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I’ve been doing crazy sipdowns of everything that various people have sent me, & although many of them are teas I’ve reviewed before, this one isn’t! Thanks to Cavo for the opportunity to sample this. It’s pretty potent with a mix of black tea, orange, chocolate, chai…who knows what else. Kind of feels like one of those ‘kitchen sink’ type blends.
But I’m kind of enjoying it, although it isn’t something I’d want to drink more than once, & definitely not something that I’d want to have around. And now it’s gone!


Poof! And just like that, it was gone. :) Glad you enjoyed it, but yes, I understand how it’s a kitchen sink blend.

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Goodbye Garrus! I feel like I should miss you more, but it’s the chai, baby, the chai. More chocolate would have held my interest, but I have no regrets.

Now I have slightly more room on my shelf for my next Adagio purchase… (I’m looking at you, Burgler Brew!!!)


One of youngest’s favorite characters…


He was my fav char in the series, although it’s a hard decision. There were so many GOOD characters: interesting in different ways.

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I drank a bunch of tea lately and didn’t log it, so now I’ve got some half assed catching up to do.

I actually enjoyed this one! Yeah it tasted like a typical Adagio black tea, but the flavours worked for me. I didn’t even mind the chai, though I still feel like Adagio’s chai is overused in these blends. Possibly because I don’t LOVE chai.

But yeah, a decent chocolatey tea! I still have enough for a cup left, thanks to Cavocorax! :)

Cameron B.

This is actually one of the fandom samplers than I’m really interested in trying. I’m glad Garrus is at least somewhat tasty, considering he’s the best. :P


I have no clue who that is, haha

Cameron B.

Oh, sorry. It’s from a video game called Mass Effect. :)


So many fandoms out there!


Yay Cameron! We can be Mass Effect besties, mumbling incoherently about calibrations.

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I was hoping/thinking this would be a chocolate chai blend, or at least that’s how I imagined it would turn out in my head. It does have a strong chocolate flavor to it (although more of a… burnt chocolate spice than chocolate itself), and there are elements of chai in it as well, along with a hint of orange. It’s also a bit of lingering dryness, which I’m learning is the nut flavoring that Adagio uses. If it weren’t for this last bit, I’d give this a strong recommendation, however the dry factor is really ruining drinking anything else for me, as it’s sticking round well past the sip.

Thank you Cavocorax for sharing this with me! This was on my list to try for some time now, so I’m glad I finally got the opportunity thanks to our swap.

Flavors: Chocolate, Nuts, Orange Zest

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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Okay, just trying this out now. On the Adagio home-site there is only two reviews, and one is by the blend’s creator… so here goes:

-Before Steeping: Intense strawberry scent, mixed with a little bit of earl grey, and an intense background scent of lavender. The strawberry tends to overwhelm all other scents in the blend, though.
-While Steeping: Intense strawberry scent lessens a little, supplanted by a combined scent of lavender, strawberry, and earl grey. Strong, yet not to strong. Smells really good, to tell the truth
-After Steeping: No real fruity scent, as far as I can tell. Lavender scent is still there, accompanied by rich, earthy tones.

-1st Steep (hot): Fresh from the pot, still boiling. Added about a tablespoon or so of sugar, and let sit for a second. Not much strawberry flavor initially. Rather intense earl grey lavender flavor through, predominant throughout the still hot cup of tea. The fruitiness will probably reveal itself once it cools down a little though. Will put it in the fridge for a little, see if that helps. Choosing to forgo a second steep this time around, I have work tomorrow and it’s a little too late for a second cup (for me at least).
-1st Steep (cold): Trying this again, after leaving it to cool down in the fridge for about an hour. Still not much strawberry flavor, but it’s there and noticeable. Blends in nicely with the earl grey lavender. After leaving it to sit a little longer in the freezer, the strawberry taste really shows itself. The strawberry is strongest in the aftertaste, of course, but there is also a nice floral tone to it.

Overall: I like this, I really do. It’s an odd grouping of flavors, with the multiple strawberry flavors and the earl grey lavender. I like it best cold, or at least lukewarm. It would probably be best as an iced tea- the cold seems to bring out the strawberry and floral flavors more. I would most definitely drink this again.

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

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