As an ice cream flavor, I’ve never really been into the Neapolitan thing. It’s not bad, just not something that I would normally choose for myself. I used to be one of those weird little kids who didn’t like their food to touch, so the thought of intermingling flavors just didn’t speak to me. Thankfully, I’ve grown out of that little food-touching neurosis, and broadened my taste buds to try new things.

Even so, when I ordered this honeybush, at the back of my mind I was expecting not to really love it. But I ordered it anyway because it had a lot of things going for it – it’s a honeybush (which I tend to enjoy), and it’s from 52teas (which makes flavored teas the way that I would do it, if I could do it for myself).

At first, I had some trouble getting the distinctive flavors out of this tea, and although I thought it was good, I didn’t love it as any of my strawberry honeybush teas. Finally, I discovered a special uniqueness to this tea- I can get the distinctive tastes out of it if I drink it with different types of food. What fun!

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That’s my mug! I’ve never really been a huge fan of Winnie the Pooh, but I like the fact that this mug is more or less clear. Plus, I can’t help but giggle when I say “ewww …I have Pooh on my mug” and people in the room gawk in horror before realizing I’m talking about Winnie. Am I easily amused? heck yeah!

A little something about my interests? – In no particular order, I love tea, makeup, paper crafting (card making), home renovations, and gardening.

As a rule, I tend to drink my tea without adding anything, but if that doesn’t work for me, I indulge in the fact that rules are meant to be broken. Yep! I’m such a rebel…sometimes I even color outside the of lines :P



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