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This tea was fantastic! The smell when I opened it was mighty strong, like whoa I knew I’d enjoy it but I wasn’t sure if the general population would be interested because of how strong and campfire-like it smelled. But I enjoyed it a lot! The brew was scented lighter then in the tin. Without the sugar it was kind of hard to taste the smoky scent previously smelled but once I added a bit of sugar it was definitely there.
I bought a group of teas, two of which being this version of Felix Felicis, the other being the more popular one advertised and scent wise I was more interested in this one as the other was really sweet smelling. I’ll update more after I taste the other.
Pairing this with a good dark chocolate is amazing the dark tastes blend together greatly.

TL.DR:Strong scent, not as strong taste, good with sugar and dark chocolates.

Flavors: Earth, Smoke

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