33 Tasting Notes

Thank you Stacy for this sample!

This darjeeling has a nice light floral aroma. Initially the taste hits me as vegetal then transitions to a light floral taste that I associate with darjeeling. The finish has a moderate astringency.
This tea hits me as being a mix of green tea and darjeeling.
The more I sip the more prominent the vegetal notes. This one isn’t really to my liking.

190 °F / 87 °C 3 min, 30 sec

I thought it tasted very much like a green!

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drank Vanilla Comoro by Harney & Sons
33 tasting notes

I am finally less scared of decaf tea thanks to H&S vanilla camoro! I have always hated the aftertaste of decaf coffee and figured it would transfer into tea too. Caffeine did not used to bother me and many nights it doesn’t, unless I work the next day…guess I get my mind going and caffeine makes it harder to turn off.
The vanilla aroma is fantastic! The vanilla is so creamy and smooth but dark. I have tasted something else flavored just like this vanilla but its evading me what it is. The tea base is nice too, surpassed all my expectations of decaf black tea. I am glad I ordered a whole tin.

Still bugging me that I can’t remember what this vanilla reminds me of….

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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It is poring down rain today with thunder and lightening, so what else to do but sip delicious teas!

I’m too busy sipping this to type out a lengthy note………yum!

Very hot this tea does have a subtle fruity note at the front, then I definitely get the sweet pipe tobacco, finishing up with malt. As the tea cools the fruit layer disappears for me. This is a very smooth cup to me no bitterness, with a very light astringency…very light.
My neighbor smokes a cigar on his porch most nights and I enjoy the fragrance of the sweet ones. I wonder if he would enjoy coming over for a cup of this tea!
The finish is very complex, I can’t quite describe it yet…I taste malt but there is something else going on that lingers on my tongue.
I need to try the non-upgrade too.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Chelle, go for it, your neighbor wants this tea!

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drank Laoshan Black by Verdant Tea
33 tasting notes

While I was placing this tea into my new porcelain tea canister from Verdant I was so amazed at the chocolaty aroma! The dry leaf smells intensely of dark baking chocolate. How can this be? I couldn’t wait to taste it!
I made a pot full, western style. I used 3 tbs. in my 24 oz. pot. The dry leaves are very dark, vanilla bean brown. I poured the water over the leaves, mmmmmmm… Still chocolate, but now a another layer to the aroma, grains.
First sip…dense buckwheat pancakes with dark bittersweet chocolate chips and a very light drizzle of overly caramalized dulce de leche. This tea has a very heavy mouth feel. So lovely. I can see why so many steepsters recommend Laoshan Black.
My second cup I added some natural cane sugar, Delicious but better straight.
Definitely will be keeping my new tea canister full of this tea!

Now, I am craving chocolate chip buckwheat pancakes…

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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I love unintentional surprises!
I forgot I bought this tea last fall during a camping trip to the Smokies. Detoured for a shopping trip in Gatlinburg, TN. I just found it under a bunch of bags of dried beans.
The dry leaf has a nice cinnamon and fruity aroma.
The tea liquor is a deep dark magenta, like pickled beet juice.
The aroma is complex and spicy, mmmmmmmm really lovely.
I was expecting a lot of sour due to the hue and hibiscus but no, it’s rather sweet with a nice spicy background from the cinnamon. I do taste plum and it really goes well with cinnamon. I think that this tea was a great find and I am happy to have a nice rich herbal tea for an evening cup.
I see that several tea companies offer a cinnamon plum blend that I might try as well.
I really like this flavor!


yay for happy surprises!

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drank Mi Xian Black by Butiki Teas
33 tasting notes

mmmmmmmmm. Yummmmmmmmmmmm. Nommmmmmmmmmm.
This is my favorite tea! I really mean it.

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drank Lemon Meringue Chai by 52teas
33 tasting notes

I had a cup of this this morning. The aroma of the dry leaf is just like a lemon pie, fresh tart lemon. I love lemon!
I like chai too!
The aroma of this tea steeping is fantastic! Creamy lemon deliciousness.
I am not sure what happened, I might have used too much leaf or steeped it too long…..
I added sugar and cream to it as I do with all my chai teas, but nothing could coverup the intense bitterness at the finish of this tea. I had to pour out the cup. First time I have ever had to stop tasting a cup after a few sips.
I am not going to rate this yet because I am going to try it again with less leaf and a shorter steep time.

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Ok, I am a blueberry lover and this tea has hit the mark. Tastes like the fresh blueberry compote I make with a dollop of cream. I don’t get any artificial taste at all. I don’t really taste the pastry part of Danish but I don’t think I’m missing out while drinking this tea. Sweet blueberry with a moderate black tea base and a smooth creamy blueberry finish. Yep, blueberry at the start of the sip and at the end.
I made a pot of this so my current cup is with a touch of raw sugar. My next cup I am going to add a little milk to see if it strengthens the cream cheese flavors.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 15 sec

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drank Mi Xian Black by Butiki Teas
33 tasting notes

Mi Xian Black now has the honor of being in the very front of my tea cupboard. I am so happy to have ordered this from Stacy!
I just bought a personaliTea pot from my local Fresh Market on sale. Up until today I have been making individual cups. I couldn’t have picked a better tea to break it in with.
The dry leaves are gorgeous, long and tightly twisted, the color of rich vanilla beans. The dry leaves have a nice mild earthiness.
After steeping the aroma is sweet and floral.
This tea has amazing honey flavor without adding a drop of honey. I also taste plum and apricot.
I don’t get the citrus notes some do. My finish is a nice clean plum taste. No bitterness or astringency here.
This is a great change from all the flavored teas I have been trying lately. I drank every drop in my new teapot! I will definitely keep this in my stock as long as it is available.
Thank you Stacy for introducing such a fabulous tea!

Boiling 5 min, 15 sec

I can’t wait to try this one! I just got it Friday, but my cold has me not tasting anything well.


I was smelling the wet leaves and I get a mix between gardenia and jasmine! Definitely need your nose working for this tea.


Nice review Chelle! Another Butiki treasure :-)

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I am a nurse practitioner for my profession and for free-time I am a new tea addict (need a bigger cupboard!), woodwind musician (flute, clarinet, penny whistle, ocarina), reader of sleuthing and classical novels, animal lover, and anything that involves mountains and forests.

I am a misplaced Alaskan (where my heart remains), now in Alabama for the time being.


Huntsville, AL

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