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I LOVE this tea. I’m still very new to explaining flavor profiles and undertones and such, but this is such a pleasant blend. While naturally sweet, it isn’t overbearing, the rose petals help balance it with just a touch of bittersweetness as an aftertaste.

If you are a fan of Steven Universe, this is truly a perfect embodiment of the titular character! The caffiene level was also quite enjoyable.

This is definitely a blend that I will be purchasing the larger 3oz bag when the sample tin gets low.

I personally add roughly 1 tsp of beet sugar crystals and a splash (1 Tbsp?) half and half.

Flavors: Candy, Chocolate, Fruity, Rose, Sweet

195 °F / 90 °C 6 min, 30 sec 2 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

This one sounds so unique!

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Sipdown (344)!

Finished this one off earlier today at work; it was a surprisingly crazy busy day for the day before Thanksgiving. I mean, usually around holidays – especially holidays that focus around spending time with family, it’s very slow at work.

This was delightful though – more similar to the first time I had it, where I really enjoyed it. Sweet, mellow fruit notes: a mix between ripe apples and subtle watermelon notes. It’s got the sweetness of vanilla, without it intruding heavily on the taste. More of a note in the finish/aftertaste, really. Also quite a floral/rosey flavour in the undertones. Hints of the honeybush base, as well.

I don’t think I’d order this one again – I’m not sold on it as a consistent brew, and while I enjoyed the flavour I don’t think it was exceptional either. However, it was a really fun tea and I loved the fandom aspect/tie in. I don’t regret buying it.

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I didn’t like this one as much this time around, but I didn’t dislike it. I just thought it was a lot less fruity/watermelon flavoured this time around and a whole lot more weighted towards the honeybush in the blend – quite woody with the honey graham sort of flavour and then followed up with vanilla, rose, and LIGHT watered down melon notes. In a perfect world, I’d like to see the same flavours (maybe a bit more melon) but just in the reverse flavour order. Oh well…

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So, I recently placed an Adagio order.

The main thing I was looking for was Jasmine Silver Needle, but since it had been a LONG time since my last order I figured I’d poke around and look at the new fandom teas since I’ve definitely joined some different fandoms since my last order. One big thing I noticed as different is that the site now offers fandom blends in sample sizes outside of the themed and featured “Fandom Samplers”. That’s new to me! Also, a big improvement I think – if I remember correctly last time I ordered I got the Hobbit sampler and then the other three teas I wanted to try I had to order in the 3 oz. size…

I’ve also tried enough Adagio blends at this point that I’m not just looking for fandoms I like or specific characters; a blend has to sound like it’ll actually taste good and the flavours will compliment each other for it to catch my eye too – and that’s how I wound up getting this Steven Universe tea over many of the others! Lets be real, Watermelon Steven isn’t exactly a character – it’s a cute/weird thing that essentially happens in one episode. I like that it’s loosely fandom though, and the flavour idea seemed pretty solid so I decided to give it a shot!

Actually? I think this is probably one of the better Adagio Fan Blends I’ve tried! I mean, reigning favourite is still Cara McGee’s The Woman BUT this is actually really pleasant, and I feel like it finds a good balance between both tea in the blends with accent ingredients that actually do something too.

The top note is Watermelon; a softer, mellow one with a touch of sweetness and a slight nip of tangyness, exaggerated by the tartness of a few other ingredients like the hibiscus, rosehip, and cranberry. I was worried the watermelon actually wouldn’t taste clearly like melon, but I’m pleasantly surprised that it does! The body is more a mix of fruit flavours: apple, cranberry and watermelon specifically. You can totally that the hibiscus, but in a pretty light and restrained way. I definitely wouldn’t call hibiscus one of the main flavours in this cuppa.

I found in that body sip/main flavour that’s kind of where the vanilla honeybush introduced itself: the sweeter, mellow apple/watermelon combo kind of gives way to this really quite delicate vanilla flavour in the transition of the main flavour to the finishing notes. I don’t think it packs a punch, but then again neither does Steven either. I like that it’s more delicate and then in the finish of the sip a little more fully realized alongside the woody/honeyed quality of the Honeybush base. It’s a nice way to end the sip, and keeps the blend from feeling overly fruity.

I think actually my favourite thing in the blend was the consistent undertone of rose, though! The floral flavour was a great tie in for the mixture of fruits and then the vanilla and honeybush. It’s not that they didn’t fit together on their own, but this made that blend seem a little more smooth and seamless. Ignoring the fact this tea is inspired by Watermelon Steven for a second; I also think that undertone of Rose kind of poetically parallels the character of Steven Universe as well. He is Steven; his own distinct being BUT his mother Rose Quartz will always be a part of him, and is essential to his character as well. This is just Steven Universe… but also watermelon.

ANYWAY! Overall? I’m impressed! Not just with the tea, but the tie in to the character as well – and with these Adagio Fan Blends I think you need both for them to be successful.

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