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drank Jasmine Oolong by Tea Ave
84 tasting notes

I finished off my sample of this and got quite a few steepings from it. Beautiful jasmine aroma and buttery oolong, which I enjoyed. I also gave a cup to my husband who initially said ‘mmm good’ after taking a sip but then after drinking the cup said he didn’t care for it so much as it reminded him of ‘olive leaves or something’. :)
I put the leftover brewed leaves in a jar with water in the fridge overnight and was treated with a gorgeous glass of iced tea the next day. The color of this brew struck me as so beautiful – it was such a perfectly clear golden yellow and simply lovely to look at. The flavor was perfect as well; crisp and floral without a hint of bitterness.

(Note:) I originally wrote this review on April 25th but hadn’t posted it at the time, and ten days later my husband had to return to hospital after our short time back home. Although we hoped he would be returning home again that never happened. And despite everything, he took his last breath November, 2015.
Over the past months I have read this saved review many times and have recalled this moment, and am now sharing it here. To remember this moment spent with my beautiful husband, so brave, so loving. Always my sweet angel, always my love.


So sorry for your loss…. thinking about you. :((


So sorry to hear this.


So sorry, caile :(


I’m so sorry, Caile. Strength and comfort to you and your family.


I am so sorry, caile. :(


So sorry for your loss


♥ I’m so sorry to hear.

Roswell Strange

So sorry. Thoughts are with you <3


You still have an angel looking over you. Hope there is comfort for you. I lost my Father this year as well. It is tough but remember the good and happy times.


I’m so sorry for your loss Caile.


Caile, thanks for sharing this sweet memory. Praying that great peace surrounds you during these hard days.


Thank you all for your kind words and condolences – I will hold these comforts close.


So sorry to hear about this caile. Hugs to you and my thoughts are with you, happy you have great memories to cherish! ♥


My thoughts are with you. It’s comforting to know you have some good memories to hold on to. ♥


So sorry for your loss. <3


Thank you for sharing this. I’m so sorry.


OMG! My breath stopped when I read this. I hope tincture of time is helping you to deal with your loss. You have my sincere condolences.


Thank you very much for your condolences Whiteantlers (and to everyone else here as well). xo It takes my breath away too.


Oh I just read this Caile!! I am sorry for your loss. I am glad there are lots of friends here on Steepster. I am glad I came back today.


Thank you Lee!
I saw that you were back today – I have been up to reading tea reviews lately and was glad to see yours.


Caile good to see you back. I hope you are doing well.


So kind of you to think of me mrmopar. Thank-you.

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drank Ginger Lily Oolong by Tea Ave
84 tasting notes

A lovely tea with a floral and buttery aroma, that tastes creamy and sweet with a subtle hint of warm spiciness. Very gentle and warming. Will brew the leftover leaves in the fridge overnight as I usually do, and expect it will be delicious cold as well.

200 °F / 93 °C 1 min, 0 sec

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drank Rose Oolong by Tea Ave
84 tasting notes

The dry leaf has a lovely floral scent. I didn’t get any rose in the brewed taste or aroma though, and actually found it a little bitter. I put the rest in a jar in the fridge to cool, and preferred it that way the next day. There was still a hint of bitterness but I liked it better cold as it was refreshing. Also noted some nuttiness which I didn’t notice when hot, and was quite good. I would have liked more rose though

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drank Magnolia Oolong by Tea Ave
271 tasting notes

I love this one – a perfect combination of creamy, nutty and sweet floral with a hint of fresh green stems. Gorgeous fragrance. Brewed several cups hot and then cold steeped the used leaves in the fridge for a refreshing glass of chilled tea the next day.


I had this one today. Very unique and super floral!


Yay! I like the floral in it lot. :)

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Another lovely sample I was given to try. :)
Interesting leaf, that even after numerous steeps over a couple days, still has clumps holding together and looks somewhat like decayed wood. Taste is very mild and creamy smooth though, and not particularly woody at all; perhaps just a bit of earthiness.

Boiling 0 min, 30 sec 4 g 3 OZ / 90 ML

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Damp earth and woods with a deep velvety sweetness. Dark and comforting.

A sample from a special tea friend – thank you!

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 4 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

Nice – I’ve been looking at this one for awhile now, might need to break down and get some. Glad you enjoyed it. :))


A good one Dex.


Dexter, I still have some of the sample left if you’d like to try it.


i totally have some of mine earmarked for dex….but she won’t let me send her box yet :)


haha, ok. ;)

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drank Qimen by Joseph Wesley Black Tea
84 tasting notes

So fortunate to be able to try this. Leaf is gorgeous. Compared to the #5, I would say this is more delicate/less bold but just as flavourful and delicious. This one seems lighter on the spicy fruitiness but is even sweeter and more floral. The aroma really is incredibly beautiful! Another tea I could easily drink everyday. :)


i need to pick more before they run out of it ;)


haha! :)
I especially loved the aroma of this one, and I even made it my easy gaiwan – I almost forgot about it but I had bought that same one you have with the goldfish!


easy gaiwan – Picture / link?


This is the one I have although it is sold out now in that link. I really like it.


My fav gaiwan. I got others easy ones but still prefer this one. So glad that you came back <3


Thanks for the link! I’m trying to decide betweena a tradional gaiwan & an easy one. Please consider reviewing your gaiwan here:
- http://steepster.com/teaware?sort=new
- http://steepster.com/teaware/shanghaistory/66892-goldfish-hand-grabbed-porcelain-gaiwan-tea-cup-teapot-150ml


“So glad that you came back”
Did you mean me? (I never left.) If yes, thank you boychik! That’s so very kind of you!! I’ve had a series of challenges and just haven’t felt up to writing reviews. However, I typically visit every morning and read the black & pu-erh reviews as I enjoy my morning tea. I also make sure to keep up with the tea sales.

My lack of a gaiwan that comfortably fits my medium-sized hand has also kept me from reviewing teas that should be brewed gungfu style. Most recently, I’ve been considering traditional & easy gaiwans made by Ru Kiln. Two examples:
I understand they’re thicker and thus are recommended for brewing higher-temperature teas. I welcome any thoughts or recommendations.


@looseTman sorry, that reply was for caile. She was absent for some time.
Regarding Gaiwan I do like mine. My hands are small, like 12 yrs old girl and sensitive. I gab no problem with using my Gaiwan. It’s easy, good quality and not expensive. Ru kiln are better for puerh. 130ml is a good size. Not too big not too small. Just right. if you will not find this Gaiwan on rebeccali store send her a message. The lady replies right away. Maybe she will bring it back on site. I bought 3 or 4 times. Always great experience, shipped right away, got within 10 days. Never bought any tea from her so cannot vouch. I generally don’t buy any tea on eBay or Aliexpress.


Gab = have


Those ru kiln gaiwans more expensive than on Aliexpress. You don’t need 170ml Gaiwan. I think it’s big especially for sampling. White 2 tea has very attractive ru kiln Gaiwan 95ml for $20. I have it as well. It’s very nice.
Another option is glass gongfu teapots. They are around $12 on eBay. You cannot burn yourself with those ones. I recommend not bigger than 130-150ml. The smaller the better.


Those are good recommendations boychik.
That gaiwan I have measures about 120-130 ml to just below the inner brim but I don’t fill it up that high; usually around half or so.
looseTman, I’m the same as you with not being up to writing reviews lately but still enjoying reading them. And, I do love reading your reviews by the way, as they are perfectly detailed and always interesting. :)

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I haven’t been reviewing much but I was excited to get to try a few of joseph Wesley teas, thanks to a generous tea friend. This was the first I chose, and wow, now I know what I have been missing all this time – this tea is fantastic!
It brewed a rich and fragrant cup that tasted of spiced fruits and caramel with some smokiness and very light floral – so sweet, so tasty! Resteeped for a few cups which were all delicious.
This is a tea I would easily drink everyday!


I love this one, too! I had this today!


yay! I was wanting to try this for quite awhile so was very happy – it was really good!


Yay! i love this tea too :)


:)) It was such a delicious treat!


Sounds amazing… Hello, wishlist!


:) This is one I’m keeping on my wishlist!


YUM! How does Keemun Congfu compare to TeaVivre’s Keemuns, especially their Premium Keemun Hao Ya? Thanks!


It has been awhile since I have had Teavivre’s so I can’t really compare. I have the premium keemun hao ya on order from their recent sale though. :)


Excellent! I look forward to reading your comparison!

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drank Early Bird by Tippy's Tea
84 tasting notes

Upon opening the bag, the dry leaf has a distinctive lapsang smoke smell, which is quite nice and different from my other usual teas.
Brewed taste is delicious and full-bodied with malt, smoke and an almost salty note. This makes a perfect pot in the morning and I really like it a lot!


I sent you PM ;)


Got it – thanks! :)

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Somewhat earthy with smoke and a bit of mineral. There are also red wine and hints of very dark chocolate notes that linger. Needs ample leaf which makes a tasty, enjoyable cup. Re-steeps weak.

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Love of tea.
Raw puerh, oolong.

Likes: bitter/sweet
Dislikes: seaweed


MB, Canada

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