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drank Pu Erh Poe by Adagio Teas
4 tasting notes

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drank Earl Grey Bravo by Adagio Teas
49 tasting notes

After spotting some of Harney’s chocolate tea in the local grocery, I developed a craving for something sweet. This tea pretty much fits the bill for me. Not a “fruits and flowers”!kind of tea drinker, so the sweetness of the bergamot and blue corn flowers were just right.

I like this as an Early Grey, but still prefer tea without additives.

Flavors: Bergamot, Molasses, Orange Zest

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I love this tea! It is my favorite green that I’ve ever found. I got it as a sample when I went in for sugar and ended up coming back to buy a whole bag of it. I enjoy dessert teas and this is sort of like a green dessert tea. Nice and sweet and smells just as good as it tastes!

5 min, 0 sec

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The aroma is good (hazelnut, cocoa, apricot, vanilla) but the taste is rather dull and one-dimensional – the cocoa-laced sweetness. The puerh does not come through at all. Also, it does not lend itself to multiple resteepings. Will not order again.

Flavors: Apricot, Cocoa, Hazelnut, Vanilla

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drank Tiger Eye by Adagio Teas
109 tasting notes

So even at 200 for 3 minutes, the Adagio black base is just too bitter in this one. It makes it reminiscent of coffee, which I can’t stand. There was a nice caramel aroma to the brew, but the bitter just overwhelmed all the other flavors that may have been there. I dumped this one out, on a day where I was trapped in a long meeting and badly needed the caffeine.

Flavors: Bitter

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec 3 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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This tea is good, but I feel the taste is a bit closer to cranberry, than black currents. There is a mild tartness. I enjoy this tea but would not purchase more of it for myself. I think if you like cranberries, you would like this tea.I will need to save enough to sample alongside my fresh black currants next year to really compare.

Flavors: Cranberry, Tart, Tea

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drank Berry Blast by Adagio Teas
5 tasting notes

This tea has a heavy hibiscus flavor and a milder berry flavor. I would recommend this if you are a fan of hibiscus.

Flavors: Berry, Hibiscus

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drank Masala Chai by Adagio Teas
2 tasting notes

Very Solid Masala Chai. More apple cider-y than others I’ve had.

Flavors: Apple, Cinnamon, Spicy

Boiling 7 min, 30 sec

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drank Citron Green by Adagio Teas
2 tasting notes

Very refreshing. Great Iced tea. The taste and smell is reminiscent of Froot Loops.

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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Ok – so first things first: this tea was delicious! Very fresh, and a strong but natural jasmine flavour that coated the mouth during the sip though finished very cleanly without a lingering presence. The white tea itself was nice too; a mix of soft malt, cream and hay notes. Also really fresh tasting.

The flavour profile of the tea is not the most interesting thing that happened while I was drinking it though. Not at all. So, the following is an account of a very weird experience I just had whilst drinking this tea…

So, here I was sipping tea and watching Baby Driver when my doorbell rang. “Oh, probably tea mail!” I thought to myself – and I rushed to the door. I opened it and there, standing in front of me, was a guy holding a giant Ikea bag with a roll of aluminum foil sticking out of it. Which in itself was weird. In his other hand, he was holding a LUSH box, though…

So I very slowly asked “Uh, can I help you?”

“Hey, my names Dan. I live on your block, or lived I guess? I’m moving today, and I have all this food that we’re not taking with us. You’re the first person to answer the door? Do you want it?”

I must have looked even more confused than I thought I did ‘cause then he sort of wiggled the LUSH box in his other hand and went: “Oh, and this was in your yard?” and handed it to me. Sure enough, it was a LUSH order I placed a few weeks ago that has some Christmas gifts in it. Why was it in my front yard? Hell if I know – I’d say that’s a pretty shitty job done on the postman’s end though.

“Thanks? And… I guess? Thank you?”

To which he handed over the big Ikea bag and just walked away. It was all very weird…

So, now I’m rummaging through my mystery bag of stuff. In addition to my roll of aluminum foil, I also received the following note worthy items:

- One can of corned beef hash
- One Lunchables “build your own pizza” kit
- A large bag of organic, prewashed packaged spinach
- Two pickled pork sausages
- A box of Corn Pops cereal
- A bag of “Tex Mex” shredded cheese
- A single Twinkie
- A single bag of Gatorade brand gummy candies
- One bottle of Sriracha, half finished
- One box of instant mashed potatos
- Approx. a third of a tub of margarine

I’m definitely going to toss all of the stuff that’s open, but the majority of everything was brand new. So, thank you Dan? You seemed like a nice guy; I suppose it’s a shame you’re moving? Yeah…


That’s wild!

Evol Ving Ness

I like it. People should do stuff like this and risk seeming odd.

Lexie Aleah

Thats so random.

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drank Almond Oolong by Adagio Teas
7 tasting notes

Delicious! I’ve had this tea prepared for me at my local teahouse, and it’s a perfect balance of light and nutty. Very smooth.

Flavors: Almond, Nutty

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drank Dewy Cherry by Adagio Teas
321 tasting notes

Tea #2 of the night.

Drinking this down after I bought it at an Adagio shop up in Chicago about a year ago.

It’s funny to read back on my old tasting notes and see a little diary of the early days of college. Especially notes like “I don’t like straight Earl Greys since I don’t like bergamot… I prefer Earl Grey Creams.”

Oh, honey. Just wait a few years and you’ll be wearing bergamot perfume and looking for the sharpest flavors you can find.

Anyway. Adagio recommends a 5-10 minute steep time for this, and it definitely can use something on the longer end of the spectrum. It’s fruity without being too sweet; the sour cherry, rosehip, and hibiscus takes care of that. The color is the deep red that you get from hibiscus teas.

I remember hating on hibiscus back in the day. I think it was because Teavana put it in EVERYTHING and I didn’t (and still don’t) love when its tartness overpower the rest of the flavors. I don’t have an anti-hibiscus agenda anymore, at least.

I’ll use up the 3oz I bought – there’s probably not more than 5 cups left – but it’s not likely to be a re-purchase.

Boiling 8 min or more 2 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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drank Chestnut by Adagio Teas
84 tasting notes

I love chestnuts. I wanted so much more from this tea. Its so bland and lacking to me. I still dont know what people are smelling, because the smell to me is extremely faint. Maybe I’m just used to DAVIDsTEA, 52 Teas, A Quarter to Tea—-theyre so much bolder with their flavoring than Adagio is. And I think I’m not a fan of Adagio’s black tea, like the leaves they use- for me it just overpowers the flavors! Its too bold. They either need to use a different type of black tea or up their flavoring. Idk but this just wasn’t that great. Oh and the picture of the blend here on Steepster isn’t accurate. There are no chestnuts in the actual blend- its just black tea leaves.

Flavors: Astringent, Tea

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Adagio has been disappointing me lately. They dont add enough flavor to the flavored blends! For example Earl Grey Moonlight- the black tea totally overpowers the vanilla/cream component. Their black tea is STRONG and bitter and bold. And the vanilla/cream just gets lost! Adagio has great prices and I love the ability to make your own custom blends, but their flavor is just lacking. They need to add more flavoring to these because it just gets lost.

Mastress Alita

I have been really disappointed by Adagio lately, too. I’m finding the teas hit or miss, and often the flavor is either waaaaay too strong and overpowering to the point of being syrupy and sickening sweet and offputting, or as you say here, there isn’t enough, and it’s this shot-in-the-dark gamble every time. Some of the custom blends are all right, but it seems that is because the blends hold up better to that “gamble”… and even then, sometimes the custom blends don’t always come out the same, with one tea in the blend dominating all the others one time, but not the next time I order it. I’ve been overall really disappointed with the Adagio teas I’ve been trying lately… and this is one of the ones I had been curious about!

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drank Spiced Apple Chai by Adagio Teas
109 tasting notes

The scent is exactly a spiced cider aroma, and the flavor is pretty similar. I don’t actually get much tea flavor (given that I don’t care for Adagio black in general, that’s probably good), so this tastes like a slightly watered down warm cider. That doesn’t sound appealing, but hot cider has a way of making me gag at the sweetness after more than a couple of sips, so for me, this is nice. I usually use a bit extra when making tea, and I do think this one you need to make absolutely sure you use enough of the “leaf” or it’ll just taste like boiled water.

Flavors: Apple, Cinnamon, Clove

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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drank Pu Erh Chorange by Adagio Teas
109 tasting notes

Wow, mine had very little flavor! Not a bit of chocolate, a hint of orange, and then earth. It was drinkable but not enjoyable.

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drank Vanilla Oolong by Adagio Teas
109 tasting notes

I really enjoyed this one. It was the first Adagio oolong I’ve had. I tend to dislike their black teas, so I was a little nervous – but this was a nice solid, if basic, oolong. The vanilla wasn’t overpowering but was definitely present. I actually think I agree with the person who said there was something coconutty about it, but I think it’s more like an added dimension to the vanilla flavor than an actual coconut taste. Also, vanilla in tea makes me taste chocolate, which is probably just a sign of something wrong with me, but hey. I taste chocolate in this one. This was an enjoyable tea – it may not have blown my socks off, but sometimes I actually just want something nice and simple.

Flavors: Chocolate, Coconut, Nutty, Vanilla

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drank Decaf Vanilla by Adagio Teas
46 tasting notes

I was not too keen on this tea. It was nice to have a decaf tea to drink, but the vanilla flavor just tasted fake to me. I tried adding milk to it, which helped a bit, but it’s just not the tea for me.

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drank Chocolate Chip by Adagio Teas
2392 tasting notes

Here’s Hoping Teabox – Round Seven- Tea #18
The first steep on this one, the black tea didn’t taste like the usual black tea Adagio uses, like possibly it was weaker. But the second steep was more itself somehow. Only cocoa nibs and tiny chocolate chips here, so I didn’t expect a huge amount of chocolate flavor, but there was some. And the black tea really helps with the chocolate flavor too. Cocoa shells, Adagio…. cocoa shells!!

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In this lavender tea lavender is definitely present all the time, when I first opened the bag, steeped it and tasted it. Lavender and bergamot go together soooo well. I love it! I will probably reach for it often. My only complaint is that the tea itself is black, I’d rather have green, white or herbal tea blend but this is the best lavender tea that I’ve tasted. This makes me wanna make my own lavender blend from the green bergamot tea I have at home, might do.

Flavors: Bergamot, Lavender

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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drank Thai Chai by Adagio Teas
171 tasting notes

I normally do not like chai tea but this was not strong.

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This review will probably end up being a little unique among my most recent reviews. For one thing, I have not reviewed anything from Adagio Teas in a long time. For another, this is the first negative review I have posted in a considerable amount of time. I generally do not like to post negative reviews and tend to steer clear of things I dislike, but at the time I purchased this tea (not all that long ago), I had no clue I would react to it the way I did. I mean, I love Yunnan black teas, so how would I have known I would not care for this one?

I prepared this tea gongfu style. For this session, I went with a fairly thin-walled 5 ounce easy gaiwan with a relatively slow pour. After a quick rinse, I steeped just over 7 grams of dragon pearls in 5 ounces of 212 F water for 10 seconds. This infusion was chased by 11 additional infusions. Steep times for these infusions were as follows: 15 seconds, 20 seconds, 25 seconds, 30 seconds, 40 seconds, 50 seconds, 1 minute, 1 minute 15 seconds, 1 minute 30 seconds, 2 minutes, and 3 minutes.

Prior to the rinse, I caught aromas of cedar, toast, and malt from the dry dragon pearls. After the rinse, I began to pick up roasted nuts, vanilla, pine, and chocolate on the nose. The bouquet after the first proper infusion was virtually identical. In the mouth, I found subdued notes of cream, malt, chocolate, toast, and cedar. Subsequent infusions brought the cream out on the nose and flavors of pine, roasted nuts, and vanilla out in the mouth. At times, I also picked up caramel, orange, raisin, plum, smoke, leather, and minerals. The tea washed out quickly. It had very little staying power. By the end of the session, I was mostly just picking up a wash of pine, minerals, malt, cream, and toast, occasionally with a touch of very vague lingering fruitiness.

While I used to like Adagio Teas quite a bit and will likely always hold a place in my heart for several of their offerings (Adagio Teas introduced me to the wonderful world of loose leaf tea as a teenager), I have been far from thrilled with the last couple of teas I have tried from them. This tea, in particular, was a disappointment for me. While using a bit more leaf and a different vessel may have boosted this tea’s longevity somewhat, its strangely slick, thin body and its almost soapy texture would have still been off-putting for me. Furthermore, I am willing to bet that its aromas and flavors would still be sorely lacking in depth. I know I’m being very hard on this tea, but it struck me as being somewhat off at the start of the session and it only got worse from there. I would even venture to say that something about it struck me as artificial. There was something of a chemical, detergent-like edge to its smokiness and cedary, piney qualities that really struck me as odd. All in all, I was just not a fan of this tea in the least.

Flavors: Caramel, Cedar, Chocolate, Cream, Leather, Malt, Mineral, Orange, Pine, Plums, Raisins, Roasted nuts, Smoke, Toast, Vanilla

Boiling 7 g 5 OZ / 147 ML

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