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Thanks to mtchyg for the sample! I adore you and hope your power out there in Michigan is restored soon.

TO THE TEA. I’m a bit wiped out, so I picked this high-caffeine blend. I’m petsitting an 8-month-old dog who whimpers at night. I don’t know what the dog’s mommies usually do (let him sleep in the bed?), but crating him and leaving him alone is apparently not it.

So ahhhh, a nice chestnut caramel blend. (There’s also allegedly vanilla here. I’m not sure.) I don’t know what a chestnut tastes like, but this is a fairly flat, deep-note caramel/molasses black.

It’s a nice blend, and I’m enjoying it, but I am unlikely to write home about it.

There are other teas for which I would definitely get a nice notecard, an envelope, a stamp, a fancy pen, and craft a letter to my mom. (Please don’t call my bluff on this.)

That said, this caffeine is a blessing this afternoon.

Here’s the puppy, in case you were wondering:


Aww. The feelings are mutual. My power did come back on. The same day that I received your tea box, actually. I’d like to believe you had a hand in it.

Also, just this past Christmas as I was singing my favorite Christmas song (Actually titled “The Christmas Song” but better known as “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.”), I had pondered the fact that I have never actually had chestnuts roasted on an open fire DESPITE the fact that I am a very Christmas-y person. The spirit of the season is strong with me. So yeah, I’m with you. Don’t actually know what a chestnut tastes like. I do have a fire place though… hmmm…

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