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Another from the package Nicole sent me. This comes in your standard silver packet with a nice label on the front. I was excited to try it, but knew that I was in trouble when the scent from the dry leaf hit me. It had a serious artificial fruit aroma to it, overlaid with something perfume-floral, which may have been the osmanthus. Full disclosure, I love osmanthus in oolongs, and I love apricot in general. I did not love this. Despite my reservations, I decided to give this a go anyway. When it first hit my tongue, I thought I was going to be okay. Then the aftertaste kicked in – bitter black with an artificial fruit tang that coated my mouth in a weird film. No desirable mouthfeel to this whatsoever. I was disappointed, since there were chunks of what looked like real apricot/mango in the blend, but it was definitely overpowered by whatever flavorings the company used. I tried another sip to be sure before I dumped the whole thing down the sink and frantically grabbed up one of my oolongs instead.

Flavors: Artificial, Bitter, Floral, Mango, Osmanthus


That’s too bad. I haven’t tried any of their blends. They gave me this one as a little thank you for the tea festival. It didn’t sound like it was going to be my thing. Sad to hear it did not find a home, but kudos to you for trying despite your misgivings. :)


I’ll have to pass it along next time I do a swap or some such and see if it tickles anyone’s fancy. Could very easily just be me. Regardless, thank you for sending it my way.

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