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So, this quarter? Not so fun. Not even really so much my courseload as the fact that I just randomly fell into a funk some time in September and never really got out of it. If it helps, I have been neglecting everything! Not just Steepster. That doesn’t help, does it? Well, it helps ME. I am trying to be better though! Or I will. As soon as I stop avoiding finishing my last paper. Which updating my tealog is helping me do. /innocent whistling.

Neglecting my tealog has not made me neglect buying tea though, so I at least have not been suffering on that front. I have been making a lot of pots of tea, but this morning I decided I needed some apple chai. This could have something to do with the fact that I finally finished the big tub o’thai chai I got yonks ago and was able to finally order a bunch of apple chai with a clear conscience and it got here yesterday. (What is up with that by the way? I ordered it on THURSDAY, that is a turnaround time of ONE DAY how does that even work? Has UPS just started employing robots for MAXIMUM EFFIECIENCY?)

So, you know how sometimes you have a thing and then you finish it off and then you do not have it for a long time, which makes you sad because you thought it was really good and want to have it again, and then you DO get to have it again but you have built it up so much in your mind that it can never measure up and you are totally disappointed and vow never to drink tea again? (Also, you know how sometimes you write really long runon sentences and get killed by English professors in the night? Well, I don’t but if I keep this sort of thing up, I WILL) Anyway, for once, that did not happen! Spiced apple chai is still as delicious as I remember it being, yay! I really think that the apple comes out a lot in this blend and that the balance of apple and spice is just right. AND, I only thought of this now, but this is really the perfect time to be drinking something called spiced apple chai, isn’t it? Very festive. Or it will be very festive when I FINISH THIS PAPER. (God I hate critical summaries)

Hopefully, this marks the start of regular tealog updating for me again. Especially since e-mails from Steepster have started coming in again (ILU STEEPSTER SELECT) and will thus remind me to update. I have also ordered the 52teas 12 teas of Christmas thingy and 1. am TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATELY EXCITED TO BEGIN* and 2. will thus have plenty of subject material to write about.

*Unfortunately I have to wait a bit longer than expected to start since I bought it to take to the family Christmas trip thing, which doesn’t start until…the 20th? So I’m going to be off by…like a week. (DON’T HURT ME FRANK I’M SORRY)

And now. Paper.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

hey, GO run-on sentences – if Dicken’s can do it (Tale of Two Cities, book the first, first chapter, first paragraph = first sentence) I say go for it!

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hey, GO run-on sentences – if Dicken’s can do it (Tale of Two Cities, book the first, first chapter, first paragraph = first sentence) I say go for it!

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I’m a Pole who grew up in Texas, is currently a graduate student in California studying Japan. How’s THAT for random?

Being Polish, my family has always drunk a lot of tea, and I am no different. I may drink more tea than water. On the other hand, I can’t say that I’m very particular about it; I’m generally pretty careless with steeping times and water temperature and I don’t even have a proper teapot (mostly because the lid broke during the move to California ;_;).

I always drink my tea unsweetened and I only add milk in the case of the most egregiously chai-ish of chais. (not really a big fan of milk in general)

Given that so many of my entries seem to be about my morning tea, I felt I should add something here about me and mornings: I fail at mornings. I fail at them a LOT. Therefore I often also fail at proper tea making in the mornings.


Santa Barbara

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