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One of the many tea/coffee bars we stopped at!

Alfred’s specializes in matcha, but we had enjoyed a lot of matcha already on this day so I decided to pick something else instead. The rest of their tea selection is pretty basic/classic feeling but this one stood out to me because of the unique inclusion of quince pieces.

I got my drink as an iced tea, and I just asked the staff to prepare it the most popular way. To my surprise, that ended up being sweetened with brown sugar! The overall taste was fairly light and pretty refreshing. The peach is a little more of a floral leaning peach, with a subtle sweetness to it. Not very juicy and definitely not tart/tangy. I thought the quality of the white tea itself seemed pretty standard; maybe a little coarse but solid enough to hold up to a longer steeping time for the iced tea prep.

I don’t think I’d go out of my way to order this again, if I did live in the area, but it wasn’t a disappointing drink at all either!

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