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And here’s another sipdown! That puts me at 100 tea! (And sadly, I look at my cupboard and think I need more. Maybe 10 different samples from DAVIDsTEA? /o\)

Anyway, this was from one of the oolong samplers from Teavivre that I’m happy I picked up, although I’m worried I’ll get all these oolongs mixed up. I think the Taiwan Dong Ding is my favourite so far.

And this one? It’s described as a beginner oolong – I’m comforted. It’s mostly floral, and a little creamy, and I think it reminds me of the monkey-picked oolongs? Hmmm. I think there’s a jasmine aftertaste to it as well.

Does anyone know which of teavivre’s oolongs are roastier than the others? I think I like roasty more than floral with oolongs. Thanks!

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I like roasty oolongs too. Wuyi oolongs are starting to become my favorite. I have tried teavivres big red robe and it is definitely roasty and delicious.


Thanks! I think I liked the big red robe, but I didn’t rate it yet.

Also, I just realized Teavivre’s website lets you search oolongs by roastiness so I can look that way – Iron Goddess, Monkey Picked, Big Red Robe and Guang Dong Phoenix Dan are the moderately/heavily roasted ones!


Yes, it sounds like you need more tea. :D


100 is not enough choice for me. I like 150-200 :)


Haha. Well once I sipdown some of my higher quantity teas, AND get a job, I plan to stock up on a bunch of smaller quantities.


It seems you love stronger taste of Oolong teas, you also can give Moderately Roasted a try, i think you will like it.

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drank Fu Man Chu by SerendipiTea
1779 tasting notes

I’ve been putting this cup off for months now – it was one I received in the Amoda tasting box! I guess the description just never appealed to me.

And, I guess I wasn’t missing too much. It’s an interesting tea, but not one that I’ll miss. It’s about 80% jasmine oolong (with an emphasis on jasmine) while the earthy puerh notes linger on in the background. It makes me think of two siblings clamoring for attention, while one jumps up front with arms outstretched so the smaller one can’t get by.

Yep. That’s this tea.

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drank Laoshan Black by Verdant Tea
1779 tasting notes

It’s a Laoshan Black morning! YUM.

And the first few sips of this reminded my of what I liked about the Anxi Fo Shou – I WILL have to get a bit more of that as the chocolate notes in that seemed nearly double what I’m getting here.

Not much going on today. J is invigilating exams after his classes so we are on our own until 10. We’re rocking out to some Moby, while the baby is playing with a deck of cards and I’m trying to look at jobs. Later, we’ll watch an episode of Supernatural during lunch, and maybe I’ll play Mass Effect 3 when she naps!

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This is really good! It’s strongly vegetal, but also very sweet. It’s almost creamy and buttery, although I didn’t expect that at all. Each sip is refreshing and light. Beautiful.

I’ve been sampling a lot of Teavivre’s oolong’s lately, and I think this one is my favourite so far, although I still have three more Taiwanese oolongs to try after this one!

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drank Read My Lips by DAVIDsTEA
1779 tasting notes

I really want to splurge on a bunch of dessert teas to help curb cravings for sweets but I shouldn’t, so I thought I’d have this instead. I have SO MUCH. And it IS pretty good. I added a tsp of brown sugar and a splash of milk. PERFECTO.

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drank SoHo Blend by Harney & Sons
1779 tasting notes

I had a cup of this today. Strange. I’m liking this less and less. I think it’s tasting artificial? IDK?

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I guess I’ve just been busy the past two days and not on Steepster enough. :( It doesn’t help that J has been using my computer a lot so it’s not as convenient to check everyone’s reviews!

This tea is a perfect accompaniment while I catch up!

I think J is going to study for two midterms today so I’m planning to take TK to the library so she can play with all the toys and other kids. She loves it, and it makes me feel better about her not being in daycare at the moment!

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Hmmm. I’m sad to say that this one just isn’t for me. :( I’m trying to put my finger on it and I think it’s the combination of pumpkin and ginger – it tastes like some sharp squash note that I’m not keen on. Drinking this with milk and brown sugar turns it into something quite nice, but still, maybe a little too much ginger? Maybe I can pick it out. Further experiments to follow with the remaining 1.5 oz. :P


That’s a bummer. I was wondering about that one.


If you would drink it as a latte, or with milk added you might enjoy it! I just find it a bit odd as plain tea.

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I was too ambitious when I brewed this as I was making three cups at once (all of which will be sipdowns —>105) and so I over-steeped this a bit. I will definitely have to reorder another sample of this when I do my next teavivre order. I can see the potential in this although this result is just a touch too strong for me. It smells fruity and sweet and I get bits of that in each sip. Had I not over-boiled it, I might have tasted it more.

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And that’s the end of this one! Down to 109 teas! :O
So, yeah. I guess getting to 100 in a month will be a snap?

It makes a big difference once you stop buying ALL tea. Damn. Still it’s nice to go through my cupboard, figure out what I like and don’t, and drink down everything so it doesn’t get stale. I tried nearly 500 teas last year. I don’t think I’ll try so many this year. I think I’ll get more comfortable with what I like and experiment less, and that’s ok too. (Also cheaper because I can order more from one place and save on shipping/get cheaper prices!)

Ha – my calculations suggest that it’d take 250 days to drink all the tea I currently own. So, yeah. I don’t need more. Ha.


Wow! That’s pretty amazing.


But the OBJECT is to BUY ALL THE TEA!!!


i agree with anna…only it’s TRY all the tea!


:P It’s a good goal, but I can’t always remember what the difference between X and Y are, so it makes it harder to keep track of all the great teas, and which ones are better etc. My spreadsheet helps, and I do want to try more, but I don’t feel the need to get ALL of them. :P My palette just isn’t sophisticated enough to appreciate some of the differences in the same type of tea.

Don’t get me wrong though – as soon as I get a job I’m placing an order somewhere, for something, to celebrate!
(And getting a new kettle!)

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Tea: I just started drinking loose tea in the fall of 2012, and once I started I had to get more and more and try ALL THE TEAS. Joining Steepster made this worse/easier.

So far it seems that I prefer unflavoured black teas, although I still drink a few that are flavoured each day too. Oolongs, greens, puerhs and white teas are all very good, but I just don’t crave them as often.


Me: Ok. Random things. I like animals, I have a little girl and a devoted bf, two cats, and … I’m a geek. I like Lord of the Rings, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, fandom!, pen&paper RPG’s, online RPG’s, video games, silly internet memes, puzzles and a bunch of others things! I taught myself to knit and I’m considering crochet but I need to make time for all these things!

I keep trying to learn languages on Duolingo and failing. I’m currently failing Esperanto. :P

1-50: Bleh.
51-64: It’s ok.
65-75: It’s good.
76-85: It’s very good. (Buy 1oz+)
86-100: Amazing. (ALWAYS re-stock)


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