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May Flowers! And May the Fourth Be With You! This was the only floral Star Wars themed tea I could find on Adagio’s fandom blends, so though it isn’t one of my favorite characters, at least it fits the month’s theme. This particular fandom blend is a combination of Adagio’s Summer Rose black tea, Cream black tea, and Rooibos Jasmine tea, and has added lavender and cornflower accents.

This tea has a very lovely floral bouquet scent, with the most dominant scents being the rose and cream. It steeped up rather red in color, likely from the rooibos in the blend, and the aroma of the warm brewed cup was simply wonderful, and reminded me of taking a walk through a summer garden! In fact, I’d say the aroma was probably my favorite part of this tea. It isn’t that it didn’t taste good, I was just a little… underwhelmed. This one certainly turned out better than the Khaleesi of the Library fandom blend I tried during National Library Week, in which all I tasted was the Vanilla Rooibos Chai in the blend and none of the other teas; here I get a very strong presense of roses and cream, so I can definitely taste the Summer Rose and Cream black teas in the blend. But where is the Jasmine Rooibos? Other than the tea having a more reddish-orange coloring, I don’t pick up any noticable rooibos flavor notes, and I couldn’t taste the jasmine or lavender in the tea at all. The black tea, rose, and sweet cream was a wonderful flavor combination that I adored, but it was too overwhelming and washed out any potential for the other floral notes in the blend… either that, or Adagio didn’t mix this well, and given how my last fandom blend was mixed, that is entirely possible, too. Still, I have to mark this blend down for not holding up to its potential. The scents of a full summer bouquet were there, but the flavor was not.

In any event, after I sipped down this sampler, I found a different fandom blend that was just Summer Rose and Cream (called White Rose) and stocked up on that instead! My opinion on the taste I was getting from this will reflect more accurately there, since it, well, tastes as advertised!

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Flavors: Cream, Floral, Rose, Sweet

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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