I love books, tea, cats, online gaming, and getting packages in the mail. I grew up with my mother drinking lots of tea: she mostly drank crap like Red Rose for everyday, but there was a small collection of “the good stuff” that she’d bust out for holidays or when the tea spirit took her. When we’d go up to Canada, she’d always insist on going to Murchie’s to restock her supply of Gundpowder, Earl Grey, etc.
I love both coffee and tea, but as time passes, I drink tea more and coffee less often. The world of tea is fascinating, full of variations in flavor, texture, aroma. When Republic of Tea started, I went bonkers for their offerings, some of which I loved, others were…less wonderful. That’s where I first tried Genmaicha, which I loved.
Fast forward to a tea-obsessed friend who introduced me to puerh, which I really really liked and a variety of green and white teas, some of which tasted like boiled lawn clippings.
I drink mostly black tea, but I’m sure that will change as I continue to explore. I like malty, hearty Assams with milk and sweetener for the first few cups of the day. Spicy, peppery chai is another favorite, especially in the late afternoon at work.
For the last 20 years I’ve worked for a major independent bookstore. Currently I’m the frontlist buyer for science fiction/fantasy/horror, and for literature. I often read stuff way before it gets published, and I am completely spoiled by the wealth of books that surround me.


Vancouver, WA

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