give it a spark.

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I douse myself in Constant Comment on a daily basis; I consume the regular during working hours and decaf in the evenings. There is little difference between the two that I can gather. It’s excellent for blending when you want a touch of spice to bring an earthy, darker tea to a brighter existence. I buy two boxes a week for home use.

Bigelow Tea

Nice to hear how much you enjoy our flagship tea!
Kathy for Bigelow Tea

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Damned good tea. I really have to get more of this stuff. If it was less expensive, I’d replace Tetley with it altogether. I feel that the best blended black teas in the world are comprised of Assam and Ceylon and Twinings does a remarkable job of bringing the two together in spectacular fashion. It’s very dark and powerful so a dash of milk and sugar might take the edge off the bite.

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White tea is often too delicate for my tastes, having grown up on full-bodied black teas. But, I love to use this tea for blending with others to add character. Since it’s naturally decaffinated, I enjoy the opportunity to blend it freely and without reservation. By itself, this tea is a little sweet and lacking any true substance.

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Green Island teas are nearly impossible to obtain unless you do so online. I’ve tried several, but their best tea is the Ceylon Blend. It’s absolutely fantastic. I pay more to import this tea than any other tea in my arsenal. The same blend (from the same producer in Sri Lanka) is also offered by a distribution company called NaturDays but I can’t find it anymore. I enjoy it on weekends only in the mornings. Too expensive for everyday use.

3 min, 30 sec

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drank British Blend by Tetley
41 tasting notes

My second-favourite bagged black tea brand in the world thusfar. If I went a morning without it, I’d probably struggle the whole day. I also enjoy the decaf version every evening and often use it as a base for blending.

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I just got this last evening and I have to say that although it’s not as good as Tetley, it’s still rather nice. A smooth and strong blend, perfect for morning. The Assam is very apparent in this tea. I recommend it if you’ve no Tetley around.

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Not my favourite Oolong brand, but it’s always fresh and has a buttery flavour which is appealing to me. The problem is that if you over-steep it, it tastes like a mouthful of dirty grass mingled with an odour of cat pee. A quick 2-minute splash and it’s ready to go!

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drank Green Tea by Bigelow
41 tasting notes

I oversteep this tea or use two bags in order to get a decent flavour out of it. It’s pleasant and very smooth. If I feel frisky, I’ll grab a bag of Oolong and steep them together for five minutes in an 8-ounce cup and add a drop or two of clover honey. I believe that honey and tea are God’s two greatest edible gifts and I rarely have one without the other.

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British-born supporter of the Monarchy and of traditional tea times (including quitting work at 4:00 everyday!). I’ve no patience for herbal infusions as my palette was trained with blacks and greens. I’ve traveled extensively whilst in the Royal Navy and have had ample opportunity to sample some of the world’s best teas. I import several varieties and spend alot time blending.


Vancouver, British Columbia

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