I had to break my rule about not buying tea until my cupboard was under control. These Adagio teabags were on the clearance rack at work (grocery store) and I had to seize the opportunity because a) I had no idea Adagio was even in grocery stores, b) I’ve been super-curious about their teabags, and c) I would mostly be interested in using their teabags at work… and had an hour to kill in the breakroom.

I think these were probably discontinued due to a packaging issue. The box is labeled Tropical White – White Tea with a steeping suggestion of 180 for 7min, whereas the inner pouches say Tropical White – Green Tea (huh?) and suggest “simmering water” for 3min. Also, all the clearance-priced teas were in boxes, while the ones in the tea aisle were in larger pouches.

Anyway… I probably wouldn’t have chosen white tea if I had another option, but this was all that was left by the end of the day. I steeped it in water from the hot spigot in the cafeteria… so I didn’t have much control over the temperature.

I was… not awesome. I’m also not fond of the only other Adagio white I’ve ever had… for exactly the same reasons. I didn’t taste the tropical flavors over the odd, musty-bread sort of taste. I tried a second cup with sugar, and it didn’t change much. I also tried it at 3min, then let it go for another 4… because I honestly don’t know which is correct off the top of my head. I don’t usually drink white teas. Neither was any better or worse.

So… yeah. The teabags might be alright, but this wasn’t.

180 °F / 82 °C 7 min, 0 sec

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