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Rooibos for the daaaaaay AND my last TeaFrog sample…no trying other rooiboses on the sly, me! I’ve got my eye on you. me. whatever. I chose this tea as one of my samples because the combination sounded interesting and, seeing no reviews up here, decided to find out what it was like for myself.

The actual tea smells overridingly of orange and maybe a little of almond, so my hopes are not too high to start out with. I’m not sure what gives gingerbread it’s distinctive taste, is it coriander? Because there’s some in here. Isn’t coriander dried cilantro? Cilantro is super tasty in like, salsa and stuff. You would think it would be ginger, what with the name and all. But maybe that refers to color?

Tea itself is…interesting. In a positive sense! The orange is still the dominant flavor, and the rooibos is not, I think, particularly noticeable. It’s weird because I feel like I get cardamon and almond individually but they don’t seem to blend that well together. I have no idea what coriander tastes like, I am assuming not cilantro because that would be weird. There’s a kind of creamy taste to it, almost giving it creamsicle properties until the other spices catch up.

But, the question is, is it gingerbread? The answer is…um. Does anyone else get the thing where they drink a flavored tea and they are like “this does not taste like the thing it says it does” and then they stop and are like “wait do I remember what the thing in question actually tastes like?” and then are full of doubt and confusion? Because I am trying to think of what gingerbread tastes like and it is just not coming to me. On the other hand, perhaps I am overthinking this and if the tea DID taste like gingerbread I would know immediately. I’m gonna leave this to cool for a bit and see if it doesn’t pull a thing like the Tiramisu did and all of a sudden start tasting like gingerbread when it’s cool.

Regardless of whether or not it tastes like gingerbread though, the important thing is, is it tasty? Yes, yes it is, but I think at the moment I prefer the Tiramisu. I place it in the: I will finish the sample with enjoyment but am unlikely to order more unless something crazy happens when it cools category.

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You’re not the only one! It’s like my tastebuds/mind perform the “pinata” scene from The Three Amigos.

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You’re not the only one! It’s like my tastebuds/mind perform the “pinata” scene from The Three Amigos.

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I’m a Pole who grew up in Texas, is currently a graduate student in California studying Japan. How’s THAT for random?

Being Polish, my family has always drunk a lot of tea, and I am no different. I may drink more tea than water. On the other hand, I can’t say that I’m very particular about it; I’m generally pretty careless with steeping times and water temperature and I don’t even have a proper teapot (mostly because the lid broke during the move to California ;_;).

I always drink my tea unsweetened and I only add milk in the case of the most egregiously chai-ish of chais. (not really a big fan of milk in general)

Given that so many of my entries seem to be about my morning tea, I felt I should add something here about me and mornings: I fail at mornings. I fail at them a LOT. Therefore I often also fail at proper tea making in the mornings.


Santa Barbara

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