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Iced Sipdown (584)!

Sadly this last cup was the worst I’ve had of this blend to date; nearly no presence of fruit notes in the sip which was a MAJOR loss of flavour in the blend as far as I’m concerned. What was left was a lightly bitter and astringent white tea base with lots of straw notes and a lavender dominant finish. I can’t do the taste of straight lavender; I need something like vanilla or fruit to break up that powerful floral profile. On its own it just reminds me too much of soap/lotion…

So this was a sad finish to this otherwise very fun and pleasant blend.

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So, I had a near identical experience with this tea to my first time trying it. Strongest note was bright, sweet and succulent ripe peaches and then there were supporting apple and floral element. I feel like the lavender was a little stronger this time, and more weighted towards the finish of the sip so that this played out like a bright peach transitioning cleanly into soft, comforting lavender. No weird muddling in the middle. I saw A LOT of coconut in the leaf for this, though, and just didn’t taste it.

Really loving the peach/lavender though – makes me want to see that combo in more blends…

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It took me far too long to try this one after I bought it – and that’s totally on me.

However, now that I have had it I think I’m going to be finishing it off sooner rather than later. It was very good. Like, surprisingly good. Napstablook, for those not familiar with Undertale, is a soft, sweet, polite and melancholic/sad ghost. He’s a precious character who is very beloved within the fandom.

This blend is mostly white tea, with pear, peach, and lavender however there are other things in it as well like oolong, coconut, and apple. I found that the strongest flavour overall was actually the peach; it was the brightest, sweetest and most flavourful element of the tea. The rest was pretty gentle/mild and easy to sip on; hints of the other orchard fruits and a soothing, peaceful floral undertone. Not super distinctly lavender, but definitely there.

I actually felt pretty strongly that the overall balance of intensity in the blend (smooth, soft, unassuming with a brighter, sweet top note) and the flora/fruit elements were a really nice choice for the character – making this a blend that I think tastes great as a stand alone tea but that also really fits with the inspiration behind it too.

Napstablook’s theme (in game):

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