Adagio Custom Blends, Ann Leckie

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Another personal fave of my Imperial Radch blends. In some ways this is very similar to Benefit—it’s strawberry and chocolate (with some rose petals) and not orange and chocolate. The base tea is Adagio’s Pu Erh, though, which gives it a kind of earthy taste that’s distinctive.

The strawberry stands forward more than the orange does in Benefit. The chocolate is, like Benefit, a sort of background note. A hint of sweetness, really. I like this tea a lot.

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This is one of the blends I made to go with the Imperial Radch books, and it was an early favorite. My daughter and her friend drank up the whole first packet I ordered to test the recipe.

The chocolate and orange flavors are pretty background/subtle but there. Just the way I like it, really, I’m not generally a fan of heavily flavored tea. (Mostly because, why drink tea at all if you’re going to cover up the flavor? I want to taste the tea!) This is just about right, for flavoring.

It smells much more strongly in the package than it tastes. If you’re after a really sweet, chocolately tea, this wouldn’t be it. But I like this a lot, I find the sort of background buzz of chocolate and orange works really well with the black tea.

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This is one of my favorite of my Imperial Radch blends. I love the lavender/citrus combination, it’s sweet and fruity without being too sweet and fruity, and the lavender works great with it.

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